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Cosmic News: April 2009


Happy Spring Greetings,

How are you doing now that Venus is in the fourth week of her six week long retrograde? Can you see evidence of the progress you are making toward Venus’ goals? We still have a few more weeks of potent reflective energy to become aware of any behavior that blocks our receiving what we need to have more peace, balance, prosperity and pleasure in our lives. It’s all about knowing who you are, what you desire to experience and affirming your worthiness to receive. Then, you want to make these good-feeling ways of being your new habits of being. “Now” remains a great time to reflect on what you desire to do with your wealth, your talents, and your assets. Each day between now and April 17 (when Venus resumes direct movement) continue to ask yourself, “How do I share my genuine self with the world around me? Who and what do I want in my life and what would I derive the most joy from experiencing in the years ahead?“  To celebrate, I’m offering a free workshop to support your process.

Today I’d like to talk about four goddesses that the Universe has given us to support our process.  Venus has four sisters--four powerful allies. These cosmic goddesses--Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno and Vesta--were discovered in the early 1800’s, symbolizing a time of an awakening of the dormant feminine principle in society. This was evidenced in the women’s movement led by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton as they sought to increase women’s rights and participation in society. Prior to that, Venus and the Moon were the only cosmic symbols for feminine principles. That was exemplified by the fact that the only acceptable roles for women before that time were the Moon as mother and Venus as mate. It has taken nearly 200 years for these new aspects of feminine expression to fully enter into the collective human consciousness.  Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno and Vesta provide further energetic support for the suppressed feminine principles and on a level that goes beyond male and female.  At this time in history, the feminine is integral to the quantum leap in consciousness and soul integration that the human collective is experiencing now. These four goddesses are agents of transformation.

ASTEROID GODDESSES—Feminine Agents of Transformation

Venus is the wellspring of feminine expression. The four asteroid goddesses symbolize the four primary activities and relationships of Venus. In essence, the feminine relates to the all-pervading force in the universe which receives, gestates and gives birth. On a global level the discovery of these four asteroid goddesses continues to herald important soul integration of feminine principles. We experience this as an increase in pressure, tension and the rate of change until enough energy is generated to provoke a quantum shift in the collective human consciousness. We are living during a time of global transformation where we are realizing ideals of true equality, planetary brotherhood and sisterhood and the understanding that we are all in this together. Emotional transformative crises are changing our psychospiritual vibrations so that we are attuned at our individual frequency to the spiritual core which resonates with the whole of creation. The positions of the four asteroid goddesses in our birth charts and by transit describe our personal role in this collective movement.

These four goddesses function as links between the personal and collective awareness and relate to new archetypal principles that are currently active and being integrated into the psyche. Their essential teaching relates to the cycle of coming and going or the cycle of transformation. The re-activation of the feminine psychic centers is causing the release of a great amount of unconscious archetypal material in both men and women and the prior repression of the feminine principle is affecting the way in which the material is being released and interpreted. Suppression has created distorted beliefs and attitudes through which the pure power of the feminine is filtered. Through the process of transformation this conditioning is being dissolved so that the true archetypal force within can fully emerge.

Most of us have one or more of these goddesses prominent in our birth chart and denotes what facets of the transformative principle is most powerfully at work in our personal lives. We are agents these goddesses are using within the collective through which the old structures, attitudes and values are destroyed then renewed and regenerated. Consciously experiencing this transformation is important, especially now during Venus’ retrograde cycle when we are most energetically aligned with these processes.

FREE Goddess Workshop
The asteroid goddesses are literally “vehicles” of rapidly vibrating birthing energy and agents of transformation. They represent those experiences (often feeling like a crisis) that can lead to changes in brain functioning and DNA activations that open us more purely to spiritual frequencies.  While Venus is retrograde is an excellent time to tap into their empowering feminine energy. If you’d like to join me for a free tele-conference workshop on the Goddesses on Sunday April 5th 7pm ET, 5pm MT, please email me to reserve your space and receive dial-in information.

Goddess Report
If you’d like to know more about the influence of the four asteroid goddesses in your birth chart, you might enjoy taking advantage of a special I’m offering on the Goddess Report—only $20!  This comprehensive report averages 40-45 pages and provides a detailed evaluation of the influence of the four major goddesses in your birth chart by house, sign and connection (aspect) to the other planets and goddesses. For more information about or to order visit
Goddess Report.

Venus and the asteroid goddesses are all about creating greater balance and harmony on our beautiful planet. Yet, that begins with each individual and ripples out like waves upon the ocean of humanity. Our awareness of these energies and their influence in our lives initiates that process and contributes to collective wellbeing and gives yet another comforting validation of the interconnectedness of all things.

With goddess blessings,



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