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Information about the Personal Consultations
A lot of time and attention and most importantly, heart, are invested in providing you with a personal reading. I'm a Capricorn Sun with Virgo rising--my integrity is to provide you with a consultation that is both practically valuable and personally inspiring. Before I share the information with you, I invest a good deal of time reviewing your charts and synthesizing the information, identifying key themes and getting in touch with your unique chart indicators. My session with you involves a 60-90 minute in-person or telephone consultation (depending on the type of reading). Telephone consultations are recorded. The astrology charts and audio file are emailed to you after the phone session. 

The exception to this information is the Focused Consultation by Email. You get to ask one question which I'll respond to by email. $45.  See Below

If you would like to discuss the consultation with me prior to ordering, I'd be happy to hear from you, so please email me! It is my goal to customize the reading of your charts and consultation to fit your particular needs.

The Natal Consultation focuses on the key issues and potentials indicated in your birth chart. The birth chart provides a rich blueprint that maps out your potential life patterns, character traits, and the most fulfilling path for your evolving self. Discussed in this consultation are your skills and strengths, career potentials, relational patterns, and the path to your greatest happiness and purpose as an evolving being. (After all, joy is our birthright!.) Specific focus will be put on two key areas identified by you (such as career, relationships, relocation, finances, family, etc.). Include your birth information and two key areas in the comment section of the Paypal form. $150.00


The Forecast Consultation involves an in-depth overview of the planetary influences and life cycles being activated in your life in the coming twelve months,  with constructive guidance on how you can best utilize the energies. Progressions, Directions, Transits, Eclipses, and the Solar Return chart are evaluated for this consultation. Truly, for all things there is a season. Discover how you can align with your own natural flow and row, row, row your boat gently down the stream of life. Include your birth information and two key areas of focus in the comment section of the Paypal form. $150.00


The Natal + Forecast Combination reading includes both a natal birth chart analysis, as well as a discussion of current planetary influences. For a more detailed description of both, please see the text above. Include your birth information and two key areas of focus in the comment section of the Paypal form. $270  


The Karmic Insight Soul Reading will provide you with information about your Soul's intended evolutionary mission and purpose. Life has a way of making it easy for us to forget our identity as divine beings and an entire lifetime can be lived without ever growing the way our soul intended to grow. Moving quickly through our days, we get lost in the roles defined by collective values, projections and others expectations. Many of us have lost our unique autonomy and self-validation as we fulfill our roles as someone’s employee, someone’s spouse, someone’s daughter or son, someone’s spouse/lover/friend, or someone’s parent. We may now be finding ourselves wondering, “Who am I really? What is the truth of me? What did I intend to become and contribute on this human journey?” This reading will provide you with the keys to more deeply connecting with your soul's intended adventure through time and space. Include your birth information (full name, date, time and location of birth). $150.00


The Relationship Consultation consists of a thorough analysis and discussion of the themes, purposes, strengths and issues relevant to two or more people (friends, coworkers, family members, lovers, potential marriage or business partners, parent/child, etc.). The natal charts of the individuals are analyzed prior to the evaluation of the compatibility, synastry and composite chart dynamics. What a difference it can make to the health of a relationship to have the wise guidance of astrology to assist you in understanding the dynamics of your relationship. Include birth information for both people and comments on two key areas of focus in the comment section of the Paypal form. $300.00 for two people.


The Relocation Consultation involves a comprehensive examination of your energies in a specific location or locations that you determine. If you don't have a location in mind but know the goal you'd like to achieve, I can search for the ideal location to support your intent. As you physically move around the globe, the emphasis and focus of the planetary energies in your natal birth chart shift. A particular location can be excellent for honeymooning but detrimental to you professionally. Further, each of us has one to three planets in our charts which are key to our growth and fulfillment in life, and by residing or vacationing in a location where these planets are focused, we can encounter the type of experiences leading to the acceleration of  our growth and development. All of these key considerations are discussed in this reading, and the accentuated planets in a particular location are discussed for their strength and symbolic role in the development and evolution of your character. $130.00  

The solar return is a chart drawn up each year when the Sun returns to the exact position it held in the sky at your birth. This occurs once per year, within the 24-hour period around your birth day. The return of the Sun to its position in the natal chart marks the start of a new cycle of your evolving identity and presents a guide for focusing energy for optimal growth over the year. The Solar Return reading provides you with insights into the gifts, opportunities, and challenges that await you.  $130 


The Focused Reading involves an  investigation of specific symbolism in your chart as it relates to any facet of your experience. For example, a reading focused on what your natal chart has to say about your soul's evolutionary intent. Another possibility is career guidance. Yet another possibility is understanding the needs and desires in intimate relationships. We all seem to have at least one facet of experience that is more challenging for us than the others and would welcome the insight and guidance astrology is able to provide. That's what this reading is all about--specific focus on one facet of experience. Include your birth information and the area of focus in the comment section of the PayPal form. $100 
OR SPECIAL in 2015:  if you have one SPECIFIC area of experience or issue you'd like to have deeper insight into, you may have the focused consultation with a reply by email for $45. Please include your birth information and your issue in focus in the comment section of the paypal form below. 

Focused Consultation

One Question responded to by Email


Birth time rectification: The time it takes to rectify the birth time varies. I charge $25 hour. Please write me for more information.

  If you'd like a specific type of reading not listed here, I'm happy to customize a reading to fit your needs. Please write me directly and describe what you are looking for. I'll respond with pricing information.

Thank you! 

It is my pleasure to be of service to you!

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