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Cosmic New: Fall 2004


 Dear friends,

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones prospering. I write this late afternoon from my home located on the Treasure Coast of Florida, which survived the wicked assault of two major hurricanes. I am profoundly aware of how extraordinarily lucky I am—neighbors have been made homeless.  The moon is void-of-course as I write. For many of us here in Florida, that’s most descriptive of how we feel about our own direction.  Where do we go from here?

It’s a question you might be asking yourself as well. We Floridian’s are not the only ones who have been traumatized by natural causes. Hurricane’s Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne spread their havoc far and wide. Mount St. Helen’s is threatening her surrounding communities. Fires rage on the West Coast. And then there is the unnatural trauma caused by the war that continues to rage. With elections around the corner, where do we go from here? is a very good question.

When I ask questions, I look to astrology to guide me to the answers. There’s always a messages to be gleaned from the stars for the human collective. I’ve had many people describe their experience of Mercury’s recent retrograde cycle as harsh. In August and September there was great emphasis on blending the Leo and Virgo themes: ultimately it was all about becoming aware of and grounding creative energy. In effect, seeing the circumstances of our lives clearly and asking ourselves questions such as, Where do we go from here? We were given the opportunity these past few months to become aware of what wasn’t working in our lives, what wasn’t bringing fulfillment, what wasn’t an expression of our creative agenda. Why?  So that we could take the practical steps necessary to change what wasn’t functioning at its highest potential. Virgo sees with x-ray vision, sees only what is really there and does so with merciless clarity. Unfortunately, Virgo is rarely satisfied. Hence, the reason why many of us were keeping company with dissatisfaction these past few months. The key was not to allow ourselves to get stuck in the problems but to focus on solutions. No matter how good might be the good; Virgo also sees how to make it even better.  When things aren’t so good, Virgo can be ruthless and miserable in its dissatisfaction.  That’s why it is so important to diligently keep the mind focused on solutions.  Virgo energy responds and is eager to do what can be done to make our lives better. And we’ve still time to do that.

Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are all moving through the sign Libra. The solar eclipse this Wednesday at 10:43 pm EST is in Libra.  Libra, its symbol is the scales, its goal to bring balance and harmony. Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love. And where is Venus in the sky these days? She’s moving through the sign of Virgo where she will be transiting through October 28. Remember, Venus is all about attracting what we value. Whatever our needs, desires and goals might be, it’s Venus’ job to ensure that what comes into our lives is of value. It is our job to know what we value and open to its flow into our lives. It’s our job to see the value in what is already present: the people and circumstances of our lives.

Specifically, the energy from the cosmos this month is set to attract into our lives the resources we need to fulfill our desires. That includes those people who will support and nurture us on our journey. To ensure that what we bring in is aligned with our values, Venus encourages us to first mate with our own soul, to know our own personal value and worthiness. While she’s in Virgo this month, we can take the steps necessary to make the circumstances of our lives even better. What can you do to improve your relationships with your loved ones? How can you convey to them how deeply you value having them in your life? Look at everything in your life and have the courage to say “no” to anything that does not resonate with your values and goals. Most importantly, be open to receiving all that you do desire and having that arrive in whatever form best serves your highest good. Don’t forget to express your gratitude for what is received. Ultimately, Libra is all about living in grace with others so that all is in an abiding flow of mutual reciprocity. That is peace and harmony. My wish is that we all live with deepening grace this month.

Be blessed in all ways,


© 2004, all rights reserved

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