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Cosmic News: February 2009


Warmest greetings,

How is life treating you?  Is your each and every day blessed with the presence of people, work, and things that you value and which give you pleasure? Or, has your life become more drudgery than joy, more worry and conflict than peace, more pain than pleasure and/or more extremes than balance? These are important questions for us to ask ourselves as Venus, the Goddess of Love, begins her retrograde tomorrow. There’s no better time than during Venus’ retrograde to become aware of these things and to get back on track to ensure you are creating the life it is your joy to live.  Venus will be retrograde until April 17, retracing her steps in the zodiac between 29 Pisces and 15 Aries. 

Understanding the Influence of Venus Retrograde

Astrologers know that astronomical events provide us with a means for understanding human phenomena for we study and observe the relationship between the grand universe outside and the inner universe within.  The planets in our solar system symbolize facets of our human psyche. Most of us have heard reference to Venus as the Goddess of Love or heard her referred to as an archetype associated with the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. However, Venus’ symbolism runs deeper and her influence more important than many of us realize. To best understand Venus' symbolism we need to keep in mind her association with the signs Taurus and Libra.

Taurus represents the sensual side of Venus, our instinctive desire to acquire what we want and to experience pleasure as a result.  Taurus represents the grounded earthy and sensual manifestation of Venus energy. This sign relishes natural and sensory pleasures: good food, beautiful vocals, sensual love, and abundance.  Venus as ruler over Taurus seeks to render permanent any situation which provides pleasure and self-value.

It is the planet Venus which symbolizes our capacity to form and identify what we personally value.  At the top of that list is the value you give to yourself. YOU are your most important commodity!  While Venus is retrograde, we are presented with the opportunity to ask ourselves, "What do I value most? What resources do I wish to bring in? What do I treasure? What gives me pleasure? Do my life circumstances reflect my values?"

As we ask ourselves these questions we have to be mindful of any tendency for coming up with answers that reflect what other people think we should do or want. When we are not in touch with the Venus facet of our psyche, our self-esteem may be low, we may not know what is personally valuable to us, we may not even be conscious of wanting anything at all!  We might go through our day to days feeling empty and deriving little real pleasure from life. Yet, joy is our birthright! All that is required of us is that we be aware of what we value and keep our sights on that. Venus’ energy will attract into our lives what we focus our attention on.

Therefore, while Venus is retrograde it is very important to examine our values and ensure that they are not conditioned copies of what our family or social circle determined to be of value to us. Further, we need to examine whether we feel worthwhile enough to give ourselves pleasure. Do we judge ourselves harshly? Do we feel unlovable and undeserving of happiness? Are we comfortable with our body and the enjoyment of sensual pleasures? Do we feel worthless unless someone else loves us?

Now, how does all that I've written above fit in with our understanding of Venus as the Goddess of Love,? The answer to this is found in Venus' rulership over the sign Libra. Is it not true that our choices in love are a statement about what we value? Isn't what we love defined by what we find most beautiful, most pleasureful, and most treasured?

For Venus, relationships provide the means for the formation of a personal value system. We all have preferences, we don't prefer or value everything. We all seek relationship with folks with whom we are compatible--in other words, folks who have similar values.  Our values determine our choices. During the course of our lives we are presented with the dilemma of having to choose one thing or person over another. It's Venus as ruler of Libra that is concerned with the process of choosing. Venus, as ruler of Libra, also seeks to maintain inner and outer balance, harmonizing the conflicting factors that exist within our psyches, which tend to manifest in outer circumstances as a "mirror reflection."

As Venus moves into a retrograde cycle, we are given a wonderful opportunity to examine how we have merged these two sides of Venus in our nature. Have we pushed away our instinctive side, forgetting to gift ourselves with pleasure? Do we have issues of possessiveness, and jealously?  Do we suffer from too idealized values for relationship with a result of denying ourselves what we need to feel loved? Are we excessively indecisive? Do we have difficulty making choices? Are we conscious of the values that determine our choices? Are we lacking in our social abilities to create balance in our relationships? What do we want to do with our wealth, our talents, our assets? Who do we want in our life and what would we like to experience with them? How do we share who we are with others?

During Venus' retrograde, be mindful of the possibility that you may be seeing your shadow reflected in your dealings with the people around you. It is important to understand that with Venus energy, others provide a mirror for us to look into and see ourselves.  If we experience direct upheaval or disturbances in our own relationships or our personal lives, this may be the time for us to really evaluate how we define love, how we express it, and what we value in life. If we become discontent and nothing appears to bring us happiness, we may need to get back in touch with our sensual, creative, beautiful, self-loving nature and begin to express it in more conscious ways. While Venus is retrograde we need to take time to re-identify what it is we value in life and how we manifest those values in the world.

Venus Retrograde Specials

To find out how Venus' retrograde is likely to influence your activities, resources and relationships, this report will be of practical value to you and covers the entire Venus retrograde period which includes the 12 weeks she is moving through the same degrees of the zodiac, the houses or areas of experience of focus in your birth chart and the contacts she will make to your birth planets.  Venus Retrograde Report  

You might also find the Relationship Report  helpful during Venus’ retrograde period. It discusses the themes and issues relevant in a specific relationship between two people.  This comprehensive report includes discussion of the dynamics in each individual partner's chart, the dynamics between the two partners and the dynamics of the Composite chart, which is the chart of the relationship itself. These reports can be ordered for either friends or lovers.  The friends report can also be used for insight into business partnerships.    Relationship Report

Wishing you growth, joy and grand personal fulfillment during the coming months! Embrace grace and be blessed in all ways.

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