Cosmic News February 2010

Let the Good Times Flow!



This year, 2010, brings an abundance of opportunity to recreate any facet of our collective or personal experience that isn’t resulting in a quality life experience. In fact, that’s the point! The planetary configurations provide the energetic impetus to bring awareness to those facets of our experience that no longer contribute to a high quality life experience or worse, actually detract from it. The golden opportunity is that we absolutely have the power to recreate our life circumstances and each of the planetary configurations taking place this year has its particular focus and recommendations so that you experience the best these energies have to offer. The planetary energies support us in creating formed realities that it is our joy to experience. The planetary connections do not exist in isolation from each other. In fact, an awesome interdependency exists in their cosmic dance, establishing the multidimensional energetic stage for us to experience our becoming within time and space.

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It's all About Potency
Mars, our go-getter and inherent assertive principle will be resuming forward motion on March 10. Now is a good time to review and ensure we have taken advantage of the opportunities Mars’ retrograde cycle represents. Since it entered its retrograde cycle in mid October, we’ve been gifted with insights about how to feel more like the potent master of our personal lives. Mars is having its retrograde cycle in Leo, the sign that basks in the glory of living a self-authentic life. That’s been a strong personal focus for all of us during the past four months. Mars has been encouraging us to examine the various facets of our lives and personal self-expression and identify where our circumstances are reflecting that we aren’t feeling very potent in our efforts and doing.

Until March 10, we remain under that energetic influence of holding off in our doing until we feel the certainty that our efforts and actions have been inspired by our heart. When our doing lacks such inspiration, the outcomes won’t carry that delightful “Yes!” and often fall flat with an echoing “Splat!” If you’ve met up with delays over the past four months you can trust that they are in service to your highest good. For the remaining three weeks while Mars is retrograde, we are encouraged to continue summoning the courage to confront the various circumstances of our lives honestly and to sweep away what is useless, outgrown and outworn in our lives. When our Mars is vital we feel powerful and solid in our personal integrity. We are able to take our stand, confidently and solidly aligned with our integrity even when others don’t applaud or approve.

These remaining three weeks that Mars is retrograde, let’s commit to being alert to any recurring feelings of resentment, anger, or helplessness. These feelings might be signaling that Mars desires to express greater authenticity, effectiveness, mastery or self-determination. Ask yourself, Is there is something that I’ve been putting up with far too long? What obstacles, barriers, activities, or issues stand in my way or sidetrack me from doing something to change what I’m unhappy about? What challenges are encouraging me to summon the courage to confront and deal with my life more directly, assertively and/or authentically? What role do I play in creating stress in my life? What are my instincts telling me?

Identifying is always the first step. Once issues are identified and attention is focused on solutions (versus problems), strategize and plot a course from where you are now to where you desire to go. Inspired solutions and action will follow. Remember, how you feel about all of the circumstances of your life is your guide. Mars knows that you are the master of your personal universe and he’s eager to empower you in constructive, life-affirming ways.  It's important to ensure your personal Mars' potency because Mars is also communicating with the Bigger Guys, the planets that relate most specifically to social and collective influences, in powerful planetary configurations that are taking place throughout these next six months.  You'll want to be in the position of knowing exactly who you are and exactly where you stand to ensure that your choices and actions are aligned with your desired outcomes.

Something to Look Forward to
Jupiter is all about expansion and growth. That requires hope—that requires something to look forward to. When times get rough Jupiter encourages us to keep the faith and to know that things will get better. Transitional times like these often necessitate radical faith.  Jupiter’s transits this year find it in bed with all its cosmic buddies. Last year, boundary expanding Jupiter united with both Neptune and Chiron on three separate occasions to remind us that we are eternal beings having a human experience. When this trio first got together in May, they were moving direct. When planets are direct in motion, their energy is flowing out into the world. By the second union these three experienced just a few weeks later in June, all three were then retrograde in motion. When planets are retrograde in motion their energy is turned inward so that we might have a more personal experience of their energy. We may have experienced this as feeling infused with an awareness of what is possible in May and then given the opportunity over the summer of 2009 to exercise radical faith (Jupiter) in our eternal being (Neptune) so that we opened to healing (Chiron) any beliefs (Jupiter) that prevent us from living authentically.

Neptune and Jupiter remind us that our circumstances might appear fixed but our experience of them is dependent upon our beliefs and perceptions. If we desire to heal our circumstances, we must first recognize where our beliefs are sabotaging that desire. The third union among this trio occurred just before Christmas, providing us with one last opportunity to accept their healing energy. Then Jupiter moved into the sign of Pisces, the sign that symbolizes the understanding that reality exists in our heads and if we desire to change reality, that’s where we must begin. And we begin by bringing fresh vision (Neptune and Pisces) to our perceptions and the meaning we give to our circumstances. While Jupiter is now moving through Pisces, Neptune and Chiron enjoyed a union with the Sun and Moon at the new moon that took place this past weekend.  This new moon emphasizes allowing these fresh new visions to inspire us to move beyond the thought forms that structure experiences of suffering.

Jupiter will be dancing with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in some wildly dynamic planetary configurations taking place May through September this year.  I'll be addressing those specifics in future newsletters. What's significant for everyone to be aware of now is how our beliefs fuel the engine of our experiences.  As it concerns this theme, you may find it helpful to review my December newsletter about shattering paradigms and constructing new realities.

Avoid Finger Pointing and Playing the Blame Game
Saturn has been doing the opposition dance with Uranus since November 2008 and they have not yet finished their dance together.  The dance has been taking place in the signs Virgo and Pisces and later this year the dance continues in Libra and Aries. I suspect that the dance will get exponentially more interesting as Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto join in (starting in May just after Mars direct station).  Future newsletters will go more deeply into the significance of the change in signs involved.

Let’s begin exploring this connection by examining the symbolism of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn structures our experiences within time and space while Uranus symbolizes that which is unstructured and residing outside time and space. Saturn symbolizes cause and effect and formed realities. Uranus symbolizes participation and quantum realities.  Einstein has been quoted to say, Time is an illusion of the mind--a fiction; everything that has happened, is happening or will happen is happening now. And that is exactly what quantum physicists have demonstrated to us with their research. At this juncture along the time-space continuum, we must ensure that our beliefs are aligned with quantum realities, where all things are possible and there is no order of difficulty. This theme will be emphasized when Jupiter and Uranus unite and jointly make the opposition to Saturn in May and June this year.

Time and space are the dimensions of physical reality that prevent us from experiencing it all happening at once. While we might not enjoy the discomfort of bedding down with the flu, we do relish that time allows us to savor every exquisite moment of falling in love.  Uranus isn’t about eradicating time. Uranus is about remembering the changeless authentic self who dwells outside time and space. That Self is a very helpful ally to have around during moments in time that bring any type of experience of suffering. Because suffering is something that can be eradicated from the human experience.

The important understanding when Saturn and Uranus dance is that the authentic "I am" dwells in eternity and eternity intersects linear time in the present moment. That's why it's only NOW that all things imagined are possible with no order of difficulty. Over and over the planet's are reminding us that it’s seeing that is believing not the other way around.

Saturn and Pluto initiated a 90-degree "square" dance in January that continues throughout this year.   Pluto is ensuring that every crack in Saturn's structures is being revealed because Pluto knows that ultimately, that's how the light gets in.  Pluto advises, transform it or let it go, and be clear about what is worth recycling and what's not.  If we try to put our heads in the sand and avoid confronting the reality of atrophying structures and circumstances, we also miss seeing the miracles they offer. 

Now is the time to do something about whatever isn't working in our lives. Now is the time to burst forth with our brilliance. Both Saturn and Pluto loathe pretense.  Playing small is a pretense. Our brilliance has been achieved by living through exactly the things we've lived through to become who we are.  Additionally, neither Saturn nor Pluto has any patience for whining, such as, if only things were different, I'd be happy. The past is done and the future is being molded here and now. These two can be nasty if we are cowering in fear or avoiding a confrontation with the realities of our lives here and now. In the same vein, both Saturn and Pluto are powerful allies when we willingly accept responsibility for our lives and make a commitment to being the change we desire to see in the world.

Saturn has been and will continue to link up with Neptune as well in a manner that reminds me of another Einstein quote: I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation and whose purposes are molded after our own--a God, in short, who but is a reflection of human frailty.   This is a very good time to revisit your beliefs about our creator because you may consciously believe one thing while your subconscious is working from an outdated set of beliefs that need to be updated. 

Let the Good Times Flow
I think we would all enjoy allowing the good times to flow in greater abundance for all. Maybe that’s best accomplished by getting out of our own way—or in other words, getting the sabotaging ego self out of Divinity’s way. There are so many steps we can take individually and collectively, right here, right now, to engage happier possibilities and immediately improve the quality of our day to day experiences. I’ll address those specifics each month in the Early Edition Forecast subscription service to empower us as a group with increased awareness of the possibilities inherent in the highlighted planetary energies.

We’ve all been conditioned to acknowledge and engage ridiculous realities. We all know better now. Together, let us summon the courage to allow awareness of those deeply conditioned cognitive biases and to see them as love sees them. They merely symbolize forgetting. That can be corrected but until they are, these subconscious biases too often play out as judgments in our lives. It’s okay to have preferences. It’s better than okay! It’s your preferences that make you uniquely and beautifully you! Your preferences are a celebration of your individuated expression of Love. To honor your authenticity is a celebration of you. To honor others preferences is a celebration of the essential dignity inherent to all life. So, yes, let us nurture our preferences and nurture the allowing of others to have their preferences. Let us engage what carries the yes for us and allow others to engage what carries the yes for them, and to do so without judgment.  As John Lennon was inspired to sing, speaking words of wisdom, let it be, let it be. If you don’t prefer something, avoid the reaction to resist it. Just gently let it be and its waveforms will dissolve due to inattention. Practice radical faith and trust in your authenticity—it is therein you will find the essential authenticity of All That Is animating this beautiful universe we inhabit.


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