Cosmic News February 2012

The most empowering place of all is to be filled with self-love & love for all that is.


Warm winter greetings,

The message this full moon in Leo is that you are awesome! …and so are all those who inhabit this planet with you, so celebrate one and all. That’s the cosmic theme at the February 7th full moon in Leo (2:54pm MST). The “other” is within yourself. When we appreciate the light others bring to our life, all lights sparkle more brilliantly. All full moon’s encourage a balancing act with the moon in the sign opposite the sun. It’s about harmonizing energies that at first appear to have nothing in common. Yet, signs opposite each other in the zodiac are two sides of the same coin. Together they create a totality and complete each other.

This full moon involves the moon in “I am the center of the universe” Leo opposite the sun and mercury in “we are all in this together” Aquarius.

Leo says, Look at me! I am exceptional. See how brightly my light shines.

Aquarius responds, Indeed, you do have a beautiful light. Let’s shine our lights together and they will be more beautiful still. And look at that fascinating light over there. Let’s ask him to join us. And oh, wow, look at the radiance coming from that light over there. Let’s connect with her too! The more the merrier and if enough of us shine our lights together, we can light up all the darkness in the universe!

While we often experience division in differences, a change in perspective demonstrates that opposite signs also have a lot in common. Leo and Aquarius share the strategy of saying yes to life and both are wired to be true to the self. Both signs know that each of us is one of a kind, with something unique to offer the whole, it’s just that sometimes Leo has to be reminded that it’s fun to share the stage and that other bright lights don’t dim its own.

This full moon also includes a union of sun and mercury. Mercury’s involvement provides us with the grand opportunity to establish some new neural pathways in our brains. With mercury in Aquarius, the advice is to think in terms of cooperation instead of competition. We can focus on inclusion rather than exclusion. We can train our mind to look for commonalities instead of differences and celebrate the fact that we are all neighbors in eternity.

On this day of the full moon, Saturn, at the final degrees of the sign of Libra, turns retrograde. There is a magnificent gift Saturn is ready to bestow before it completes its journey through Libra and enters regenerating Scorpio in October but we must be ready and open to receive it. It’s the gift of creating new structures in our world, structures that symbolize the totality that the marriage of opposites symbolizes: a union that embraces the exceptionalness of every expression of life force in our universe. We are in relationship with all that is. None of us live in a vacuum. Everything you do ripples out to touch everything else.

Saturn is exalted in Libra because Saturn expresses as the alchemist in this sign. The base material of alchemy, in which lay the possibility of gold, was called Saturn, and this base material not only had a concrete existence but was also considered to be the alchemist himself.   In Libra, Saturn teaches inner integration and personal mastery through the harmonizing of opposites that is symbolized by the Libran scales.  In harmonizing opposites we connect to the abiding peace of spirit.

In Libra, Saturn instructs that abiding happiness in partnership is founded in the union of distinct individuals with a center of their own, relating as equals, with integrity, trust and respect. Libra knows that you can create an “us” without destroying the “me.” If you’ve been sacrificing love or personal well-being for superficial reasons, such as safety or in the name of duty or obligation or just to keep the peace, these reasons won’t lead to a high quality life experience and when Saturn enters Scorpio in October, the enormity of the sacrifice will become clear if we haven’t begun making the changes we desire to see in our personal lives and the world.

Saturn’s personal message to you can be understood within the context of its transiting house placement and the connections it makes to the planets in your birth chart. It entered the shadow of its current retrograde cycle in September 2011. Reflecting on your process these past four months will also give you clues as to the focus of Saturn’s energy during this cycle. It will help you identify what you felt impelled to do to honor the personal authority you have over your own life experience and what it is that you cannot compromise if you are to be true to yourself.

As TimeMaster, Saturn’s retrograde period is also a time for reflection on what continues to eat up your time even though you know in your heart you’ve outgrown it. Saturn will be your friend and help you rise above the messy ragged edges of the unfinished business of your life if you harness its virtues: self-responsibility, discipline, perseverance, and patience.

As Saturn turns retrograde, it’s not unusual to feel as if you’ve painted yourself into a corner and to be gripped by fear and self-doubts. Saturn teaches us to prove ourselves to ourselves and take a stand in our personal integrity, be our own authority and trust that we know better than anyone what is right and best for ourselves. With Saturn, a strong personal integrity is the best insurance for a vitalizing, meaningful life.

At this full moon, fall in love with life each new day and celebrate the diversity and the contrast that having a human experience grants you. Dance even when you can’t hear the music and trust that it will find you. We are all stars! What do stars do? Shine! And our light is inexhaustible in supply.

Ask yourself, what makes you come alive? Do that because what the world needs now is people who have come alive!
~Howard Thurman

May the sun be in your heart and life’s magic and abundant blessings be with you this beautiful full moon 


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