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January 2003:  The Year Ahead
   Namaste friends!

Blessings to each of you on this fine January day. Blessings on this new year where every mind knows peace. I write at the time when many of you are formulating your new year resolutions. I feel the energetic focus of the year ahead supports reconditioning our minds; on making a resolve, a firm determination, to create peace within ourselves and our world. Peace is exactly what this year offers as a possibility, as 2003 vibrates to the energy of the five, the energy of freedom and resurrection. We seek miracle cures. The message this year is that such miracles reside in the thought forms produced by our minds. What miracles do we desire? Our job is to keep our mind focused there. As we think, so we create.

The five year is a midpoint year, a pivotal midway point between the initiation of a cycle begun four years ago and that cycle's culmination, still four years away. It was the year 1999 that initiated this cycle of evolution which has its harvest in 2007. The year 1999 was the year of the spectacular summer eclipses. Remember the inherent message in their energetic focus?

We have all participated in the elevation of consciousness that has been the natural outgrowth of the energies of that year 1999 when we initiated this cycle. More and more minds have turned and are turning inward, toward the truth, remembering the essence of our selves as co-creators of the realities we live. Here at the midpoint of the cycle, under the five influence, we need to be mindful of what we are thinking. Thought precedes form. It is what we put our attention on that shows up as reality in our lives. To know this truth is the key to creating whatever we desire: love, material abundance, joy, meaningful work, and peace. Not just for ourselves but for all of us here on this planet--for it is but a silly distortion of the mind to believe that someone else must do without if we have as we desire. Yet the mind's creative power is so grand that if that is what we believe, it is the reality we create.

Here in this midpoint year 2003, we reach the critical juncture where we must decide upon the future of the rest of the cycle. The energy of the "five" year provides the impetus to break out of stagnant conditions and break the bad habits of the conditioned mind. Change and liberation are this year's keywords. The Tarot card of the Hierophant resonates with the five energy. The Hierophant symbolizes our inner teacher, intuition, and the Wise Holy Self. The name hierophant means "revealer of sacred things." The Hierophant is a mediator, a link between the One and its parts, the Creator and the created, the Self and the self and bridges our human reality to the One reality. And each of us has the hierophant archetype as a function of our psyches, linked to the Sun and 5th house symbolism in our charts.

The corresponding card in the Osho Zen Tarot is Nothingness. No-Thingness. It symbolizes the void, the energy of all creation. The text for this card reads:

...the nothing is not just nothing, it is all. It is vibrant with all possibilities.
It is potential, absolute potential. It is unmanifest, but it contains all....
It was just this state of pure potential that existed before the universe was created....
Something sacred is about to be born.

That passage is very descriptive of the energy of this year 2003. Yes, something sacred is about to be born, birthed from the wisdom we've gained these past four years.  What have you learned? Whatever is learned at a personal level has significance to the collective. Whatever the illusion otherwise, we effect and are affected by all the parts of the One, for it could not be otherwise. When our mind knows peace, every consciousness on this planet is touched by peace. So it is true that when our mind knows judgment, anger, guilt, prejudice, hatred, and other such fears and distortions, it touches the consciousness of all other parts of the One.  A very good question to ask ourselves all year, throughout each day is, "Where are my thoughts focused?" We need to keep our focus on that which we desire to create in the understanding that what we desire for ourselves is our blessing to every being on this planet.

Imagine what will become of a year where more minds know peace than know attack and more minds know love than know fear. Five is a mental energy and Uranus, symbolizing liberation from conditioned thoughts, is moving into Pisces in March. Pisces is the sign of pure consciousness. Uranus in Pisces has the energetic focus on deconditioning the mind of its thought distortions; the releasing of the world as our mind has been conditioned to know it.  While Uranus is in Pisces, it will be in what astrologers call a mutual reception with Neptune, transiting the sign of Aquarius. The message of this mutual reciprocity is clear: elevate our mind beyond the appearance of dualism. We must practice being mindful of our thoughts and to change our mind when it is thinking thoughts that won't result in the reality we  truly desire. We must know the truth, that we create as we think. Therefore, how silly are we to allow ourselves to think any other thoughts but those that bring us the experience of joy and peace?

When our mind engages fear, as it becomes its habit to do, we must change it. We must consciously bring our mind's focus back to the truth. The truth of peace, love, and joy. We have the power to create the reality of peace, love, and joy for ALL, this year, with our thoughts. Imagine that! Indeed, think that. With your mind, bless every person whose path crosses yours. When you drive, allow yout mind to bless every car inhabiting the road with you. Whatever attracts your mind's attention, bless it, bring it to peace.

Transiting Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn until January 23, the sign symbolizing structure and form. There's no better time than now to restructure our mind. The energy supports such restructuring so that the forms our mind creates are the forms that will bring us peace and joy. During Mercury's retrograde cycle, this message of mindfulness is the message of import. The way we change the circumstances of our own lives is by changing our own mind about those circumstances. No thing can persist that the mind does not acknowledge. In changing our own mind, we change the world, touching all other minds with the peace our own mind knows.

Imagine yourself and all others as a flame, brilliantly bright. If you bring your flame to commingle with the flames of others, does that extinguish your own flame? Our mind fears it does. Yet, when you put two lit candles together, their flames merge as one, do they not?  When pulled apart, though, they once again exist as two flames.  The single is not lost in the whole. Put ten lit candles together, their flames merge as one. Put a billion together, again one. Yet no matter how many flames come together, the One flame does not extinguish its individual parts.

To change our mind about our own life is to change the world. All that is required is that we change the way we think about our lives and our world. All we need remember is that nothing is given existence independent of our mind. This year our goal is to allow the mind to release its focus on all that does not bring us the peace and joy we desire and to refocus it instead on that which does. Thought is the creative force in our universe and remembering that is our collective learning experience of the year. And it is one which has specific application to every singular life.

This year is our moment. We stand at a precipice. Our job is to know ourselves as co-creators of the reality we live. First thought, then form. All of us have this power to create and each of us has experienced this truth tangibly--experienced the truth that we do transfer from the world of thought to the world of form. We seem more adept at creating exactly what we do not desire only because our mind blocks that which we do in its belief that what is desired is not possible. We contaminate our creative power with thoughts that we're not good enough, by engaging falsehoods such as lack and limitation, and allowing ourselves to doubt that such powers are inherent to our being. We believe such powers are reserved for exceptional spiritual beings. Ah, but that is exactly what each and every one of us is! We are exceptional spiritual beings having a human experience NOT human beings having a spiritual experience as most of our minds have been conditioned to believe.

Most of the time we are deeply engaged in the experience of living as a body with all its limits and boundaries. That is the reality we experience because that is the reality our mind has come to know and give truth. What if our mind is reconditioned to know itself  as an exceptional spiritual being? What if when we discover our mind engaging its belief in sickness, we remember that we are not a body? What if when we discover our mind engaging its belief in lack, we remember that we are abundance? We all experience abundance--even if it is not in the form we believed we thought. If we give lack our attention, lack becomes our reality in abundance. If we believe we are alone, we discover ourselves feeling lonely, unloved. If we fear, we give form to what we fear. What if we chose to think otherwise? What if we chose to change our minds about such things? Do not the Laws of Manifestation, as we already know them to exist, confirm that the waveforms of such thought structures would be dissolved if there were no energy supporting their form?

This year, all we need do is remember that whatever we put our attention on is guaranteed to show up in our life. All we need do is know ourselves as manifestors, co-creators of the realities we live. To know is to be without doubt. We must know that all that we desire is already here, just waiting for us to allow it, to give it form by knowing it as a certainty of our mind. Just imagine again, what will become of a world where every mind knows only peace and joy? As you imagine it, feel your joy that it is already here. It is.

The world "mind" will be healed as all it's individual minds are wholly healed. The only mind we need be concerned about is our own, as it is contributor to the one of which it is part. As each individual part of the whole is healed, so is the world mind healed. Indeed, that is how the world's mind is healed, by the healing of each of its independently functioning parts.

This year, let us make it our resolution to allow our mind to suspend its disbelief that what we desire is possible. Let us resolve to break the bad habits of our mind. In those moments when we become aware that our mind is engaging thoughts about all that is wrong with our lives and the world, all we need do is remember to change our thoughts. All we need do is disallow fear-based, limiting thoughts to persist. All we need do is allow our mind to remain focused on that which brings us joy and peace. Yes, it really is that simple!

When the mind focuses on that which you believe you are being denied, refocus it with gratitude, understanding that what you desire is already here, it's just waiting for your mind to allow it to show up.

The energies of the year are conspiring to support our collective destiny, to create a world where all know the truth of peace, joy, and material abundance! The energies will touch each one of us where our mind remains snared in the belief in suffering. Astrology provides a tool to assist us in this mind-deconditioning quest, providing guidance into the facets of our psyche where doubts and fears remain, hiding in shadows. To be as we wholly are is sweet liberation, peace, and joy! These are the guaranteed destiny for each and every one of us who allows the dissolution of the mind's beliefs otherwise.

Let us all make peace our mind's joyous decision today!

The Source is one with you,
Terri McCartney
Copyright 2003


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