Cosmic Talk
July 2003: Mars & Mercury Retrograde
Namaste friends!
Last month I sent out the Cosmic News containing a cosmic weather report for this summer. One of the cosmic phenomena I discussed in the June edition of the Cosmic News was the coming Mars retrograde cycle. Now that Mars is within orb of its stationing degree, the energetic focus of its retrograde cycle has most likely become evident in your personal circumstances. If the email that I have been receiving this past week is any indication of the significance of this particular Mars retrograde cycle, then I would say it is quite significant indeed! I'm hearing that many of you have very important choices to make in the coming months.

There is dynamic energy in the air that will need to be turned into decisive action this fall. The challenge we all confront is to focus on a vitalizing new path of action. During the Mars and Mercury retrogrades these next few months, we need to tap into the ideas and options lying dormant as possibilities within us. Remember, Mars is our active principle. This retrograde cycle is all about deciding where to focus and invest your energies, following your inspiration rather than the voice that advises with should's. Astrology assists us in knowing our genuine self and to gain perspective on and make sense of our circumstances.  My job, as an astrological consultant, is to assist you in hearing that voice, tapping into that part of you who knows what choices and action will benefit you the most at this time.

               It is not possible to resolve our problems or issues in life if
      we do not know who we are. Knowing ourselves is the foundation to
      understanding what we do, why we do it, and how to change.
 -- Andrew Schneider

Always, it is my pleasure to be of service to you by assisting you to connect with the bigger picture of who you are and where you want to go, while offering guidance about how best to immediately channel the cosmic energies constructively to create vitalizing and joyous change in your life.
Until next time, Grace and my blessings be with you,

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