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Cosmic News July 2009: Inspired, Purposeful Sustainability


Greetings and Blessings!


Last month I promised you that I would dedicate the July newsletter to exploring the energetic dynamics of this summer’s eclipses: two lunar eclipses and one solar eclipse. The first eclipse to occur is a full moon lunar eclipse that takes place just before dawn eastern time tomorrow (July 7) with the Moon at 15 Capricorn and the Sun at 15 Cancer.  If you are interested in exploring the influences of eclipses in general, check out


The general energetic themes for a lunar eclipse are

1)     heightened emotions/sensitivity/receptivity,

2)     culminations,

3)     reaping,

4)     harvest, and

5)     letting go/surrender. 


The reason for heightened sensitivity under the full moon and lunar eclipse is due to the fact that the sun’s “disappearance” due to the moon coming between the earth and the Sun, means that our conscious, rational ego processes take a back seat to our emotional, intuitive, instinctive and therefore often unconscious processes. One thing you can be certain of—your feelings are telling you something important now.


The lunar eclipse corresponds to a time of culmination, for it represents that period during the Moon's cyclic relationship with the Sun when things are fully visible or illuminated (no need for groping around in the dark—the full moon illuminates our way). This is another reason why emotions and sensitivity are heightened and strong feelings, revelations and important personal and collective “Aha’s!” get triggered. The unconscious is made conscious.  The blessing gifted by the lunar eclipse is pure feeling and clear seeing with our soul mind--if we have our heart and third eye wide open.


If things aren't quite as we hoped, the most constructive response is to focus on solutions.  A challenge at any lunar eclipse is to avoid the tendency to fall into mind versus heart and/or ego versus soul conflicts. We have to be astute to avoid getting snared by the pull of opposites (the Moon is sitting opposite the Sun in the sky at the full moon and lunar eclipse).  If things aren't to our liking, the lunar eclipse illuminates this clearly for us and this is something to celebrate because we are given the opportunity to recreate it.  It heralds a time for new vision, renewed purpose and the tearing down of the antiquated to rebuild and renew at the new moon/solar eclipse.


Over the next 30 days, we have one solar eclipse (July 21) sandwiched between two lunar eclipses (July 7 and August 5).  That allows us a month long process of purging and evaluating and renewing. And, you might be asking, what’s the energetic focus of these energies? Purposeful inspired sustainability.


The July 7th lunar eclipse carries a strong theme of self-honesty and self-responsibility. The Moon is in the sign of Capricorn—Saturn’s domain and he’s in ‘perfecting’ Virgo in flowing reciprocity with the Moon, gracing us with the ability to see reality—to see “what is” clearly and to see what it could be while also responding to it decisively and effectively, responding with self-discipline and practical strategies and the willingness to go it alone if necessary.


At the July 7th lunar eclipse the Sun is located in the Moon’s sign of Cancer. From the sign of Cancer’s perspective, the fabric of the world is feelings and the goal is to gain fluency in the language of the heart. As astrologer, Steven Forrest describes the evolutionary ambition of the sign of Cancer, it is to see the hellish discord of life….To feel every nuance of life and to shed the shell of numbness that armors us against this slaughterhouse of a world. And then, against all odds, against all common sense, to love, trust and accept all that existence offers. That’s fine advice for the July 7th lunar eclipse as well as the July 21 solar eclipse which unites the Sun and Moon at 29 degrees of Cancer.


But the July 7th eclipse has the Moon, the ambassador for the sign Cancer, in Capricorn, the sign of Saturn. From a psychological perspective, Capricorn is the symbol of personal integrity and that has nothing at all to do with worldly power but instead is about living true to one’s authenticity and mating it with one’s expressed social and public identity. And Capricorn’s integrity must include an immunity to social approval to fully enable us to express Capricorn at its best (and we all have Capricorn somewhere in our charts). Without integrity and wisdom guiding its choices and actions, Capricorn can be a power savage and devilishly misguided indeed. We see ample evidence of this lower expression of Capricorn in many of the powers behind our social structures and systems and in the systems themselves—we see that many of those systems, while touted to enhance and support freedom and thriving have opposite results in effect when we examine them closely.  Under this summer’s eclipses, I suspect we will see very clearly that many of those personal and collective structures we have taken for granted, believing they offered us safety, security and life sustainability, are all founded on lies and pretense—the dark side of Capricorn.


Sure, it’s tempting to bury our heads in the sand and pretend we don’t see what we see or know what we know but Pluto, now in Capricorn, will never allow that. From the perspective of energetics, demoting Pluto to planetoid status doesn’t render that energy to be any less effective in making its influence felt! As the Moon entered Capricorn today, its first contact was with Pluto at 1 degree of Capricorn, and it’s carrying that energy forward as it positions itself opposite the Sun and flows the energy to Saturn at the lunar eclipse. Said in English, we are all responsible for ensuring our own lives are fulfilling, authentic and sustainable—we are the authority on what is necessary for each of us to personally thrive and the truth is, we are not all that different when it comes to foundational necessities. The Cancer influence lends the message that it is the quality of life that truly matters. Quality is the key to a life of thriving that is purposefully sustained. And Cancer knows, we are all, quite literally, in this together. Yes, we experience ourselves as separate but we are all individuated expressions of the One. It’s all woven together—nothing occurs in isolation. One suffers; we all suffer. One’s joy is joy to the world. It is the July 21 solar eclipse that will bring this awareness to the forefront of our experience. How well are we aligned with the Golden Rule? Are we walking our talk? Are we living in resonance with what we know to be true about the nature of existence?  Capricorn knows that we can’t continue reacting and responding in the same ways if we desire different results. Ignorance is no longer bliss.


The questions to be asking yourself over these next four weeks is, what nurtures and sustains your life and gives meaning and purposefulness to your day to days?  What is it that is absolutely necessary to your life experience to ensure that you thrive? Look deep inside yourself for those answers and don’t settle for superficial answers.  Then let’s all take responsibility for ensuring we have the means to give ourselves that nurturance—don’t rely on the system or its structures or anything outside your own control to provide you with that nurturing or security or stability because chances are really good that if you’ve given that control to circumstances and others outside yourself that the “out there” will let you down under this lunar eclipse influence. Engage and support what you value and refuse to participate in the systems and structures that detract from the quality of your life.


Get into your body—get grounded and feel your way.  Have the courage and the willingness to see the mundane realities of your life clearly  and identify those structures and systems that aren’t contributing to a high quality life experience for you. Then roll up your sleeves and be willing to get deep into the mucky, muck of your life and clean it up, restructure it, build it anew—whatever you deem necessary. And as you do, if you begin to begin to feel overwhelmed, remember how wonderful you feel after you tackle something BIG and bring your best to improving it. That sense of accomplishment and making a difference is a treasure in and of itself. Remember to take it step by step and to pat yourself on the back for each step you take. That’s Saturn and Capricorn too. Make a commitment to taking those little steps that will improve the quality of your life: break what you judge to be your bad habits and be willing to examine your beliefs because they determine your perspective and your perspective determines the quality of your experiences.


This is a very exciting time! It’s a time of making the kind of changes that enrich the quality of your day to day life. What’s possible is limited only by your beliefs about what’s possible. If you believe in it and envision it, it will take form.  Believing is seeing—we don’t see it until we believe it—that’s what faith is all about.  And with Capricorn the focus of that faith is in yourself.  In other words, prove your magnificence to yourself this month!


Jupiter, now retracing its steps in the late degrees of Aquarius, rejoins Neptune at the July 7th lunar eclipse and then rejoins Chiron at the July 21 solar eclipse. Yes, faith is critical to the process; especially faith from the perspective of what you believe about the nature of the world. Yes, see “what is” clearly while also seeing clearly what you’d like it to be and keep your focus on how you desire it to be. The inspiration and the way will reveal itself if your believing is guiding your seeing.


The August newsletter will explore the August 5th lunar eclipse but vitalizing transformation and joyful breakthroughs continue to be this summer’s evolving themes. I celebrate that with you! 


2009, all rights reserved

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