Cosmic News July 17, 2012

New Moon: Good Vibrations


Let me begin by asking you to get in the groove by singing along with the Beach Boys... Good, good, good vibrations, I'm picking up good vibrations, good, good, good--good vibrations!  YES! Tap into that vibe because that is the spirit I wish to invoke. 

These aren’t times that try our souls. These are the times that set them free! ~
Melody Beattie

The universe is so eager to dance with us. And it really is as simple as face the music and dance! That's the caveat--we have to face all the music to really enjoy the dance. We must accept that things are exactly as they are (or aren't). It is just where we find ourselves. Wherever we find ourselves is just exactly where we must begin. And that's not meant to sound like a downer at all. There are solutions to every problem, even easy solutions! It's just that to be open to them we must get out of the box.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~Albert Einstein

Many of us can look at some situation in our life and say, A lot goes on but nothing happens...This is a sign that we must mix it up, get out of the box, even put the box aside entirely and try new things. We must be open to inspiration. At this new moon Mars is cutting in on the Uranus-Pluto tango and destabilizing that dance. Mars creates a t-square with Uranus and Pluto. The t-square is like a table missing one of its legs--it's an unstable influence. The sign that fills in the missing leg is Cancer, where the new moon is located. The message: go deep to the roots and identify what's life-sustaining and where the heart still beats; then nurture those roots.

Trust me, inspired solutions are possible to whatever the bugaboos might be. Uranus' participation guarantees that. We just have to be willing to face what we'd rather not, accept it and allow that it is what it is. Pluto advises that the ticket out of hell is to embrace all the demons that live there. Before we can change anything that isn't to our liking, it must be seen and accepted and embraced first. For example, if you feel a bit lost or confused, just admit that to yourself and accept that. At this new moon is a great time to make a personal declaration of your intentions.

Such a statement of intention might go something like this: I haven't a clue why what is happening is happening but I do know that it's leading to something better. Emphasize the latter: I know it is leading to something better. Say it with conviction. Say it again and again until you feel the certainty of that flowing to every cell in your being. Feel the power of that declaration--it's your power! It's a power that can move mountains and collapse the waveforms of an unhappy past. Your certainty has already set the universe in motion, conspiring to show you just how seriously it takes everything you think and say. That's the source of all the good vibrations. Good, good, good vibrations!

New Moon, July 18, 10:24pm MDT, 26Cancer
The new moon is always a time for planting the seeds that will lay a foundation for what you wish to grow in your life experience. In the sign of Cancer, the focus is on growing that which deepens the feeling of belonging and safety in the world in supportive, nurturing, life-sustaining ways. A yin sign, Cancer urges us to feel our way and allow our heart and feelings to guide us. Cancer's focus is on creating an environment in which nourishing can take place, ensuring that every creature has a safe haven and feels at home. Cancer has the understanding that it is only when people do not feel safe or seen, that they become brittle, combative, defensive, nasty, judgmental or even vicious.

Direct experience of the miraculous requires unthinkable trust that what presents itself as reality, however convincing, is not what it appears to be. ~ Neale Donald Walsch

We come into this world as an innocent and unconditionally loving being. Then we learn all the conditions that human's have placed upon love and begin to feel rejected and diminished. We didn't understand that others are only able to love us to the degree that they are able to love themselves. So, sadness, guilt, shame, fear, and judgment take root as we try to fit in and belong, looking for validation outside ourselves, eager for someone to really see us and remind us who we are. This is the drama of being human--a very dense vibration. Not at all a match to the vibrations available to us now. And we've got to drop the drama to tap into those purer vibrations and experience ourselves as the powerfully creative beings that we are.

And that's why it's really essential that we embrace the good, the bad and the ugly from our past because it's all part of our human totality. We've all made mistakes and done things we wish we hadn't. The cosmic energies are ensuring that we address the polarities so that we integrate them and bring our being into totality. We are learning to see through the lens of neutrality while enjoying our personal preferences. Not good, not bad, just what I prefer because it enhances my life and it's okay that you prefer something else. I bless you on your journey. All that is distasteful in our lives will dissolve when we stop labeling, resisting or denying it. We are all learning that ultimately, our purpose for being here is just to be our authentic self. When that truth is honored, the real dance begins.

It is not possible to resolve our problems or issues in life if we do not know who we are. Knowing ourselves is the foundation to understanding what we do, why we do it, and how to change.
~Andrew Schneider

Really, your only purpose is just to be YOU. Being a success is being the authentic you, loving yourself and believing in who you are. When you are being true to yourself, you are being successful. No more berating yourself for being less than the perfect you that you aspire to be. Cease the habit of giving energy to trying to fix yourself to meet others expectations. Cry until you are able to laugh at the voices from the past that tell you that you are not worthy or good enough or loveable enough. That'll clear them out once and for all. The universe is helping you clear that nonsense. Peace and joy are yours when you allow yourself to be the unique expression of life force energy that you are. We all recognize authenticity when we see it and it's awesome, isn't it? When others express their authenticity it strips us of our own posturing and pretenses. Let's all be the change we wish to see in the world.

Cancer is a compassionate, forgiving energy. It is said that ultimately, the only person we ever need to forgive is ourself. When we can forgive ourselves for our imperfections and mistakes, we can forgive others theirs. When we can be with our own anger or pain and accept it as a part of our experience, then we can be with it in another without judgment or reaction. We are going through a stretch in human history where everything that is not genuine to our being is coming up to be released so that we can re-member and fully embody the magnificent being we are. Every experience you've ever had was just for that purpose--to assist your re-membering.

There are only two ways to live your life. One, as if no thing is a miracle or the other, as if everything is a miracle. ~- Albert Einstein

Cool, eh? It's simple to tap into the good vibrations when you understand the dynamics involved. Just a commitment to seeing with neutrality is always a safe bet for clearing the denser vibrations. Expressing gratitude and appreciating the things that you do enjoy about your life clears them even faster. Seeing the love where it appears not to be and responding with love clears at the speed of light. And to make it really easy, you just begin with seeing the love that you are, even where it appears not to be.

Simple kindness to one's self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all. ~ David R. Hawkins

Until next time, may life’s good, good, good vibrations--all its magic and abundant blessings and grace--be with you,


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