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Cosmic News: March 2009



Spring has always been one of my favorite times of year.  I’m sure the whole idea of “spring cleaning” was inspired by someone who knew that the Sun’s entry into the sign of Aries brought the opportunity to revitalize, refresh and make new again. Have you been feeling that urge? Is your heart eager to create something that will bring new enthusiasm and vitality to your life?

We all have dreams. We all have experiences our heart is eager to realize. Whether we succeed or not depends not only on our  remembering to plant the seeds, but more importantly, that we plant them at the right time. Timing can make all the difference as to whether our seeds sprout and grow our dreams or remain dormant underground. Truly, to everything there is a season.

Different times exhibit different energies. There is a time for planting seeds, a time for nurturing them to growth, a time for harvest and a time for decompose. Astrology provides us with an excellent tool for understanding the energy of the moment so that we can align with its natural flow. Aligning our activities with natural cycles can make a huge difference in the level of ease we experience in manifesting what we desire. Thirteen times each year the natural cycle of the Moon provides us with an energetic moment that supports making our dreams come true. That moment is during the New Moon phase.

The new moon is the most powerful time for planting the thought seeds to grow your dreams to form. Best of all, there is a new moon about every 28 days or 12 or 13 times a year and it is at this time that the natural energies best promote initiation. This cultivating new moon energy supports any new venture and is most fruitful for nurturing new beginnings to blossom. The Aries new moon this month powerfully corresponds with all new beginnings.  Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, symbolizes raw energy; life force energy to cultivate with one-pointed focus and intention.  The energy of Aries ignites the light of willpower and reminds us we are co-creators with All that IS. The Moon and Sun unite together in Aries on the morning of March 26 and guess what planet joins them? The Goddess of Love, Venus, while she is retrograde and retracing her steps through Aries. Venus adds her own influence to this month’s new moon and her focus is on bringing more pleasure and joy to your day to days by bringing into your life more of what you personally value and treasure.

How might you cultivate the energies of this potent new moon in Aries? I enjoy conducting a ceremony to celebrate the new moon each month. I offer a New Moon Wishing Workshop at each new moon to provide you with guidelines for tapping into the unique energy available at each new moon and so that a group of us can join together in powerful co-creation while aligned with the natural energies supporting the uplifting realities we desire to manifest. All things now in form were once simply thoughts in the mind and the new moon energy actively cultivates and nurtures those thoughts to form. As Albert Einstein once said, Your imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions. The joyful life you imagine is the joyful life it is your destiny to experience.

SPRING SPECIAL: Join me in cultivating the Aries new moon energies this month and enjoy 50% savings on the New Moon Wishing Workshop--only $12 this month.  In this 2-hour Tele-workshop, we will explore the guidelines for tapping into and cultivating this energy by aligning with the “birthing” energy inherent at the moment in time the new moon occurs by sign and planetary involvement. You will be emailed dial-in information, a workbook and a copy of your birth chart as soon as you register. The workbook provides you with all the information you will need to conduct a ceremony every new moon that cultivates the unique energies inherent in each new moon throughout the year. Additionally, you will be joining with others this new moon in an empowering ceremony that cultivates your manifestation desires for this month.  

The new moon provides us with an awesome creative opportunity and I’d love to have you join me in an empowering celebration of this month’s Aries new moon. May you thrive and prosper this spring!

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