Cosmic News March 2010

Celebrate Forward Movement



Rebirth is in the air! Mars is moving forward again (since March 10), today (March 15) brings the new moon (3:01 pm MT) and spring is rising on the horizon (March 20). With Mars regaining velocity in its forward movement, what has been on hold since mid October of 2009 is now primed to unfold in alignment with our intentions. You’ll be experiencing this now through mid May. Our initiator, Mars, has gifted us with the opportunity to consciously consider the circumstances of our lives over the past five months. In essence, our Mars energy was on sabbatical, re-clarifying the direction we desired to grow and releasing what no longer fit with that direction. Mars’ time-out is now over and Mars is eager for you to invite the Universe to joyfully inspire your doings and actions. To cultivate this energy, be alert for signs of spring and inhale deeply this rebirthing energy. Feel the exhilaration! Also, don’t forget to do your new moon wishing ritual to set your intentions for the joyous abundance you intend to harvest in the coming months.

New Moon: Sun and Moon at 25 Pisces joined by Mercury and Uranus at 26 Pisces—Oh My!

The new moon is taking place at 25 degrees 10 minutes of Pisces. The Sun and Moon are also conjoined with Mercury and Uranus and all are in the square aspect to the Galactic Center. This felt significant to me in light of the fact that we are living at a time of the completion of two world ages—the 5,125 year cycle the Mayans calculated will end on December 21, 2012 and the 26,000 year cycle from the Pisces Age to the Aquarian Age. Uranus has been given ambassadorship over the sign of Aquarius since its discovery in 1781, just a few years after the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (and that vision is totally aligned with Uranian energy and the US Aquarius Moon symbolizing the soul of this country). Uranus is now transiting through the final degrees of the sign Pisces and will enter Aries the evening of May 27. This time period is ground-breaking as it concerns our transition to the Aquarian age (more on that a few paragraphs forward).

Exciting possibilities are inherent when Uranus the genius joins forces with curious Mercury. So are earth-shaking ones. Many astrologers recognize Uranus as the higher vibration of Mercury. Mercury symbolizes our linear or time-bound mind and its logical, categorizing, comparing, and reasoning processes. Uranus symbolizes that facet of the mind that has access to dimensions that exist outside of time and space. This is an enlightening union—expect a lot of sudden inspiration and “a ha!” moments this month. It’s all about mind-awakening, so expect to receive inspirational downloads and world-changing ideas. Pisces rules dreams, so keep a pen and dream journal by your bedside just in case the muses visit while you sleep.

Under this influence, our minds are more receptive to new ways of seeing and perceiving the same old things. Welcome having old patterns of thinking, perceiving and communicating replaced with freshly inspiring new insights and perspectives. Ask and you will receive innovative solutions to problems, even long-standing ones that may have been haunting you since the fall of 2008.

Mercury and Uranus together can be challenging to the nervous system, especially if we are resisting the changes that are taking place. If you are feeling nervous and restless at this new moon, it’s a good time to make sure that you are getting your daily requirement of B-vitamins. Radical, unconventional, and even extreme and unbalanced thinking, perceiving and communication is also possible when Mercury and Uranus get together. Let’s be patient with one another and not too quick to judge. Under this influence, we are all energetically primed to open to new insights and ideas. Nonetheless, if the Uranian urges for truth, authenticity and freedom are resisted or repressed, Uranus won’t hesitate to pull the rug out from under us to get our attention. It’s at this new moon that I feel we have an excellent opportunity to experience instant manifestations that validate the truth that energy follows thought-- so it may also be good to pay heed to the old adage, Be careful what you wish for!

As someone once said, Once you have glimpsed the world as it might be, it is impossible to live anymore complacent in the world as it is. Ultimately, that’s the message this new moon union with Mercury and Uranus is energetically stirring up in the minds of all of us—giving us moments where we intuit clearly that anything truly is possible and there is no order of difficulty.

The Bigger Picture

Uranus is the zodiac’s rule breaker. Uranus energy is intent on disrupting the established order of things when that order lacks truth and authenticity. It’s Saturn energy that structures and orders things—including time—and we’ve been under the energies of a face-off between Saturn and Uranus since November 2008. This duo’s last face-off in Virgo-Pisces takes place in April and into early May while Uranus is moving forward, preparing to break new ground hen it enters Aries and Saturn is slows its pace as it stations direct, finishing its trek through Virgo. Uranus forges ahead and enters Aries to be joined by Jupiter in early June—the two of them together can really pack a wallop to induce change. Saturn stays out of the way and doesn’t rejoin the dance until Uranus and Jupiter are stationing retrograde in the early degrees of Aries in late July, and then Pluto will be invited to dance with this trio as well.

What exactly might we expect from this summer’s dynamic planetary configurations? Jupiter expands whatever it joins up with and Uranus is naturally rebellious about honoring truth, authenticity and freedom. With Uranus, often the best we can do is expect the unexpected and all the more so with Jupiter expanding the Uranian energy. If we’re sleeping, we can expect a startling wake up call at the very least. These two are going to ensure that our paradigm of the world and our philosophy of life are radically changed. May those changes be something we all eagerly anticipate and welcome—new and exciting possibilities will abound aligned with our integrity and intentions.

It will be difficulty to hold back with Jupiter urging us to expand and reach for more and Uranus demanding that we honor truth and authenticity and toss-out what has been familiar and established but no longer contributes in any meaningful way in our lives. It’s nearly a sure bet that things won’t stay the same but if we go through this process consciously, we can ease the disruption by maintaining the best of what is already in place while we willingly let go of the rest—demonstrating our commitment to make a space for the new while welcoming the changes. We may be challenged to “keep the faith” because Jupiter is all about that too. Jupiter expects us to take some risks as a way of demonstrating our faith in ourselves and life, as well as our willingness to grow. Of course, it will be equally important that you know what it is you have faith in. (See my December 2009 newsletter for more on this theme.)  Jupiter has no tolerance for hypocrisy. Ultimately, it’s about living in harmony with our true nature: here, now, fully awake, fully alive, as eternal beings conscious in form, having a purposeful human experience.

The Age of Aquarius

Pisces is the symbol of consciousness itself. As the last sign of the zodiac, its evolutionary agenda is a profound change in the way we look at or “see” the world. In Pisces, we realize that the only reality we can fully contact and have any power to change is our own consciousness. Reality is subjective, it is created in our heads. As we believe, think and perceive, so we create. You’ve been hearing that a lot lately and from many sources and for good reason. Life reflects back to us what we believe.

 Also inherent to the Pisces symbolism is ego-transcendence or putting the ego in service to the heart and embracing a “oneness” or all-inclusive paradigm. It’s shadow expression is avoidance or escapism—such as sedating with drugs, painkillers, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, television, food, activities, sex, sleep, busyness—you name it, any of the things the ego will use to avoid a confrontation with our essential self. It is all those things we use to attempt to fill or distract us from the void, that “something missing” in our lives. That something missing is Spirit. Under the planetary configurations taking place over the next six months, whatever is blocking the emergence of the highest, best you (your Spirit) has simply got to go.  

We are transitioning from an age punctuated with unimaginable suffering, persecution, poverty and unspeakable horrors executed in “the name of God.” Many of our religious doctrines are driven by fear, judgment and guilt. God is often seen as a judging and punishing creator—a mirror image of human frailties. We know better now. We really do. We continue to teach and practice Newtonian physics and Darwin’s theory of the “survival of the fittest” even as quantum physicists have demonstrated that oneness is the underlying principle of existence. All that exists is part of a single continuum. Consciousness is the creative force in the universe. Heaven only knows why we accepted the teaching that suffering is inherent to the human experience. It’s not.  I have come to see that all suffering is a result of denial or repression of our feeling nature. Spirit guides us through our feelings. If we’re shut down emotionally, we have cut off spiritual sustenance. The more cut off from our spirit that we are, the more we identify with that which is impermanent: body and form. We perpetuate suffering by identifying with form and matter to the exclusion of Spirit. We are human beings and yet so much more. As we make our transition into the Aquarian age, we must grasp and then experience the ultimate Piscean realizations: we are each individuated expressions of one energy; we are all in this together; suffering is no longer necessary. That is redemption.  

The Aquarian age brings the possibility to experience diversity and contrast without duality, polarity, separation or suffering. All that Is exists as energy in motion. It’s inherently neutral and it remains inherently neutral until it “matters” to us—that is, until we judge it. As the Piscean age dissolves into the Aquarian age, we are remembering that we created it all and therefore it is within our power to recreate it more to our liking. Aquarius honors the freedom of every one to choose their own path and to be and express their unique individuality. Aquarius delights in a square world populated with round, triangular, and rectangular pegs. Diversity and contrast are welcomed as sources of inspiration, genius and the seeds for new possibilities.

Dancing to the Beat of your own Drum
Put your dancing shoes on.  Step by step, we are learning how to dance even the most challenging steps with grace and dignity and in loving honor and appreciation of the wondrous diversity in the dance of life. Those of us that have planets in our birth chart in the degrees and signs listed below are being prompted to participate most directly in this cosmic dance (note that all 12 signs are involved and so chances are good you have at least one planet in your birth chart that is being called to join the dance!):

0-5 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn

22-29 degrees Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

25-28 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius  

If you have planets in this range, now would be an excellent time to open a dialogue with the planet(s) being contacted in your own chart or to make an appointment to have an astrological checkup. It’s also an excellent time to give attention to writing your personal screen play or script. What roles within the collective are you intending to play? What sort of experiences would you enjoy engaging? Claim your unique purpose on the stage of life—claim the roles that are uniquely fitted to you. Let your light shine and encourage others to shine theirs. It is my pleasure to be of service to you if you’d benefit from having astrological insights into the specific dynamics involved in your personal process and journey.

Also, a heads up for the next Mercury retrograde. Mercury will enter the shadow of its retrograde cycle on April 2nd. Mercury will retrograde at 10:07 pm MT on April 17 at 12 degrees of Taurus. It will retrace its steps back to 2 Taurus on May 11 and then emerge from its retrograde shadow on May 28. If you would enjoy having insights into Mercury’s retrograde influence in your own birth chart, by house and connections, don’t forget to order your customized Mercury retrograde report.

Until next time, abundant blessings and grace be with you.


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