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With the Saturn opposition to Uranus just now waning away and Mercury making its station at two degrees of the earth sign Taurus, you might be feeling under the gun. Energies are reaching their crescendo this month. Mercury resumes direct motion tomorrow (May 11) and resolutions and solutions will begin to get clearer the second half of May. For the next few days, Mercury is basically a vibrating mass of energy at standstill. With Mercury’s energy so concentrated this week, it’s an excellent time for practicing the principle seeing is believing. Let us all make a conscious effort to see the life-affirming possibilities waiting to be cultivated. Remember, it’s step by step. Make a commitment to yourself to do for yourself what you usually look outside yourself to have done. Love and appreciate yourself. Appreciate what is functioning well in your life. Look for the new possibilities that you desire to engage. Individually and collectively, we are at a precipice of possibilities because the creative energy is very powerful and we all want to be harnessing that energy and directing it consciously. It’s all about keeping our focus on making heart warming, joy inspiring choices from among those possibilities.

Many years ago, American revolutionary Tom Paine wrote of soul-trying times. That might aptly describe how many of us feel about the current state of circumstances in our modern world. Many of you may be feeling on edge and some may be haunted by free-floating anxiety. There may be unsettled issues poised for resolution this month that have been simmering on the back burner for the past seven months or longer. If we confront those issues with a determined heart, we in effect welcome the creative muses to inspire solutions. Saturn and Uranus are just separating from their last face-off across Virgo and Pisces. The next face-off between these two takes place in late July into early August in Libra and Aries. Uranus enters Aries at the end of this month as Saturn stations and initiates direct motion again. This Saturn opposition with Uranus in Virgo and Pisces has been taking place since November 2008.

This combination is all about taking responsibility for the circumstances of your life and to persist in cleaning up or releasing those activities you’ve outgrown. Saturn energy forces us to face reality squarely, even if it's unsavory and then to make a commitment to making it better and to exercise persistence, patience, and self-discipline in seeing it through to the finish. Uranus is a revolutionary energy that’s all about collapsing the structures in our lives that are not an authentic reflection of our being. These Saturn and Uranus oppositions have been about a radical and revolutionary reprogramming of the status quo. It’s about inspired genius (Uranus) about restructuring systems in new ways—getting out of the box, and being willing to see and think about and approach the status quo in new ways. Major breakthrough energy is rising on the horizon as Uranus enters Aries May 26 and then Jupiter joins Uranus at zero degrees of Aries June 6-13. Now is a very good time to prepare for this breakthrough by being clear in our own mind about the outcomes you desire to experience as the circumstances before us personally and collectively evolve. If you make a commitment to bringing your best to it you’ll not only please Saturn but you’ll maintain your own peace of mind.

Uranus and Jupiter together in pioneering Aries do not know any order of difficulty in getting the job done. They are prepared to adventure places not yet explored and they will relentlessly push for growth and progress. Regeneration and change is necessary. The pieces won’t just be moved around, there are being restructured and it’s going to change the game board. We’ve all heard stories and many of us personally know people who have experienced seemingly miraculous outcomes in the most ominous of physical diagnoses and life circumstances. That’s the kind of miracles this union between Jupiter and Uranus is capable of producing. A shift is taking place in our body, mind and emotions as the old paradigm that maintains unhappy status quo realities is being healed at its roots. Chaos accompanies all change; there’s no way around that. The old must die that the new be reborn. And that typically gives rise to all sorts of anxiety and fear, so be gentle with yourself and others.

These may be soul-trying times as a result of one great deception we’ve all been taught: that what we do and what we have are the most important things about us. We are learning of this false security and releasing it. We’ve been conditioned to focus on doing and having to the point that we have forgotten to connect the activities of our daily lives around one central theme or purpose or quality. Doing and having are necessary and joyful aspects of daily life that can become meaningless if they are not aligned with our unique and essential values. When life just becomes a repetition of doing and having without focus then things will always be happening without anything meaningful happening. There is lots of drama but no heart. No theme, no thread, just happenstance: that’s a great source of human misery and suffering.

So, possibilities, indeed! A world of possibilities is opening to us now, limited only by our imagination. Individually and collectively, let’s say Yes! to life-affirming possibilities and be willing to let go of the rest for the Higher Powers to regenerate. The cosmic weather is potent with raw energy just waiting to be harnessed and consciously directed. In his book, The Presence Process, Michael Brown reminds us that, We are human beings, yes, but we are so much more. We are Spirit fully present and conscious in matter. In tune with our own true nature, we are fully awake, fully alive and fully aware that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, journeying through time and space. Existence is without boundaries; ever evolving and expanding through time and space and we are poised at the cutting edge of the evolution of human consciousness and the reformulation of human realities. The planetary energies are encouraging us to recognize the security in integration; to bringing body, mind and emotion to oneness, to totality, to wholeness. As a collective we are regaining balance, rich in body, rich in mind and rich in emotion: rich in all facets of our human experience.

What does your life look like when you are fully awake and fully alive? What does your perfect work day look like? What does your perfect relationships look like? What step can you take today to bring improvement to whatever is feeling flat in your life circumstances? Keep your attention on these things this month. Direct the creative flow to expanding and enhancing visions of your joyous thriving in body, mind and emotions.

Between now and the new moon in Taurus on May 13, let the Universe know of your willingness to drop the serious world. How do you do that? Be mindful that everything is a choice and you are creating your experienced reality with your every choice; from the smallest to the largest, each choice ripples out to touch all that is. Make a commitment to yourself to make choices that align with the fulfilling life experiences you are eager to engage. To choose consciously means to be aware of what is motivating or guiding your choices and both Mercury and Saturn are great allies for gaining insights into subconscious motives that sabotage. Be patient and give consideration to each response before choosing. Hold off making any important decisions or initiating anything new until you have clarity that inspires action. These next few days until the new moon, approach the circumstances of your life from a recycling perspective; your goal is to enhance what is valuable and to recycle what is no longer useful: literally and figuratively. Make a game of becoming more conscious of all the choices you make each day: the food you eat, the routines you engage, the thoughts you think, the moods you feel, the things you say, the actions you take. Anger is a choice. Love is a choice. Judgment is a choice. Compassion and forgiveness are choices. Depression is a choice. Joy is a choice. Whatever comes, be aware that the only thing you really have control over is how you respond to what is before you. Reflect: is it fear or is it love that guides my response? Is my response empowering to all involved? Beware the trickster, Victimhood: it would have you deny the great truth that our lives are a reflection of our choices.

The cosmic energies initiate a breakthrough time in mid May that reaches it peak June 6-12. You definitely want to be harnessing the energy and directing it consciously throughout this time period. Here’s the caveat. It’s important that you know what you want and where you desire to grow your life experiences or these energies could have you spinning in chaos. We know the things that make us happy but a lot of times we don’t do them—make a commitment to DO THEM. Nurture the circumstances, people and experiences that you value. If your heart tells you to walk away from something—walk away. If your heart says no to something, honor that. Dare to believe in yourself. Dare to believe in your dreams. Make a commitment to yourself to stay awake. As Saturn resumes its direct motion on May 30th, know what it is that you are able to stand true to without compromising your personal integrity. Who do you want to be in the world? What roles are you willing to commit to? Your choice to pursue, stand true or move on as it concerns every facet of your life, is made based on whether or not it is aligned with who you honestly know yourself to be. That’s the integrity to which Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter are encouraging you to be true. Commit to the best version of yourself that you can imagine and bring that best version to your social roles.

Mercury’s retrograde has been reminding us that what happens in our lives is typically a result of those things we habitually think and do. Saturn reminds us that life is the fruit of our self-discipline or lack of it. This month would be a great time to make a commitment to engage only that which brings forth the best version of yourself. Recognize that breaking any long standing habits or reactions or versions of yourself is what brings forth the best version of yourself! Ah, the caveat. Remember that there is no shame in trying to attempt mighty things and miss-stepping. As Goethe reminds us, Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Well, guess what, no failures! The bottom line, as Pluto in Capricorn reminds us, is that we have just this one life and it’s short. Time is precious, so use yours powerfully and celebrate your life as the present it is. As an act of will, be stronger than fear, be stronger than lethargy, and be stronger than your conditioning. Commit to giving your life to the magnificent and meaningful pursuit of your evolution of being.

The blueprint for a sustainable, life-affirming future for planet earth and all of her inhabitants is already encoded inside each of us. It comes to our awareness as those dreams that speak to us and may have been speaking to us most of our lives no matter how much we’ve tried to silence the voice. Through our consciously directed intentions, quality realities are unfolding at the speed of light through time and space. They are taking form. We align with that truth by responding to the atrophying forms before us as though that status quo were already reflecting our version of heaven on earth. We see the innocence and love and beauty and comedy of the human experience. We break the human habit of surviving and replace it with the habit of thriving. We reprogram or mind that thinks that who we are, where we are and what we have is all there is. There is always more. There is always something to thrill our heart. Let’s all make a commitment to welcome into our lives soul-satisfying experiences. Dance and jiggle and giggle when doubts, insecurities, fears, worries and negative expectations arise. The only things there are to fear are fear itself and the best antidote to fear is faith, belief and courage, so summon those to be your allies.

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Until next month, may you be joyfully possessed by the creative force so that abundant inspiration, blessings and grace are with you,



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