Cosmic News May 2012

Venus Retrograde in Gemini



Most of us are quite curious about what the future might hold.  It's just comforting to think that we can in some way prepare ourselves for those curve balls that life sometimes throws our way. And astrology is excellent for helping us get a sense of the cosmic weather that impacts us both personally and collectively. Many people have recently expressed to me that it seems that life is walloping us with one hard ball after another in what feels like a torrential downpour at times.  Some of you have written to share that you have been feeling weary, unmotivated, stuck, restless, confused and sad and for reasons you can't identify. Others have spoken of being haunted by circumstances that have you asking yourself, What's the point? or Where do I go from here? I hope the information in this newsletter brings you comfort by providing a deeper understanding of the energetic shifts taking place at this time.

We'd have to be soundly asleep not to have an awareness that something's up--life's events are either pushing directly at our own comfort zones or pushing the buttons of those dear to us. Where do we go from here? is a very good question to be asking ourselves, now that Venus is having her retrograde cycle in Gemini. The Goddess of  Love, Beauty, and Relating is already in her shadow (April 11) and begins her retrograde motion on May 15.  (A planet is said to be in its retrograde shadow while moving through the span of degrees it will cover during its retrograde.) Hearing this news may have some of our ego's cringing and protesting, What? Great Scott! Please, no, not another retrograde! That's because the spiritual process symbolized by the retrograde cycle is not one that the ego enjoys engaging. Just too many questions arise that the ego can't answer. That's because when a planet is retrograde, its energy is inverted or redirected from the typical flow. As a result, we experience the planet's energy more personally, more subjectively, more deeply & profoundly on an inner level--at the soul level. When a planet is retrograde it symbolizes a time to have a pow-wow with our Soul/Spirit because Spirit is able to answer those hard questions the ego is helpless to answer. We just need to be willing to be still and listen. And getting still is highly recommended because with Venus retrograde, our ability to enjoy a high quality life experience is what is at stake.  That's a good incentive for pushing at the ego's comfort zones!

Down the Rabbit Hole
Since Mars and Venus are the least often retrograde planets, both of their retrogrades tend to take us into unknown territory. I’ve heard many people describe their experience of Mars and Mercury’s recent retrograde cycles as unsettling, sometimes deeply so.  There are a lot of unhappy ego's in the world. Since last November, Mars has been moving through Virgo and providing us with an opportunity to become aware of what wasn’t working so well or even at all in our lives--an opportunity to identify those activities and involvements that weren't bringing fulfillment because they weren't an honest reflection of who we know ourself to be. Another one of those hard questions is one where Mars' energy in Virgohas been focused since November: Do the things that take up the majority of your day to days make you happy to be alive? Virgo perceives with x-ray vision--sees only what is really there (shadows and all) and sees it with merciless clarity. Once something is in our awareness, we can no longer pretend ignorance and try as we might to ignore or repress it, we won't be able to do so. The key (as with any retrograde) has been to turn to that which animates our body--to turn to Spirit for guidance.

 Connecting with our Higher Self ensures that we won't get stuck in a debilitating dissatisfaction with our "lot in life," (because that attitude places our dissatisfaction in the arms of our ego. The result is salt in our wounds and leads to unconscious reactions that repeat patterns of suffering). The retrograde energy has been encouraging us to orient our focus on solutions, inviting the guidance of our spirit. As the wisdom of the masters direct, All problems are an invitation to welcome spirit because all problems are spiritual problems and therefore all solutions are spiritual solutions  When things aren’t so good in our lives, Mars in Virgo can feel impotent and be ruthless and miserable in its dissatisfaction.  That’s why it is so important to diligently keep the mind focused on solutions with Mars in  Virgo, where it remains until early July. Therefore, Mars' energy has been and remains primed to plunge into the mucky-muck details of our lives and do whatever it takes to bring improvement.  Virgo is the energy of the healing servant who restores order and cures one's personal ills and then extends that service to help heal society's ills by mentoring a better way and higher standards of quality and purity.  (You might find it helpful to review the 
January 2012 Cosmic News for more information about Mars' retrograde in Virgo.)

There's good reason for this discussion about Mars' retrograde in Virgo. Mars and Venus' retrograde cycles are interdependent this year. Venus is connecting with the same degrees in Gemini that Mars is still activating in Virgo and these signs are in a stressful 90 degree angle to one another. Those of us with planets and significant chart points in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces have been under a strong Venus-Mars evolutionary impetus since last Fall.  While Mars is now direct in motion, it is still moving slower than its typical speed and it is still in its shadow. Before it leaves its shadow mid June,  it links up with Venus, Sun and Moon at the lunar eclipse on June 4, creating a t-square planetary configuration, one that is known for its tension and agitation--it's like having both feet in the fire. On the plus side, it is also imparting considerable incentive, drive and motivation to put the fire out. Old ways, specifically the ego's solutions, won't work. I'll talk more about this when I publish the next edition of the Cosmic New mid month.

Emerging as the Phoenix
There's certainly the promise of rising like the Phoenix from the ashes of its former self inherent in this configuration but it will result from  new and innovative solutions for extinguishing the fire.  The fact that the signs of both Venus and Mars' retrograde are Mercury ruled signs (Gemini and Virgo), tells us that we need to become more aware of our thinking and perceptions about the circumstances of our lives that we'd like to change.  It will be helpful to reflect on how we perceive ourselves and the realities that define the circumstances of our personal and collective lives. For example, do we promote the paradigm that "we are all in this together" or are we an advocate of the "survival of the fittest and an eye for an eye" mentality?  Virgo symbolizes the evolution in consciousness from Leo's awareness that, I am special! My light shines brilliantly! to embrace the awareness that We are all special! All lights shine brilliantly! We are all so truly unique and have a special contribution to make to the whole. 

Why is it that so few of us celebrate this? Because we've been conditioned to believe that we are in competition with each other and our thoughts often reflect this "me-against-the-world-that-is-out-to-get-me" attitude. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to have more direct experiences that we are all creative beings and how we create is with our thoughts. Your thoughts are broadcasting to all that exists in the universe what it is you believe about yourself and the nature of life itself. With both Mars and Venus' retrogrades accessing the same degrees of the two Mercury ruled signs, this is a great time to establish a mindfulness practice. Take five minutes a day to focus on what you are thinking and why you are thinking it--what are the beliefs and perceptions fueling your thoughts?

The Goddess of Love in her Shadow
 Venus entered the shadow of her retrograde when she was positioned at 7 Gemini on April 11th. She's already moving so slowly that she is nearly stationary--the period when her energy is most intensely focused. This time period is your opportunity to become aware of the focus of Venus' retrograde cycle in your chart. She has already been making the first of three contacts that she'll make to the planets and placements in your birth chart. These will provide you with clues to specific themes and issues. Additionally, look to the house(s) in your horoscope that contain 7-23 degrees of Gemini. (Sometimes a retrograde planet will span two houses and tie them together during its retrograde period.) Venus' house position describes the area of life experience where Venus' energy is most strongly focused, her connections to other planets in your birth chart show the other archetypes and areas of life involved. She will be spending at least four months focused in this area, instead of her usual one month. If you would like to review a table of the house meanings, 
you can find one here on my website.  

Following are a few more suggestions to guide you through this pre-retrograde few weeks that Venus is already in her shadow: These next eight weeks, significant insights and healing are possible. Give your best to align your thoughts and your "doing" with your personal vision of a high quality life experience. Know that you deserve it and that your soul intended it. If you can imagine it, then it is your destiny to experience it. It is your birth right! But you must choose it consciously and reprogram all the conditioning that would deny it.
Your gift to humanity is the uniqueness of your own loving self and nothing need ever be given precedence over that. When your heart is open, you are in truth and you remember the spirit essence
that you are. Then what transpires on this globe cannot limit you. ~Emmanuel
This Venus retrograde cycle, I wish you healing, growth, joy and grand personal fulfillment.Embrace Grace and be blessed in all things,


Wishing you a happy, healthy, vitalizing month! Embrace Grace and be blessed,


2012, all rights reserved

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