Natal Chart:
Nicolas Cage - Natal Chart
Jan 7 1964, 5:30 AM, PST +8:00
Los Angeles California 34N03 08 118W14 34
Report Period:  Sep 10 2002 to Oct 24 2002,  Time Zone PST +8:00
Report Location:  Los Angeles California, 34N03 08 118W14 34

Thank you for ordering the Mercury Retrograde Report!

When using these interpretations, please bear in mind that, inevitably, every chart will contain some contradictory influences, and as a result certain interpretations of different items in the same chart may seem difficult to reconcile. However, this may still be an accurate reflection of what is happening to the individual whose transits are being interpreted, as people do experience conflicting desires, events and circumstances in their lives. It is the responsibility of the astrologer to synthesize these apparent contradictions when they provide personalized chart readings--that way we present a cohesive and realistic interpretation of the dilemmas of the chart. Unfortunately, I haven't yet learned how to program my computer to weave the tapestry of influences into a synthesized whole! I feel you'll be able to weave the tapestry together for yourself and understand the interconnectedness that underlies the influence as a whole.

You will note that the report provides the dates of influence as well as the houses involved. As you read the interpretations, note the houses that are involved for those arenas of life will also be in focus during the time period listed. If you are unfamiliar with the arenas of life represented by each of the 12 houses, access the Mercury Retrograde article I have online for house descriptions.

You will note that some of the influences involve three separate linkages over the period of the retrograde cycle. We often experience the first contact as the influence reaching our awareness. It's good to note what is going on at the time of the first contact. That way when the second contact is made we can see how it might add on to a theme that was introduced with the first contact. By the third contact things should come to closure.

General Statements about Mercury Retrograde

Mercury normally takes less than three weeks to move through a sign when its motion is direct.  When Mercury is retrograde it will take eight to ten weeks in a sign. Those five or more extra weeks Mercury retrograde spends in one (or two) of your natal houses means that Mercury's energy is directed at the affairs associated with the arena of life represented by that house. (Mercury's retrograde may involve two natal houses if it stations at the beginning of one house and then retraces its steps through the previous house while retrograde, linking the two together for the duration of its retrograde period.) You will want to take special note of the natal house(s) where Mercury will be transiting (mentioned at the top of the report). That house is highly spotlighted as it concerns Mercury's influence.

Mercury rules the mind, mental processes and all forms of communication. More specifically Mercury rules: messages, letters, books, magazines, writing, speaking, contracts, neighbors, our neighboring environment, commuter-type travel, the signing of contracts and transportation facilities.

It's helpful to have the awareness that all types of communication have the potential for becoming confused, delayed or misunderstood.  There can be   indecisiveness, mail-slowdowns, lost letters, transportation problems, electronic equipment breakdowns, and failures in negotiations.  It's good to remember that we all reserve the right to change our mind while Mercury is retrograde! During Mercury's quarterly retrograde period it's best to avoid signing contracts, scheduling negotiations, or launching new businesses or major projects.

Now, what about what Mercury retrograde is good for? Certainly it's a good time for planning and organizing anything that will be finalized after Mercury has returned to direct motion.  Mercury's retrograde periods are also a fine time to draw on knowledge and guidance from deeper levels of consciousness. The three weeks that Mercury is retrograde present us with an opportunity to carefully consider all the possible ramifications of pending actions and decisions.  We are encouraged to take care of unfinished business, especially business put into motion during the previous three months following Mercury's last retrograde period and preceding the current retrograde period.

Additionally, Mercury retrograde periods are a  good time to confine activities to those that have "re" at the beginning of the word.  Therefore, rehash, review, rejuvenate, refine, reflect, repair, recheck, reschedule, realign, rewrite, reformulate!!  Take inventory of what has occurred over the previous three months and reconsider and reexamine your experiences.  That is good use of Mercury retrograde energy.  When Mercury is direct in motion again, proceed with confidence in planning and acting on your new endeavors and sign documents with confidence!

Your Customized Mercury Retrograde Report

Oct 20 2002
Thought, study, and communication concerning professional and business affairs may characterize this time period. It is also common during this influence to evaluate ideas in terms of their value to your long term goals. Whatever activities you pursue within the larger society are in focus at this time. Reflect on these activities and whether or not they are working out the way you most desire. This is a good time for connecting with people who are able to support you in pursuing your long term objectives.

There may be correspondence, telephoning, and short-distance traveling for business reasons. With Mercury retrograde, there may be changes in your plans along these lines. Increased communication might occur with people in positions of power and authority. There may be important decisions that you are considering. While Mercury is retrograde, it is best to avoiding signing any binding documents. Wait until after Mercury is direct in motion again.

You might develop and interest in a more public role. This is a time when people will listen to what you have to communicate. There is even the potential for public recognition in some capacity. It might also be a time when there is increased communication with your parents or issues to resolve concerning your parents.

Sep 20 2002
You are keen to explore the realms of knowledge - anything which teaches you about the philosophy of life. You may be fascinated by foreign cultures and religions. You are keen to explore the realms of knowledge - anything which teaches you about the philosophy of life. You may be fascinated by foreign cultures and religions. This is a great time for any kind of study and education. At this time you may be seeking to take in the bigger picture and to determine how life's various parts fit together to constitute the whole of your experience. Any new experiences that take you outside your usual range of activity is in alignment with the energies now.

The 9th house is also the arena where we have involvement with law so that is always one possibility when Mercury transits this house. It is also the house of ceremonies, most specifically legally binding or structured rituals such as a marriage ceremony. This transit brings a fine opportunity to investigate abstract ideas, philosophy, alternative world paradigms and your belief system. Mercury transiting the 9th encourages you to open your mind  to all that is foreign to you and to explore alternative belief systems.

(10th House to 7th House)
In Orb Sep 10 2002, Leaving Sep 11 2002  Entering Sep 17 2002, Exact Sep 20 2002, Leaving Sep 21 2002 Entering Oct 19 2002, Exact Oct 20 2002, Leaving Oct 20 2002

This influence can bring the opportunity to connect with someone who can support you on your journey or who will pass along information that will be of benefit to you.  You may feel a pressing urge to contact or communicate with like-minded others and share ideas and interests. It's good to be out and about exploring new ideas, collecting new information and to be open to opportunities to connect with others. It's an excellent time to communicate your ideas and views with others, to engage in all types of public relations or to take short trips.

You may be reconnecting with someone from the past who can support your direction now. They may have important information to share. It may be that talking with them brings about significant insights. You might also be challenged to overcome mental conditioning that is holding you back in some way. Be cautious about falling into conditioned mental paradigms—be mindful of habitual behaviors that feel natural but which haven’t brought you joy or fulfillment. You can free yourself from the old if you just put your mind to it.

In Orb Sep 10 2002, Leaving Sep 11 2002  Entering Sep 16 2002, Exact Sep 19 2002, Leaving Sep 21 2002   Entering Oct 19 2002, Exact Oct 20 2002, Leaving Oct 20 2002

This linkage generally involves the feeling that you are mentally pushing the limits -- be aware of the potential for over assimilation. Moneys may become available for learning and travel.  This can be a wonderful time to experience the expansion of your mind with a resulting increase in your available resources (even those of the intangible sort--like knowledge!). Curb any tendency to make promises that are hard to keep. The road to success is through intelligent discussion and an open mind. Optimism is great, your job is to remain open, get all the details and turn concepts into reality.
Entering Sep 21 2002, Exact Sep 22 2002, Leaving Sep 23 2002  Entering Oct 18 2002, Exact Oct 18 2002, Leaving Oct 19 2002

With this transit you have the challenge to see things clearly and to be prepared to make decisions based on your clear seeing when Mercury is direct again. You are challenged to open your mind to alternative points of view. It can seem that others are not receptive to your ideas.  It's important that you be willing to listen to others viewpoints, they might have important information to share that will expand your own foundation of knowledge. Minor details may be important but don't get stuck on the unimportant.

Entering Sep 24 2002, Exact Sep 25 2002, Leaving Sep 26 2002   Entering Oct 15 2002, Exact Oct 16 2002, Leaving Oct 17 2002

During this transit communication flows with greater ease than usual. This trine from transiting Mercury indicates perceptual and mental equilibrium. A telephone call, email, letter or short distance travel may bring a new opportunity at this time. A good time for making contacts with others--receiving an important piece of information might be the result. The book you need to read may call to you from the bookshelf, a trip to the grocery might result in your connecting with an important someone--don't rule out any possibilities! If you have something significant you've been waiting for the right time to communicate, this is the right time.
Entering Sep 24 2002, Exact Sep 25 2002, Leaving Sep 26 2002  Entering Oct 15 2002, Exact Oct 16 2002, Leaving Oct 17 2002

Your thinking might be rather gloomy and pessimistic at this time. You see the superficiality, the flaws, and the foolishness or impracticality in others' plans. Also, communicating with others is difficult now, you may feel that people resist what you are saying. You may also feel more inhibited and uncommunicative, with a sense that others are not receptive. Frustrating conversations and the feeling that you are coming across negatively are possible now, so you are inclined simply to keep your thoughts to yourself. Some folks experience frustration and narrow, focused thinking and/or overly exacting judgments. Another possibility is limitations or delays in transport or communication. While it feels that red lights are scattered along your path, they're really only yellow caution lights. Pause and consider and reconsider your options.

It's a good time to push through mental blocks. Maybe you have some serious decisions to make or some burdensome paperwork to complete. This transit can seem to have one purpose--to teach patience and persistence--the good news is that  Saturn responds to both. Give it time and be patient, work on yourself until this influence passes. Avoid allowing your thinking to become gloomy and cynical.

Entering Sep 25 2002, Exact Sep 26 2002, Leaving Sep 27 2002  Entering Oct 14 2002, Exact Oct 15 2002, Leaving Oct 16 2002

Under this transit your social skills might be tested so that you learn to cater your communication to your audience. You may avoid superficial interactions and chit chat. Maybe you have something important to communicate to your loved one. Another possibility is that you have money making schemes on your mind. Artistic and writing endeavors may flourish under this transit. There may be a significant social event to attend while under this influence--don't miss out! You're in a compromising mood and willing to take others needs and ideas into account which results in win-win situations.

Entering Sep 28 2002, Exact Sep 29 2002, Leaving Sep 30 2002 Entering Oct 12 2002, Exact Oct 13 2002, Leaving Oct 13 2002

This can be a frustrating linkage. Confusion may be clouding your perceptions. What's real, what's not? There can be communication misunderstandings, misperceptions and even deceit. Clarify communications. You might be telepathic, but verify what you pick up. Do you have a vivid sense of your mission but also the frustration of not knowing how to get there from here? Are you having difficulty articulating your vision to others? Your vision holds specific importance to you on a deep inner level. That's why it becomes so difficult to articulate. You're the only one in there. You must represent the urges of your spirit above and beyond ego, above your emotional and material needs. Don't try to press through while under this influence. Wait it out, things will clear.

This linkage really stimulates your imagination with inspiring, subtle and even fleeting perceptions. The right brain and intuition are highly energized.  Thoughts that seem completely irrational and ungrounded may surface. That's okay, note them, the "sense" of them may become clearer in time. The challenging facet of this linkage is that it can make us feel "mentally fuzzy" or as if we are in some sort of mental fugue. Your mind is like psychic flypaper at this time: that can be both fantastic and challenging. It certainly means greater creativity and inspiration. You will be able to adjust your conscious thought to match and find a constructive channel for enlightened insights. You can have profound insights into what others are thinking and feeling and even "know" if they are being dishonest with you.

Entering Oct 22 2002, Exact Oct 23 2002, Leaving Oct 23 2002

This might be a busy time. Maybe there is letter writing, bills to pay, repair folk underfoot, paper work, or meetings and conferences to attend. Maybe a friend has come to share the day with you because you both have much to talk about. This influence can bring the need to communicate something important to another--someone you admire or possibly someone you see as having or exercising authority over you. You try to tell someone what you think and maybe they  take issue. Their response may feel like a personal attack. It's not intended to be.  The challenge is to consider the truth or merit of differing points of views. Make your point and let it go.
Entering Oct 23 2002, Exact Oct 24 2002 Leaving Oct 25 2002

This is a lovely transit where communication will benefit all relationships and financial considerations. There's a very strong energetic spirit of compromise and agreement while you are under its influence. Get together with the people you love and celebrate being alive! There will be lots of smiles and laughter and good times. You have a strong appreciation of beauty while under this influence and all writing and artistic endeavors will flourish. You're thinking and communicating as a poet during this time so don't hesitate to declare your feelings with words, music and other artistic creations. If you've been desiring a raise, ask for it while under this influence. This is a good time for job interviews and making a good impression--doors might even open without your having to knock!

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