Cosmic Talk
October 2003: Harmonic Concordance
My Blessings to you,

I write this morning while listening to one of my favorite classical pieces by Debussy, Claire de Lune. It is just moments after the exact new moon at one degree of Scorpio which involved a cosmic union of the Sun, Moon and Mercury at 7:49 a.m. EST.  I'm inspired  to share with you the insights that have been gifted to me.

The New Moon represents the initiation of a new lunation cycle. It is the time for planting seeds–thought seeds (Mercury)--of all the realities you desire to manifest. At the new moon the Sun and Moon are fused in the sky, forming what astrologers refer to as a conjunction (conjoining), which occurs each month in one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. This month the conjunction occurs in the intense, deeply probing, transformative sign of Scorpio. The new moon in Scorpio encourages us to go deeply into life and to be fearless in engaging it's wonder.

In representing  facets of our psyche, the Sun symbolizes our center of being, the Moon our feelings and Mercury the function of our mind. Therefore, with this planetary association, we have the opportunity to experience the union of our mind (Mercury) and heart (Moon) in the creative expression of our being (Sun). This planetary fusion can also be described as the integration of the yang (Sun) and yin (Moon) within the mind (Mercury).

During the New Moon all forms of growth are promoted. This nurturing energy works for any new venture and is most fruitful for supporting new beginnings to blossom, grow and endure. Therefore, this new moon is the most potent time for stating your desires (Scorpio) to the universe and focusing your energy on what you aspire to manifest!

At this moment, along the continuum of time, we have just finished moving through an intense period of confronting ourselves while Mars and Mercury were both retrograde. The planetary activity in August and September encouraged us to go  within, reflect on where we've been, and to become aware of our deepest needs and desires in order to ensure we are headed where we long to grow. Most specifically we were energetically encouraged to contemplate our authentic desires and what engenders potency of being for us.  At this new moon the planets are interacting in a manner that will support both releasing our outgrown ways of being and giving form to our authentic needs and desires.

Be open to being inspired because that is exactly what the cosmos has planned for humanity in the coming weeks. In addition to the new moon, our atmosphere is also currently energized by some magnificent solar bursts and all of us can tap into this energetic ‘oomph' to direct our intentions and support the manifestation of what we desire. Yes, now is the grand opportunity for transcending falsehoods and ridiculous habits of being that don't support our highest vision of what is possible.

Furthermore, this new moon is the prelude to a magnificent planetary configuration which will occur in two weeks at the full moon lunar eclipse on November 8. The full moon represents the culmination, where we arrive at the summit of manifestation. When a lunar eclipse occurs during the full moon, it provides additional energetic impetus spanning a period of about six months. You may have heard reference to the cosmic configuration taking place with this lunar eclipse–it is being referred to as the Harmonic Concordance. If you'd like to learn more about the Harmonic Concordance, visit the following web site:

You may be wondering how you can best tap into these awesome energies. Awareness and openness are the first steps. Meditate. Sit outside under the stars and feel the energy. Then, follow your instincts. I like to ground my intentions with ritual or ceremony. Rituals and ceremonies provide us with the means for hooking up our creativity and power with the natural forces in the universe. A ritual organizes and focuses our desires and then accesses the creative force to manifest them tangibly. When we perform rituals, we send out our desires into the universe, tap into the energy and ground it, giving form to our intentions. Rituals work in harmony with nature and the elements of manifestation. These elements are all around us. They are the very basic elements of life that we all have access to: fire, earth, air and water. We include these natural elements in our rituals because they act as energetic boosters, enhancing and empowering our intent.

I encourage you to take some time just to be with this new moon energy today. Visualize the nurturing energy as it flows through your being, inspiring possibilities and filling you with the absolute knowing that the power is already within you to both attract and manifest all that you desire. Imagine that everything you desire is your soul's intended destiny--because it is! Tap into this pure and powerful energy and focus it to manifest what you desire. Make a commitment to yourself to begin this very moment to live in resonance with your highest aspirations. You have my blessings and the loving support of the universe. Remember, the Grace of all that abides is with you!

Maybe you will choose to write down your desires or to clip out picture or draw them and make a manifestation collage. Each day light a candle in honor of your commitment to manifest your desires. You might anoint it by inscribing symbols of your desires on it. Sing, dance, chant and see clearly what you desire to create. Make a commitment to yourself to begin this very moment to live in alignment, in resonance with your creative intention!

Following is an example of a chant you could use in your new moon ritual and repeat often in the next two weeks, something I hope you find helpful in focusing your energy and tapping into the new moon energies:

Sun and Moon, united and reborn
nurture my wishes, dusk to morn
Dear Luna, tend to my desires through the dark of night
Life giving Sun, infuse them each day with your glorious light.

Sun and Moon, united in focus you be
Infuse my wishes with your great potency
Strengthen them each passing hour
With your abiding love and growing power.

May grace be with you as all of your desires are given form,

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