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July 2015: Venus Retrograde

March 2015: Total Solar Eclipse

March 2015: Uranus and Pluto finale

February 2014: Bring on the Joy!

March 2013: Emergence

February 2013: Soul Opening

January 2013: Golden Opportunity

December 20, 2012: Winter Solstice

November 9, 2012: Awareness & Surrender (Total Solar Eclipse)

October 4, 2012: Reaching the Summit

September 17, 2012: Purifying New Moon in Virgo

August 30, 2012: Blue Moon: Great Leaps Forward

August 1, 2012: Where Authenticity Flows, All Grows

July 9, 2012: Mercury Retrograde & Enhanced Solar Activity

June 25, 2012: Uranus and Pluto Tango

June 19 2012: Winning at the Game of Life

June 5 2012: Getting Your Daily Dose of Love

May 2012-2: Solar Eclipse & Venus Transit

April 2012: Full Moon in Libra

March 2012: Equinox & New Moon in Aires

Mastering Mars Retrograde

Trust, Leap, Fly!

Home is Where the Heart Is

Getting Your Groove On

Judging Attraction and Endurability in Chart Comparison

Return Charts

The Art of Forecasting

Relationship Synastry

Moon's Phases

Retrograde Planets

Astrology Articles


The North and South Nodes of the Moon 

The Nodes of the Moon are the karmic indicators for where you have been and where you are going. They provide information about your soul's intent this lifetime. Find out the meaning of the placement of the nodes of the Moon in your chart. Included is a guideline for interpretation of the various nodal positions. 

Retrograde Mercury

There's been several requests for an article about Mercury Retrograde. Here it is! Discussed is the influence of Mercury retrograde by transit. Provided is a listing of Mercury's retrograde periods over the coming year as well as a table of house keywords so that you can easily determine what area of your own life you are most likely to feel the effects of Mercury's retrograde period.


Locational Astrology

Have you moved away from the location where you were born or are you thinking of doing so?  You might want to check out this article on locational astrology (also known as astrocartography). Locational astrology explores the potential energies available to you in a particular location in the world. For all of us, based on our very personal birth time, there are particular geographical areas where the planets will be stronger than in others.  A locational evaluation will inform you about the best place to apply for promotions, to go on vacation, to meet lovers, and to live a more fulfilled life in the areas that are important to you. 


Part of Fortune

Have you heard about the Part of Fortune?  Everyone has this point in  their natal chart  and it describes that pot of gold waiting for you at the end of your own personal rainbow! Follow this link to read more about the Part of Fortune and to find out where yours is and what it describes.
Quantitative Research: Alcohol Abuse

The presupposition that guided this investigation into alcohol abuse is one that guides every horoscope analysis: the horoscope contains patterns that explain human behavior. The specific behavior in focus for this research endeavor was alcohol abuse. A workable AstroSignature was developed with practical application for identifying a tendency toward alcohol abuse in the horoscope.

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