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A Comparison of Your Charts


This astrological report looks at your birth charts to see how the two of you will tend to interact in dating, a love affair, or -- especially -- in a long-term partnership like marriage. Its aim is to make you more conscious of what’s really going on between you. As you read, you’ll get a better appreciation of what each of you wants and needs when you pair off with someone else. Regarding your relationship with this particular partner, you’ll see strengths that you can cultivate, and also learn about the possible problems that could get in the way of your happiness.

If you read about problems, don’t worry. Almost every astrological combination has both positive and negative possibilities. You’ll read about the ways people tend to misuse various astrological combinations, but you may never experience these negative sides. Much depends on other things in your chart and on the way you’re handling what’s been given to you.

The important thing is to be aware of your choices. As you read, you’ll see that when faced with virtually any so-called problem between the two of you, you can choose a desirable or an undesirable way to act. This report will try to show you where the problem is coming from, and suggest constructive things that you can do. It will also alert you to the strengths that you can build upon to create an increasingly strong and satisfying relationship.

In this report you’ll find sections on:

Your Styles of Relating. We’ll first look at each of you as individuals. We’ll start with your basic personality type, and then look more closely at your needs and attitudes regarding romance, partnership and sex. Your section is addressed to you as an individual, but if your partner also reads it, he or she may better understand your overall approach to life and the way you go about relating to people.

How You See Each Other. For each of you, we’ll explore how the way you see your partner is shaped by the lens of your own horoscope.

The Dynamics between You. Here we’ll look at the kinds of dramas that tend to occur when the two of you are together. The aspects that link a point in your chart to a point in your partner’s chart will show both the assets and the potential problems in your relationship.

The Chart of the Relationship Itself. Finally, we’ll analyze the relationship itself by combining the birth charts of each of you into a single “composite chart.” When your relationship is well established, the composite chart shows how you as a couple approach the rest of the world, and how you’re viewed as a result of being together.


Brad Pitt's Chart Positions


                        Planet                              Sign                     Longitude                Declination


            q    Sun is in          c    Sagittarius       25`    51'       41"       -23`   22'       00"
w    Moon   is in      v    Capricorn      22`    49'       51"       -22`   34'       00"
e    Mercury is in   v    Capricorn       16`    06'       32"       -24`   11'       00"
r    Venus  is in      v    Capricorn       23`    28'       11"       -23`   02'       00"
t    Mars is in         v    Capricorn       10`    01'       34"       -24`   02'       00"
y    Jupiter is in      a    Aries                 9`    50'       02"       + 2`   37'       00"
u    Saturn  is in      b    Aquarius         19`    08'       39"       -16`   13'       00"
i    Uranus is in      h    Virgo              10`    04'       05"       + 8`   31'       00"
o    Neptune is in   x    Scorpio           16`    48'       09"       -15`   12'       00"
p    Pluto    is in      h    Virgo              14`    13'       40"       +1857'       00"
l    N. Node is in   f    Cancer            12`    04'       24"       +2253'       00"
j    Ascendant       c    Sagittarius        11`    55'       16"       -22`   13'       00"
k    Midheaven      h    Virgo               26`    59'       28"       + 1`   11'       00"
$    Chiron is in      n    Pisces              10`    34'       40"       - 3`   05'       00"


For Brad: Your Style of Relating
To find someone who’s right for you and then form a happy and lasting relationship, you first need to have a sense of who you really are and what you need and want. A look at your own birth chart will show where your strengths are and what you tend to lack. It can give you perspective on your own nature, helping you to make allowances for the blind spots that can harm your interactions with others. It can also give clues about what sort of love partner would make you feel most happy and complete.

Your Basic Character

You have many planets in Earth signs or houses.
With an abundance of Earth symbolism in your chart, you’re probably quite down-to-earth in a psychological sense. Before you act, you look for reasons. To clarify where you stand and to motivate you to initiate, you like people to explain the situation complete with concrete examples. Because you wish your actions to be based on the facts, your insistence on practical reasons for initiating could sometimes make you seem callous. Also, you may need to know what’s in it for you. This, too, could make you appear unfeeling. However, if you consciously do your duty, and assist the significant others in your life to reach their goals, they will see how useful and important you can be in their lives.  

It can be hard for you to take unfamiliar routes, so you tend to be habit-oriented. Though repeated patterns may provide security, they can also become boring. One way to deal with this is to make lists of actions you might take, and, among them, consider some new alternatives. Starting in this way with small changes can lead to greater moves. It’s also good to have a partner who can help you to stretch your boundaries without pushing you too far, too fast. Whether you motivate yourself or get help from others, when change is necessary, the keyword is “gradual.”

You have few or no planets in Air signs or houses.

An overall lack of the Air element in your chart suggests that you tend to have little patience with people who are vague and abstract in their communications. You want people to get quickly to the point. Preferring actions to words, you want to see progress, not listen to or create elaborate plans. Because of this, you may find it difficult to visualize the general overview of any project. Perhaps you could join forces with someone who can guide you along the correct path while you concentrate on small segments of it. You may have to suffer through some seemingly unnecessary verbiage, but if you attain your goal, it will all seem worthwhile.

You have few or no planets in Water signs or houses.

An overall lack of Water symbolism in your chart suggests that you seldom rely on your intuition to guide you through life. Also, because you don’t easily express emotion, you may not seem very sensitive to others. Contrary to popular belief, however, you do have feelings. You just don’t have universal compassion, nor are you comfortable in emotional situations. Therefore, emotional outbursts are not the way to reach you. In fact, if someone tries to get your attention with tears or anger, you’ll quickly turn off. If you pick a compassionate partner, you may have to tolerate a little demonstrativeness, but you also may learn to express your own feelings better.

You have few planets in Fixed signs or houses.

You may not always follow through to the bitter end, and you could be accused of being undirected. If you look too far ahead, you could feel so overwhelmed that you either stop what you’re doing or never begin. One way to ensure completion is to concentrate on the task at hand. It’s also good to have a partner who will help you to focus and to finish what you start.

If all else fails, and your critics become extremely vocal, point out how agreeable you are. Remind them that you’re either puttering around on your own (Cardinal) or going along with their ideas (Mutable), or possibly both.

Your Sun is in Sagittarius.
Your Sun in Sagittarius reinforces the idea that you’re generally outgoing and full of enthusiasm. Overall, you like to have a good time, and you enjoy being with those who also like fun and games. But your enthusiasm sometimes gets you into trouble. It can cause you to speak before you think, so that you can hurt other people’s feelings without realizing it. Some may describe you as honest and refreshing, but those who’ve been the object of your remarks might think of you as tactless.

You can tell whether you’ve hurt someone’s feelings by noting their response. It could be verbal, in the form of a sharp retort, or physical, through a hurt or angry facial expression or some other kind of body language. If you become sensitive to these responses, you can use your sense of humor to come back quickly with a joke or in some other way alleviate the tension. A partner who stays with you in spite of your tactlessness must have learned that you can change your mind in five minutes. You just tend to think out loud. Or, possibly, he or she finds that your frankness adds to your charm. Still, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to try to be a little more considerate.

One of your strengths is a strong desire to grow and develop. Learning appeals to you, and you could consider yourself the perennial student. You may choose to learn through formal education, distant travel or interaction with others.

Because you’re always looking for ways to broaden yourself, you may be drawn to partners who are from a different background than your own. This is an excellent way to gather information about other cultures and points of view. It is not, however, necessary to form a liaison with someone from a foreign country. You may just want someone to travel with, or a person with whom you can share your philosophical and religious views.

The crucial thing for you in a partnership is that you grow because of the association. Although you want to develop with and through your partner, however, you probably don’t want 24-hour-a-day togetherness. You need some freedom and space.

Nevertheless, you should have at least one activity that you share, because if you don’t have any interests in common you could grow in different directions and ultimately have nothing to hold the relationship together. The activities that you’re involved in jointly can help form the bond between you. Also, when you’re together, discuss your separate experiences. You’ll then have your freedom, your togetherness and your personal development, and both of you will be enriched.

Your Moon is in Capricorn.
Your Capricorn Moon adds an extra-strong sense of duty. You may tend to do things not because you want to, but because you’re supposed to. If your mother is around, you may feel a sense of duty toward her. Or you may have learned to do your duty by your mother’s example. She may have been a responsible, take-charge sort of person, and you may be following in her footsteps. Alternatively, your mother could have been just the opposite. If she had a hard time coping and needed help, you may have had to learn to take care of her and her responsibilities. Either way, you ended up becoming a reliable and responsible person.

Nowadays, you take this sense of responsibility into your relationships, particularly into your emotional commitments. You may feel responsible for the other person’s emotional state, and make special efforts to nurture and shore up your partner. If you’re uncomfortable with your own emotions, however, you may find yourself being judgmental about your partner’s emotional excesses.

The image that you’d like to project to the outer world is one of emotional steadfastness, not gushiness. You may therefore be emotionally undemonstrative in public, and get embarrassed when someone shows you affection in front of other people. (We will not, however, comment on how you might behave in the privacy of your own home. . . .We’ll let your partner do that!) You can discuss feelings more easily if it’s done not in an emotional manner, but rather from a practical perspective. Instead of using tears or anger, your partner will be more likely to reach you with concrete examples and suggestions. You might also become more demonstrative if there are good enough reasons.

If you have a very emotionally expressive or volatile partner, you may have a hard time relating to this. Alternatively, it’s possible that you’ll be attracted to someone because their emotions are very much out there and on the surface. Such a partner may be able to do the expressing that you secretly wish you could do yourself.

One of your more useful attributes is your ability to take charge when an emergency arises. You can keep your head even when those around you are losing theirs. This is because the practical side of your nature automatically responds in emotional situations. You tend to do the logical thing without stopping to think about it. You may later analyze what you did and figure out how you could have done better, but considering how quickly you responded, no one would have expected more from you.

Not only can you handle critical situations well, you’ll also usually come through dependably in everyday situations. If you’ve made a commitment or feel that something is your responsibility, you’ll be inclined to keep the promises you make, and you’ll tend to take care of matters that you say you’ll handle. You may not move as quickly as you do in emergencies, but eventually you’ll take care of your duties.

All of this should somewhat compensate your partner even if you’re not as emotionally demonstrative as he or she would like. One way in which you can comfortably show your feelings is through material gifts. Giving something special, and possibly expensive, is known to make many a partner feel loved. You can also show your thoughtfulness by doing things to care for your partner’s practical needs. Also, while you may not be publicly demonstrative, you may well compensate for this by being unexpectedly playful and affectionate in private.

Your Axis of Relationship

The horizontal line that separates the upper half of your chart from the lower half symbolizes the horizon. It suggests two arms reaching out, and it is in fact your “axis of relationship.” On the left-hand or eastern side of your chart there is the Ascendant (or rising sign), which signifies you and the way that you present yourself to others. On the right-hand or western side there is the Descendant, which signifies the sort of partner you’ll be drawn to and who will make you feel more complete. The two work together: any discussion of your rising sign (you) implies your setting sign (the partner who will complement you).
If the birth time for your chart is accurate, you have Sagittarius rising. This means that you tend to approach the world with a questing spirit, and that you have a thirst to expand your horizons through means such as education and travel. You like to explore, and love the thought of adventure. To pursue such interests, you need a certain amount of freedom, which makes you seek out people who can “go with the flow.” You’re not looking for a partner who will try to saddle you with heavy responsibilities, but rather someone who can move along with you, and at least occasionally let you move along alone.

In this search for knowledge or adventure, you may sometimes operate independently and forget to consider the other person. If you only develop your own interests and permit your partner to do the same, you could eventually discover that the two of you have so little left in common that there’s not much to hold the relationship together. Though you each need your individual interests, to make the relationship meaningful you also need some togetherness. Work on sharing at least one activity. For example, you probably both enjoy travel. Your partner might prefer short trips and you long, but if you compromise and do some of both, each of you can be happy.

Even though you like to roam freely, you do have a flexibility that enables you to make compromises to honor your partner’s wishes. If you’re too adaptable, however, you might feel that you’ve built your relationship upon shifting sands. People like you do need just a bit of stability. Your solution is to base your partnership on an established philosophy of life. This philosophy should be broad enough to encompass operating in the immediate environment (which your partner needs) as well as in the wider and less practical ones (which you need). Then, as issues arise in your relationship, you’ll have a joint philosophy against which to weigh your decisions. This should provide guidance without making you feel too limited.

Although you and your partner may both have an intellectual curiosity, your partner’s is probably more quickly and easily satisfied than yours. Your partner may be more interested in grasping the bare bones of something, while you may want to understand the essence and all the ramifications. Because of the differences in your attitude and approach to intellectual matters, your partner may view you as long- winded, and you may think of your partner as superficial. But there’s something you can learn from each other. You can broaden your partner’s perspective, if you do it in small doses, remembering that your partner probably doesn’t have the patience to digest too much information at one sitting. And your partner may convince you that the abridged version has its place, too.

Dating and Romance

To take a look at your specific approach to romance, partnership and sex, we’re now going to look at the houses that govern these areas in your chart. These houses describe both what you have to give to a relationship, and also what you probably want from your partner.

Relationships start with a period when you’re checking each other out, and aren’t yet really committed. This stage is covered by your Fifth House, which also has to do with amusements and self-expression. In a romance, the Fifth House shows how you wine and dine each other in the dating stage. Having fun together in a romantic setting helps you to get the relationship off the ground.

When you’re married, this area of your chart turns into the place where you refresh and renew both yourself and your relationship. To keep the spark glowing, it’s a good idea periodically to let go of your duties, play, be romantic and even a bit outrageous. If you neglect this essential human need, it can be filled by romances outside of marriage, risky activities like gambling, or escapes like drinking or drugs, which are other less satisfactory ways that this house can find expression. For longevity and happiness in any relationship, you need to keep the fun, romance and playful element alive.

On a deeper level, the Fifth House is where you come to establish yourself as an individual. Through being brave and taking risks, through finding what activities and people make you happy, through games and role-playing, and through expressing yourself (all Fifth-House activities), you come to know who you really are. Only after you’ve done this are you really ready to commit yourself to a Seventh-House relationship such as marriage.

Each house brings in a variety of symbolic themes, as shown by the sign on the beginning or cusp of the house, other signs falling within the house, planets within the house, and the planet that traditionally “rules” the sign on the cusp. For your relationship to find its fullest expression, it’s important that, in your interactions together, both of you try to express as many of the following themes as possible.

Aries is on your Fifth-House cusp.
Aries on your Fifth cusp suggests that you want action in your romantic relationships. Either you like to be assertive yourself, or you’re drawn to others who like to take the lead. At least at the start of your courtship, you enjoy spontaneity and tend to focus on immediate gratification rather than long-term implications.

Taurus is within the Fifth House.
As the relationship progresses, you’ll start to concentrate on more long-lasting goals. You may increasingly want your romantic partner to be dependable, trustworthy and totally yours. In return, you’ll tend to behave this way also, so that in your ideal romance the reliability and fidelity go both ways. Also, sensual pleasure -- enjoying anything you can see, taste, smell, hear or touch -- becomes increasingly important, so that you’ll want someone who will indulge you and also whom you can indulge.

Mars, the ruler of your Fifth House, is in the Second
The planet that’s traditionally associated with the sign on the Fifth-House cusp brings in additional considerations. Placed in the Second House, it means that security could be an important issue even in the courtship stage. The idea of belonging to each other really appeals to you, and so you’re hardly frivolous in your romantic attachments. In fact, the idea of belonging could be so strong that possessiveness might enter the picture if you feel insecure. You also will view the relationship realistically, evaluating it from a practical perspective. Even if other factors in your chart indicate that you have a vivid imagination, you won’t spend a lot of time fantasizing about your romance because material considerations are never totally out of the picture.

You don’t have any planets in your Fifth House. All this means is that dating and romance may take a less crucial role in your life than they might for someone else. The good thing is that your requirements are less specific, so that you can select from a wider range of potential playmates.

Becoming Partners
The Seventh House is traditionally the house of marriage. It covers any relationship in which you pick one partner, face each other directly, and work out a relationship of equals that will endure over time. The Seventh also signifies any relationship where you confront each other one-on-one or where you’re yoked together and asked to pull as a team.

To do this successfully, you need to adjust your own energies so that they find a balance with your partner’s, and neither person is dominated by the other. This means finding the right balance between self-assertion and compromise. To achieve happiness together, you need to deal with differences and resolve power struggles in a way that respects the rights and individuality of you both. Open communication is essential. There can be battles along the way, but the goal is an enduring relationship in which the two of you know each other thoroughly, each get your fair share, and develop mutual trust and respect.

Gemini is on your Seventh-House cusp.
You want a partner who is sociable and has a variety of interests. Because your partner is so diversified, he or she could sometimes seem shallow and/or scattered. But if you can flit along together happily, this might be an asset rather than a liability, especially when the alternative to superficiality is boredom. You may sometimes yearn for intellectual conversations, but this could be difficult because one or both of you may have a short attention span. However, it’s not impossible. One way to handle this problem, should it arise, is to divide the discussion into segments, with breaks for physical exercise or snacks, or possibly a party. The ability to fit into many different types of groups is one of the qualities that attracted you, and watching your partner in action may remind you of your blessings.

The sign Cancer is within the Seventh House.
For you, nurturing is also important in any long-term partnership. If just one of you is doing the mothering, however, the other may end up playing the child. The partner who always takes the role of the child can feel smothered, leading to tantrums or a desire to escape the overbearing “parent.”

If you see this happening, try giving each other some extra tender, loving care, of course -- but be sure to take turns playing mother and child. If you feel that you’re doing all the protecting, let you partner know your needs. Reveal your vulnerability, and ask for some reassurance and security now and then. If you’re the one who’s feeling smothered by an overprotective partner, try turning things around and being the nurturer yourself. When you switch roles like this, you’ll re-establish the equality that is so essential in a happy relationship. 

Mercury, the ruler of your Seventh House, is in the Second
In your chart the planet that is traditionally associated with the sign on your Seventh-House cusp is placed in the Second House. This suggests that you want a marriage founded on security, financial and emotional. As a couple you’ll put much energy into creating a sound financial base. You see yourselves as a team, dealing with the practical aspects of life, and building a secure foundation for living. The possessions you accumulate together become the material expression of your relatedness, and contemplating them may remind you of your closeness and love. More than most people, you feel that you belong to each other. When this becomes excessive, you may have to curb your emotional possessiveness and remember to see your partner as more than a prized possession.

Every planet that a person has in the Seventh House would indicate at least one additional requirement for them in a close one-to-one relationship. You have no planets here, however. For you, close partnerships may not be the all-consuming concern that they might be to someone who has a full Seventh House. This means that you could actually have an easier time finding a marriage partner. Your requirements in a partner are apt to be looser, and so you can be open to a greater variety of people.

Entwining Souls
Ideally, in the Fifth House you gained a sense of who you are and who you want, and in the Seventh you learned how to enter into a partnership without sacrificing your individuality. In the Eighth House you’re called upon to surrender that self so as to merge with your partner fully.

This surrender commonly takes the form of sex, but it can be other forms of deep involvement as well. On a material level, it can mean pooling your possessions and finances. Essentially, this house is where you loosen your grasp on what you once thought necessary, and in doing so, merge into a deeper and larger self that goes beyond your own individuality.

The Seventh House allowed you to work out power struggles through open communication and adherence to the rules of fairness. Eighth- House power struggles are sneakier because they arise from unconscious depths. They often result in an attempt to force surrender rather than allow the other person to render it up freely. To resolve these struggles, you need to open yourself to your own deepest emotions and those of your partner. When emotion is respected and given its due in a non-violent way, Eighth-House struggles can eventually lead to relationships of enormous tenderness and depth.

Regarding sex, most people have more than one sign influencing their Eighth House, and many also have one or more planets in the Eighth. This multiplies possible avenues for sexual expression. Finding ways to combine all these energies can lead to the kind of sex that most satisfies you.

The sign Cancer is on your Eighth-House cusp.
Having the homey, nest-making sign Cancer on your Eighth-House cusp suggests that you need a good deal of security in your sex life. Not only do you need it, you can provide it as well. You tend to mother your sexual partners, so that food or making your partner feel comfortable and cozy could be an important part of your sexual ritual. You want some of this treatment also, so it’s best if you alternate playing the mother. If one partner does all the nurturing and gets nothing in return, emotional outbursts could interfere with your sex life. Making the nurturing reciprocal can result in sex that is both tender and highly satisfying.

The sign Leo is within the Eighth House.

There’s also a stagey and flamboyant side to your sex life. Since you’re going to be the star of the show, the entire production may need to be planned. You want the setting to be just right: romantic and inviting, perhaps even lavish. You may not be able to write the entire script, but at the very least you want a partner who adores or at least appreciates you. You could be missing a large audience to applaud your efforts, but with the right co-star, background and props, your sex life should be glorious!

The Moon, the ruler of your Eighth House, is in the Second

The placement of your Eighth-House ruler in the house of possessions suggests that for you, good sex is strongly connected with your sense of security. The more insecure you are, the more effort you’ll put into sex. Also, if there are any difficulties with your sexual partner, this could affect your sense of self-worth. As in most relationship matters, it takes two to participate and two to keep it going. Don’t take sole credit for your sexual successes, but also don’t take total blame for the failures. By analyzing any problems with your partner, you each can find ways of enhancing your sex life together.

How You See Angelina
No matter how objective you think you are, the way you see others is always affected by your own necessarily limited point of view. Becoming conscious of your own possible biases in viewing your partner can often be very helpful in in overcoming misunderstandings and in avoiding thwarted expectations.

 One of the main things that will describe your own personal way of seeing Angelina is the way her planets fall into the houses in your own chart. The houses show how the heavens looked from the spot on earth where you were born. Not only do they provide the framework through which you experience your own planets, they also provide the structure through which you’ll view Angelina’s planets as well.

When one of Angelina’s planets falls into a particular house in your chart, you will tend to associate her expression of that planetary energy with the department of life represented by that house. This may or may not agree with how she views that planetary energy in herself.  

Looking at it another way, you could think of Angelina’s planets as “lighting up” your houses, bringing additional energy to the areas of life that those houses deal with. By filling in the empty houses in your chart, she may make you feel more complete. By adding planets to your already-filled houses, she can further emphasize those areas of existence. By adding different planets to a house, she can introduce new possibilities into those areas of your life. Besides suggesting how you will experience Angelina and how you will feel about her, looking at her planets will suggest the functions that Angelina will tend to take on in your total scheme of things.

Houses, of course, divide the chart into twelve specific areas. Before getting into that much detail, we can check out your overall perception of Angelina simply by the way her planets are clustered in the main areas of your chart.
The fact that more of Angelina’s planets fall into the right-hand half of your chart suggests that you tend to view her primarily as a responder. You may not expect her to take the initiative, and you could see her as slow or indecisive when initiative and decisiveness are necessary. You might think that if you left taking action to her, you’d never do anything as a couple. You might therefore do things like accept invitations or set your social calendar without consulting with this partner.  

If neither of you minds this, fine. But, if your partner resents not having a say in what’s happening, chances are that her own chart indicates that she’s basically an initiator. You don’t have to give up the reins entirely, but you might discuss the matter and together determine areas where your partner can be in charge. You might even enjoy not having to make all the decisions.

With Angelina’s planets being balanced fairly equally above and below your horizon, you’ll probably see her as sometimes being socially oriented, adjusting to the world and needing its approval, and at other times wanting to be alone, being introspective and caring more about self-approval or personal gratification than public opinion. If you view this as inconsistency, you could consider the situation impossible, and just complain about your partner’s attitudes instead of trying to influence them. If you see it as flexibility, you’ll then try various approaches to influencing her attitudes, and you will eventually succeed.

How Angelina Affects Specific Areas of Your Life

For more detailed information, let’s now look at specific planets in specific houses. The houses that will probably be most important in forming your view of Angelina are those that contain her Sun and Moon.

Angelina’s Sun is in your Seventh House.
You’ll probably experience Angelina as warm and outgoing, particularly in your relationship. When the two of you are with close friends, however, you may see her as more visible than you. You might well bask in the light of her personality and enjoy other people’s perception of her , but it’s also possible to develop an inferiority complex because you believe that she outshines you. You might even become resentful because you feel that she is self-centered and hogs the limelight. If you remember that this is your subjective opinion, you can more actively participate, and you may discover that you can shine just as brightly as your partner.

Angelina’s Moon is in your Fourth House.
You may see Angelina as taking a mothering role, or you find that she is prone to emotional outbursts at home. Though the outer world may view this person as calm or stable, when you’re in your nest together, feelings come pouring out. It is good to have emotional freedom in your private life, but if you sometimes wonder why you have to bear the brunt of all this, the answer is that you don’t. If this behavior happens often, it may be because your partner is feeling insecure and needs some tender, loving care. If you provide some nurturing, you will not only make your partner happier, you might also get some mothering in return.

Angelina’s Mercury is in your Seventh House.
You probably perceive Angelina as a person who can communicate well on the social scene. She may never seem at a loss for words and can chat about almost any subject, at least for a short period of time. For longer conversations, or deeper ones, you may have to look elsewhere. But there are definite advantages to this placement. One is that you always have something to say to each other. Another is that you know that your partner can fit in with anyone she chooses. If you want to discuss serious and/or deep subjects with your partner, do it in small doses. For example, you can talk about and resolve a problem, but it’s best done in several short conversations instead of one long one.

Angelina’s Venus is in your Eighth House.
Angelina’s looks or general attractiveness and sexy, affectionate manner may really turn you on. In fact, she may be so desirable in this area that you want to keep it a secret. You could fear that if someone else finds her attractive, she could be stolen away. And, in your worst nightmares, you could see her as being willingly stolen! Instead of ruining this heaven with worrying, take each moment of enjoyment as it comes. Freely give back what you’re getting, and Angelina could have such a good time that she has no need to look elsewhere.

Angelina’s Mars is in your Fourth House.
Angelina may be particularly energetic at home, or you could see her as the one who directs activities in that area. As long as the two of you are working together, you probably won’t resent being directed, but if your partner bosses you around and/or doesn’t help with the chores that you’re being ordered to do, you could view her as a dictator and become angry. You might thrive on such arguments, but if you don’t, the key to righting the situation hinges on both of you keeping busy at home. There will be less inclination to fight, and your house will be in better condition because of the work you’ve each done.

Angelina’s Jupiter is in your Fourth House.
Angelina may either make your home environment more enjoyable and cheer you up while you’re there, or be extravagant and prone to excesses in household matters. Or you may experience both sides. For example, she might decide to throw a party, but feel that in order for it to be successful, it must be lavish. You both have a wonderful time and your guests talk about it for months, but you also spend months paying for it. If you’re rich, no problem, but if you aren’t, you might have to consider if the pleasure was worth the expenditure. One compromise might be to entertain lavishly only occasionally, and not have a second party before you’ve paid for the first.

Angelina’s Saturn is in your Eighth House.
Angelina may either seem a bit sexually inhibited herself, or make you feel that way. Another possibility is that you feel that your sex life could use more excitement and innovation. However, this placement can also mean serious commitment, so that you can probably count on your partner to be faithful. Although your sexual routine may sometimes seem boring, predictability and habit can lead to security, and a feeling of security often improves one’s sex life. As you both feel more secure, your sex life can become a gratifying manifestation of the strong bond between you.

Angelina’s Uranus is in your Eleventh House.
Even though she may not be a joiner or one who enjoys large gatherings, when you do appear together in groups Angelina will probably stand out from the crowd. At times she may be enthusiastic about going, and may have a wonderful time. There may be other times when she refuses to go to meetings or parties, or, when once there, she suddenly decides to leave. If you’re unnerved by the uncertainty of her response to invitations, or you feel isolated from others because she won’t socialize at all, there are ways to get cooperation. One possibility is to tempt her with the prospect of intellectually stimulating company. Another is to find a group that advocates a humanitarian cause to which she can relate. If it involves revolutionary activity, she may willingly become active in the group, and you’ll have more of a social life together.

Angelina’s Neptune is in your Twelfth House.
Angelina could subtly bring out your mystical qualities, and/or you may have a telepathic communication with each other. She could have the ability to tap into your subconscious, so that your thoughts need not be spoken. This, of course, could create a strong bond between you. But in any case where your subconscious mind is being probed, you should be aware that it’s only a short step from reading your mind to planting ideas there. So be sensitive to the possibility of being manipulated, as well as of doing some manipulation yourself.

Angelina’s Pluto is in your Tenth House.
If you and Angelina share a career, power struggles might be an issue that you have to deal with. You might feel that she’s always bossing you around and trying to take total charge. If you’re given the freedom to be totally in charge of whatever you contribute, you may not mind this. If, however, you resent her attitude, think about what you’d like to be in charge of, and set up a meeting. At that time, thoroughly analyze which areas you each want to control. Both of you may then get what you want without a struggle.

Even if you don’t share a career, your partner may still try to tell you what to do and when to do it. But in this case, you won’t have to make such diligent efforts to share the power. You can merely smile, say thank you, go to work, and do as you please.


Angelina Jolie's Chart Positions


                        Planet                              Sign                     Longitude                Declination


            q    Sun is in          d    Gemini               13`    25'       17"       +2224'       00"

            w    Moon   is in      a    Aries                13`    04'       35"       + 8`   45'       00"

            e    Mercury is in   d    Gemini               22`    19'       42"       +2147'       00"

            r    Venus  is in      f    Cancer              28`    09'       17"       +2257'       00"

            t    Mars    is in      a    Aries                10`    42'       24"       + 2`   42'       00"

            y    Jupiter is in      a    Aries                 17`    25'       27"       + 5`   44'       00"

            u    Saturn  is in      f    Cancer             17`    23'       12"       +2212'       00"

            i    Uranus is in      z    Libra                28`    47'       59"       -10`   32'       00"

            o    Neptune is in   c    Sagittarius         10`    20'       23"       -20`   24'       00"

            p    Pluto is in        z    Libra                  6`    31'       24"       +1302'       00"

            l    N. Node          c    Sagittarius         0`    24'       02"       -20`   14'       00"

            j    Ascendant       f    Cancer             28`    41'       02"       +2025'       00"

            k    Midheaven      a    Aries                17`    36'       17"       + 6`   54'       00"

            $    Chiron is in      a    Aries                26`    46'       08"       +1049'       00"



For Angelina: Your Style of Relating

To figure out your own personal relationship needs, we’re first going to look at your basic personality type with both its strengths and its weak points. This can show what you have to contribute, and what you need from someone else. The better you know your own nature, the more successful you’ll be in your relationships. You can more easily make allowances for your own blind spots, and you can more consciously select a partner who will bring you happiness.

Your Basic Character

You have few or no planets in Earth signs or houses.

An overall lack of the Earth element in your horoscope suggests that you are either impractical or not very interested in the material world. Thus you may be bored by down-to-earth details, or not able to handle them. In either case, it’s helpful to have someone who can take care of the details for you. A partner who is too earthbound could be tiresome, but you, with your lack of Earth, may be able to add a spark of inspiration. Anyway, try to be grateful for your partner’s diligence, which allows you to feel less burdened.

You have many planets in Cardinal signs or houses.

Your chart’s emphasis on the Cardinal signs indicates that you tend to jump in and get involved, and that you usually don’t wait for others to initiate things. You may sometimes think that you’d like a quieter life, but if there’s too much peace and quiet, it’s in your nature to stir things up.

You have few planets in Fixed signs or houses.

You may not always follow through to the bitter end, and you could be accused of being undirected. If you look too far ahead, you could feel so overwhelmed that you either stop what you’re doing or never begin. One way to ensure completion is to concentrate on the task at hand. It’s also good to have a partner who will help you to focus and to finish what you start.


If all else fails, and your critics become extremely vocal, point out how agreeable you are. Remind them that you’re either puttering around on your own (Cardinal) or going along with their ideas (Mutable), or possibly both.

Your Sun is in Gemini.

Your Sun in Gemini reinforces the idea that you’re pretty versatile. Most likely, you can easily do more than one thing at a time. In fact, you might find it hard to concentrate on any one thing for very long. Needing variety, you may not take the time to probe deeply into your interest of the moment. Fortunately, you’re a quick study and can form an accurate overview of a subject almost instantly. You may not understand the subject in depth, but you’ll know enough for your own purposes. Your motto might be, “If you can’t learn it fast, it probably isn’t worth knowing.”


This talent can be extended to people. You’re basically sociable, and can determine the essence of an individual or a group almost instantaneously and fit in right away, if you so choose. This skill can be useful. Even if you find yourself with people who are trained in a technical field you know nothing about, you quickly pick up the group’s jargon and can seem as knowledgeable as they are. The secret of your success is that you leave the room before you exhaust your newly-learned vocabulary. This suits you, because you would probably become bored if you hung around for too long.


In terms of a partner, you’d do well with someone who’s also sociable, and you’d probably like a good sense of humor, too. Then you can rest assured that you can interact as a couple without concern about the impression you make. You will also not have to worry about being saddled all evening with your partner. You can each flit around the gathering on your own and have stories to share when you return home.


With little patience for slow-thinking people, you’d also want a partner who’s mentally agile. Not necessarily a mental giant, just someone who can carry on a light, pleasant conversation and follow the gist of what you have to say. This may not be as easy as it sounds, because you may tend to jump from subject to subject and even occasionally omit words. While you may not like being interrupted by questions, it’s OK for your partner to add an occasional word or expand upon an idea you’ve expressed. That can be considered brainstorming, and you welcome such contributions. You have little desire, however, for lengthy and profound intellectual conversations.


The fact that you enjoy social interaction and like to keep your conversations light doesn’t mean that your entire life has to be superficial. You simply need to include these sorts of diversions for release and relief, and to contribute to the diversity that is your essence.

Your Moon is in Aries.

The way you express your feelings is usually direct, honest and simple. You can tell others how you feel about them, and your sincere manner of displaying your feelings lets the world know that they are genuine. You find it easy to explain your reasons, because they’re usually formulated without deep and weighty analysis.


Since you ordinarily don’t analyze your emotions deeply, they may sometimes spontaneously erupt. Basically, you react to the behavior of others. If people are nice to you, you like them. If they aren’t, you don’t, and it’s usually the most recent encounter that determines the way you feel. This may make you seem inconsistent, and your behavior may be difficult for a partner to understand. Once your mode of operating is understood, however, your partner can not only grasp the meaning of your moods but also learn to deal with them.


One of the positive sides of your Moon is that you don’t mind if your partner understands your feelings. You aren’t concerned with dark secrets being unearthed, because there probably are none. However, your emotional simplicity can also be a point of vulnerability. Anyone who wants to hurt you can do so easily by pointing out your faults. Your immediate reaction may be to lash out in anger. The anger will probably be gone as soon as you express it. You don’t harbor grudges for long, nor do you look for the hidden meanings in people’s actions. However, the impact on your feelings of self-worth may be long-lasting. You may not show it, but the wound will still be there.


While you may keep your hurt feelings to yourself, it’s more likely that you’ll simply return each insult that’s thrown at you. This can make for a tumultuous relationship. This in itself may not be bad, because you may like to express your feelings and you may need stimulation to do this. Nevertheless, if your self-esteem is attacked, the damage that occurs may far outweigh the excitement.


If you often have hurt feelings in your relationship, discuss this with your partner. Because your feelings are clear and simple, it should be easy to convey them. If your partner can do the same, you can begin to make changes quickly. If probing is necessary, you may not have the attention span for long conversations, so have short ones often until you can determine what should be done. And while you’re doing this, try, try to be more patient.

Your Axis of Relationship

And now we get to your “axis of relationship” -- your Ascendant (or rising sign) and, directly opposite it, your Descendant. Together, these say a great deal about how you relate. While your Ascendant describes the way you present yourself to others, the Descendant tells the other side of the story. It suggests the sort of partner you’ll be drawn to and who will make you feel more complete.
If the birth time for your chart is accurate, you have the sign Cancer rising. This means that while you’re deep-feeling, sensitive, and may easily be hurt, you tend to hide this from the outer world by retreating behind the safety of a tougher facade.


Indeed, when relating to others, you feel more secure and confident if you have a home base or some other protected place into which you can retreat from time to time. Therefore, having, or yourself creating, a secure and comfortable haven is essential for you to function in the world and relate to others. This desire for shelter and security could come out as a strong inclination to own a home or a piece of land, or to cling to one that you already have, particularly if it came from your family.


Not only does having a secure home space give you a feeling of safety, it also figures in the way you present yourself to others. While you yourself probably very much enjoy being in a comfortable, “homey” environment, you may also create this in order to draw others to you. For you, a home is, like your face and manner, part of your personal equipment for interfacing with others. This means that you tend to surround yourself with a welcoming atmosphere, not necessarily a grand or chic one, but simply a place where people can relax and feel nurtured and taken care of.


Indeed, nurturing is the other thing that characterizes your approach to others. No matter what your sex is, there’s something motherly in the way you deal with the world. Your nurturing could take the form of words of wisdom or an affectionate pat or a strong desire to have and rear progeny, but it could also come out as an urge to care for animals or to help plants to grow.


One of the most common ways people nurture, however, is through food. You probably like to cook, or at least take some sort of special interest in the preparation and taste of food. Also, when you want to give someone something, food may be the present that usually comes into your mind. (It was probably a Cancer rising person who first thought up the idea that the way to a person’s heart is through his stomach!)


You’re so prone to equating food with affection and emotional support that not only do you show your love by encouraging others to eat, you also may tend to overeat when you yourself are feeling hurt or unloved. For you, food is a way of bestowing love upon yourself as well as others. Your partner should watch for this tendency, and if you start to eat too much or too often, this would be a good time to give you some extra hugs. When you feel cared for, you’ll probably be less inclined to overeat.


While food and shelter are the tangible ways through which you provide security, what you’re essentially built to give others is emotional security and a sense of rootedness in family and tradition. In contrast, the partner who completes you would tend to provide material security -- not only a financial base, but a secure relationship to society and the outside world. Your partner might also take care of many practical outer-world responsibilities, and offer some rules and structure to complement your emotional warmth and your tendency to be lenient and always forgiving of human foibles.


Still, you’ll probably shoulder many responsibilities around the home, and one of the ways you do your share might be by economizing on what you buy. Cancerians are sometimes great savers. You may consider it your responsibility to hang on to items that you can re-use, or be inclined to store up food and other things in case some day there’s a shortage. This is part of your Cancerian approach to life. Being surrounded by accumulations of almost any kind can add to the protective shell around you and make you feel safer. While it can be useful up to a point, with some people this tendency to save goes beyond practicality. As with overeating, a tendency to over-accumulate can come from a feeling of being insecure and unloved, and help could come in the form of an extra measure of affection and protection from your mate.


In your urge to nurture and mother other people, you run the danger of doing too much for them, with the result that they become dependent on you. For example, the more you do, the more responsibilities a partner may leave to you. To avoid this, you need clearly to define the duties that each of you is supposed to perform. You may share certain duties, but establish the shared ones formally as well. Make these decisions together. It shouldn’t be difficult, because a partner of yours is likely to naturally take to having some structure in the relationship.


Because of your strong attachment to the home, you may have a hard time leaving it. This could present a problem if your partner likes to travel. When traveling, you may feel better if, besides the necessities, you bring some of your dearest possessions and place them around the room you’ll be sleeping in. This can help you to feel at home wherever you may be.

Dating and Romance

To see what you specifically want and need in romance, partnership and sex, we’re now going to look at these areas of your chart in detail.


We’ll start where relationships begin -- in the house of courtship, love affairs and romance. This is the Fifth House, which, interestingly, is also associated with risk-taking. Not surprising when you consider that romance is often where you have to take the plunge and throw yourself open to chance! Will Mr./Ms. Right cross your path at the mixer dance or singles bar? Will you gather your courage to ask someone out on a date? Will that blind date be a delight or a disaster? This is just part of the reason that the Fifth is the place where love relationships begin.


Once you’ve started to date, the Fifth House’s recreational side emerges. Fifth-House activities like dinner out, plays and movies, museums and sports provide a pleasurable atmosphere to encourage a budding acquaintance to flower into something more. Sometimes called the house of self-expression, the Fifth also rules self-display, as you each put on your finest feathers to attract the other. Dating in the Fifth leads to marriage in the Seventh House and sex in the Eighth, and then the cycle begins again with children, which are also shown by the Fifth House and its association with self-expression and play.


There are a number of different signs and planets associated with your relationship houses, and each of these contributes its own symbolic themes to that area of your life. The more that you both try to express the various qualities that are symbolized in these key relationship areas of your charts, the happier and more complete your relationship is likely to feel.

Scorpio is on your Fifth-House cusp.

Your romantic relationships are neither frivolous nor superficial. In fact, when you think of romance, it is most likely in terms of a grand passion. Even from the outset, you want to connect on a deeply emotional level. To you, a satisfying romance means sharing your innermost feelings, either verbally or otherwise. If you find this difficult to do, your romantic life suffers. Sex may provide such an emotional connection, but it must be deeply involving. Sex that is merely recreational won’t do. It’s also possible that you’ll achieve this deep rapport with your beloved by going through dramatic life experiences together.


You tend to make a heavy emotional investment in an area that is meant to be a playful try-out for the real thing. Some kinds of partner may take your relationship more lightly than you do. You may find yourself analyzing the other’s deepest motives, and becoming possessive or maybe even obsessive about your romantic connection. The more secure you feel in the relationship, however, the less likely you’re to hold on so tightly. You may be able to live this house on a less emotionally demanding level by delving into some subject deeply together, or making a game of pooling some of your financial or other resources.

Sagittarius is within the Fifth House.

After you have begun to feel sufficiently secure in a romance (or have become exhausted by its emotional intensity) you’ll probably relax your grip and begin to lighten up. Heavy emotional encounters may give way to learning things together, or to planning a big trip. Or, if your romantic partner wanted a bit more freedom, now you become more inclined to give it, because you yourself may be a bit restless and in search of more fun or intellectual stimulation in the world at large.

Capricorn is within the Fifth House.

The casual, pal-type relationship will eventually take on a more sober and practical cast. Going beyond just having good times together, you’ll evaluate your romantic partner very practically, considering his or her position in the world, what he or she has to give you, and whether the connection is in general worth while. If your partner passes your scrutiny and makes a commitment to you, in return you’ll be responsible and will steadfastly fulfill your obligations.

Mars, the ruler of your Fifth House, is in the Ninth

The planet that’s traditionally associated with the sign on the Fifth-House cusp brings in additional considerations. Placed in the Ninth House, it means that you want a romantic involvement that will help you to grow and develop. You might feel that you need more than one person to satisfy these needs. In fact, you might become bored if you stay with one individual for too long. So you could date a few people -- in series or simultaneously -- before you settle down.


Alternatively, you might simply be attracted to someone who’s bright and mentally stimulating, or you may want to have your horizons broadened by a person from a land or culture different from your own. Although this placement puts emphasis on learning in the courtship period, it also indicates a strong desire for pleasure. Therefore, be sure to leave some time for pure fun.


Your Neptune is in the Fifth.

This is one of the “in love with love” indicators. You want perfection in romance, and you have the ability to pretend that it’s there. In fact, because of your vivid imagination, you may not be able to evaluate a romantic partner realistically. You’re more likely to see what you want to see.


If you spend a lot of time with any romantic partner, there will probably be periods when the flaws become glaring, and you won’t always be able to rationalize them away. You might then tend to become overly critical and get disenchanted with the relationship. It’s good to remind yourself that there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. If they’re not too numerous, try to accept the imperfections, and focus on the lovelier things that you have together. If, however, the romantic haze lifts only to reveal that the assets are few, you might want to consider changing or dissolving the relationship and endeavor to start over with a more realistic approach.

Becoming Partners

Through the pleasures, risk-taking and self-expression signified by the Fifth House, you gain a sense of your own individuality and develop a robust identity of your own. You need this before you can have the true relationship of equals that is the essence of the Seventh House.


Traditionally the house of marriage, Seventh House signifies the way you make a serious commitment to another, and the way that your commitment is recognized in the social sphere beyond your relationship. Even when your relationship doesn’t result in marriage, this is the house where you learn to blend your individualities without submerging them, and, for better or for worse, to deal as a team with the ups and downs of life. It’s also the place of head-to-head confrontations, where you encounter both your similarities and your differences, and you each negotiate your fair share in disputes.

Capricorn is on your Seventh-House cusp.

You want a partner who is reliable and possibly already established in the world. Therefore, that person could be older than you. Or you might play the responsible role in the relationship, which could mean that you’re drawn to a partner who is younger and/or needs to be taken care of.


It is not absolutely necessary, however, that there be an age differential in your partnership. The matter of responsibility is more important. Probably what you really need is a partner who will share in the responsibility and the commitment. This is because if either of you tries to do it all alone, the responsible partner could feel burdened, and the irresponsible one could feel restricted. It’s more likely that you’d both be happier if you shouldered the responsibility together.

Aquarius is within the Seventh House.

Besides responsibility, you also need a degree of freedom within your intimate relationships, so 24-hour-a-day togetherness is not for you. Remember that both of you need to have some personal space, and that you should be allowed to maintain your individuality within the relationship. There’s also a strong possibility that your partner will be from a different background than your own, or will be non- conforming in some other way, either in appearance or ideas. If you support each other’s uniqueness instead of fighting or ignoring it, and each allow the other some freedom, you could have a very satisfying and stimulating partnership.

Saturn, the ruler of your Seventh House, is in the Twelfth

In your chart the planet that’s traditionally associated with the sign on your Seventh-House cusp is placed in the Twelfth House of confinement and secrets. This suggests that despite any conventional ideas you have about what marriage is supposed to be, you may find yourself fearing that a close, committed relationship might confine and restrict you. If this is so, accept that this is part of your makeup. If you really do want to keep a long-term relationship going, there are ways to give yourself the space you need. One of you can have a job that involves travel, or you can maintain separate residences, or you can agree to have an open relationship. This feeling of restriction may come from a fear of revealing yourself fully to your partner. Becoming comfortable with yourself and eventually daring to share your secrets can allow you to be more open and genuine with your partner and will deepen your intimacy.


Your marriage may have an element of secrecy in other ways: either the marriage is secret, or the two of you maintain your own secret world together. You may like to fantasize together, or by yourself you may fantasize what you’d like marriage to be. Some couples with this placement both deepen and uplift their relationship by teaming up to help others.

Every planet that a person has in the Seventh House would indicate at least one additional requirement for them in a close one-to-one relationship. You have no planets here, however. For you, close partnerships may not be the all-consuming concern that they might be to someone who has a full Seventh House. This means that you could actually have an easier time finding a marriage partner. Your requirements in a partner are apt to be looser, and so you can be open to a greater variety of people.

Entwining Souls

Joined into a single entity in the Seventh House, you become ready to transform each other in the Eighth. To do this, you need to relax your grip on whatever you felt necessary to maintain yourselves as separate individuals. Then you need to take a leap of faith, and trust that the essentially benevolent forces of life will pull you through. If you emerge from this trial successfully, you will be transformed and renewed.


This, of course, is the essence of sex, which is one of the areas that the Eighth House stands for. The Eighth also depicts the other sorts of deep emotional bonds that arise in relationships, as you shed the shells of your individuality to merge into a larger whole. On a material level, the Eighth depicts the merging of property and finances, where you each need to give up what is yours and contribute it to the common pool.


With the high emotional intensity of the Eighth House and its lack of objectivity, power struggles are possible. Any impulse to do harm must always be contained. The key lies in developing compassion for your own emotional state, in letting go of tightly held positions, and then inviting powers out of your conscious control to lead you in the right direction.


Regarding your sexual self, all the signs and planets influencing your Eighth House describe possible avenues for sexual expression. Combining or alternating these themes will keep you from falling into stale and confining routines.

Aquarius is on your Eighth-House cusp.

To you, sex can mean expressing your individuality. You may feel free and uninhibited in sex, or you could declare your independence by assuring yourself that you’re no one’s sex object. You want to be the partner who determines when and where sex happens. You could also combine the two possibilities, feeling liberated and unrestrained in sex, but only when you yourself are in the mood for it.

Pisces is within the Eighth House.

You are probably also looking for the perfect physical union. This is hard to find, so you may sometimes fantasize about sex and your partner. Using your imagination can enhance your sex life, but don’t carry this to the point where you delude yourself. Also beware of being the partner who does all the giving. Emotional experiences need to be shared with someone who cares. Pick a sex partner who returns your deep feelings, and you won’t have to play “let’s pretend.”

Saturn, the ruler of your Eighth House, is in the Twelfth

The placement of your Eighth-House ruler in the Twelfth House suggests that you may need a certain degree of fantasy in your sex life. You could yearn for the kind of sex described in novels, and if the actual circumstances fall short of your expectations, you might find yourself involved in a clandestine relationship. A secret sexual relationship can be exciting, but it can certainly complicate the rest of your life. Before going this route, try rekindling the flame of the partnership that drove you in that direction. To get a different perspective on your sexual relationship, you could go to an exotic place with your partner, or stay at home and try candlelight, soft music and a bit of fantasy to create an atmosphere conducive to romance.

Because you have no planets in your Eighth House, your requirements for sex and deep emotional bonding are simpler than they might be. If one or more of your partner’s planets falls into your Eighth, however, it can add some different themes as well as additional energy to your sex life.

How You See Brad

To see how you experience Brad, what he means to you personally, and the biases you may have when dealing with this important person in your life, we’re now going to look at the way his planets fit into the houses of your birth chart.


You could think of Brad’s planets as “lighting up” your houses, bringing more energy to the areas of life that those houses deal with. His planets can activate underactive areas of your life, making you feel more complete. Or they may increase the activity in areas that that are already emphasized in your own chart. They may repeat problematic themes in your horoscope so that you’re finally forced to deal with them, or give you the added push to make the most of assets that you already have. All this influences the way you feel about him, and suggests the functions that he will take on in your life.


First, however, before looking at specific houses and planets, it can be revealing just to look at the overall way Brad’s planets are grouped around your chart wheel.
With more of Brad’s planets falling into the bottom half of your chart, you will probably tend to see him as introverted. To you, he may seem to keep a lot inside, and not be inclined to share it with you or anyone else. You may also see him as a non-conforming person who lives by an inner standard and is not particularly interested in what society thinks. Trying to influence him by pointing to what others believe is right or wrong may not work. Whether or not Brad is really as introverted as you think, you may be more successful if you appeal to his integrity and inner ethical sense rather than to externally imposed standards.
The fact that more of Brad’s planets fall into the right-hand half of your chart suggests that you tend to view him primarily as a responder. You may not expect him to take the initiative, and you could see him as slow or indecisive when initiative and decisiveness are necessary. You might think that if you left taking action to him, you’d never do anything as a couple. You might therefore do things like accept invitations or set your social calendar without consulting with this partner.


If neither of you minds this, fine. But, if your partner resents not having a say in what’s happening, chances are that his own chart indicates that he’s basically an initiator. You don’t have to give up the reins entirely, but you might discuss the matter and together determine areas where your partner can be in charge. You might even enjoy not having to make all the decisions.

How Brad Affects Specific Areas of Your Life

And now for particular planets in particular houses. Pay special attention to the houses that contain Brad’s Sun and Moon, because these are likely to represent focal areas in your relationship with him.

Brad’s Sun is in your Fifth House.

If you have children together, you might see Brad as being warm and generous with them and possibly taking pride in what they do. However, if he feels unappreciated, what you may see is someone who’s bossy and overbearing. If this is the case, try a little romance or stroking. Then you may see his warm and generous side in regard to the kids. Since the Fifth House is also the area of creativity, you may see Brad as very creative, whether or not the issue of children is relevant. If you think that he overshadows you in terms of creativity, you may feel that you lack talent and never try to do anything creative. If this is true, try some artistic endeavor together. If you cooperate with each other, Brad’s ability may stimulate you to view yourself as being creative.

Brad’s Moon is in your Sixth House.

You may feel appreciated because Brad is emotionally supportive and understanding of all the work you do. On the other hand, when you try to work together, emotions might run high or be inconsistent. For example, your emotions could be triggered by a difference of opinion on how to do a certain task. You may think that it’s Brad who’s having the outburst or is pushing your emotional buttons, but he may be just as convinced that you’re the unstable one. To avoid such problems, you could work separately instead of together, either doing different tasks, or the same tasks at different times. Then, instead of the flack, you might get the support and appreciation that this placement promises.

Brad’s Mercury is in your Sixth House.

You and Brad may be talk a lot about how you handle your daily routine. This could take the form of his simply being interested in what you do. Or he might take a more active role and either tell you what you should be doing or help you to get more organized. Although Brad might have a great deal of advice to offer, however, there might be little practical assistance. If this happens often and you’re tired of doing all the work, you can get him to take a more active role. When he starts to tell you how to perform a certain task, suggest that while you’re being taught, he also show you how to do it. Either your daily routine will become easier, or your partner will stop giving you advice. Either alternative could be an improvement.

Brad’s Venus is in your Sixth House.

Ideally, even the most tedious chores could become pleasant when you’re doing them with Brad. When you’re working together, you’d both be inclined to do things that make daily life more beautiful and harmonious. Also, you’d probably agree on how things should be done. If you do disagree, Brad would probably go along with what you wanted in order to keep the peace.


But there’s also the possibility that, when it comes to tackling the nitty-gritty details of life together, Brad may play rather than work, and may try to tempt you to play when you should be working. If you experience Brad’s goof-off side, don’t nag, because that’ll only upset his desire for peace and harmony in this area. Negotiation and compromise will work far better in getting him to help. When you divide the chores, try to let him do the ones that create a more beautiful or pleasurable home. Your partner may gladly help out if there’s pleasure involved in doing the chores, plus the prospect of more pleasure as a reward.

Brad’s Mars is in your Sixth House.

When it comes to the daily routine, you could see Brad as very energetic. You yourself may feel energized by this interaction, so that when you do chores together, you accomplish a great deal.


On the other hand, you might experience Brad as dictatorial, telling you what you should do without personally participating. Then, instead of accomplishing anything, you could just have arguments. It may help to focus on some small task that you can do together. While you’re working, you can discuss your differences. Expending energy as you talk can keep you from getting too angry, and you can then get your point across better. It might also help to set a new behavioral pattern that will help you to be more efficient in your daily routine.

Brad’s Jupiter is in your Ninth House.

You may see Brad as a philosopher, or at least as someone who has ideas about philosophy, religion, travel, higher education or politics. he’s probably never at a loss for words on these topics, and you may well find that he broadens your perspective. On the other hand, you could feel overwhelmed by all this eloquence, or overruled if your views differ. Brad’s having philosophical ideas and expressing them well doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re absolutes for everyone. You’re entitled to your own opinion. If you can manage to squeeze your own thoughts into your conversations together, you might discover that he’s actually open to at least some of your ideas.

Brad’s Saturn is in your Seventh House.

Brad brings seriousness and dependability to your relationship, and is likely to be always there for you -- whether you want it or not. This can feel reassuring, but also restrictive. If you feel as if Big Brother is always watching, try asking your partner to take on more commitments. Make sure that these responsibilities will be beneficial for the relationship, but that they don’t include your participation. You’ll get more breathing room, and your partner will probably enjoy taking charge.

Brad’s Uranus is in your Second House.

You may see Brad as having rather unusual ideas about how you should spend your money. These ideas may be creative and worth exploring, or simply bizarre. If they’re bizarre, say “That sounds interesting,” and forget about it. Another possibility is that Brad makes you more spontaneous in financial matters. This would be particularly noticeable if you’re ordinarily a conservative spender. You might be encouraged to buy unusual things, or ones that make you feel more independent. Just avoid getting carried away and spending too much, and if you go shopping with him, maybe you should leave your credit cards at home.

Brad’s Neptune is in your Fourth House.

Brad could either bring confusion to your home environment, or help to make it a sanctuary, or do both. Whatever happens, one thing is clear: Your partner probably won’t operate well under rules and regulations in the home. Instead of being defiant or consciously trying to break the rules, he may just seem to lack awareness that they exist. Your partner’s talent in the home is in helping to create a haven where you can escape. So instead of fighting the chaos that may sometimes occur, join in the fantasy as often as you can, and you’ll both be happier.

Brad’s Pluto is in your Second House.

You may feel that Brad wants control over your money. Even if you don’t allow this to happen officially, you may find him advising you on how you should handle your finances. You may promise yourself that you won’t be ruled on money matters, but may anyway find yourself following his orders anyway. And this may work both ways, with your partner having a similar experience of you. Instead of feeling weak and ineffectual because your power is usurped, remind yourself that you each have the right to do what you wish with the money you’ve each earned or the money that’s been allotted to you. Perhaps it’s time to make an understanding that each of you has control over a certain part of your joint finances. In this way you can each feel in control of some area, and you’ll both feel more secure and powerful.

The Dynamics between the Two of You
Now we’re ready to look at some typical kinds of dramas that can play out between you. These are suggested by the way the planets in one person’s chart relate to those in the other.


The different planets in your chart are like little characters who are interacting with each other inside your psyche. They also interact with the little characters inside other people. For example, Mars, the little warrior inside you, could be having a hot and heavy affair with your partner’s sultry, come-hither Venus. This could take the form either of cozying up in bed together, or fighting most of the time. Or these two little characters could be constantly on each other’s mind, but somehow at cross-purposes or never quite on each other’s wavelength. The basic quality of each planet, plus the aspect, or kind of angle, that is formed between them, determines how well those parts of the psyche will get along with each other, and what the nature of their alliance or conflict will be.


Below, the aspects between your charts are arranged roughly in order of how important they’ll be to you personally. Take special note whenever you see aspects involving the same pairs of planets next to each other in the list. If you see, for example, not only your Venus conjunct your partner’s Mars, but also your partner’s Mars making an aspect to your Venus, you can be sure that Venus-Mars themes such as sex, or some other sort of very creative, productive activity, will be of overriding importance in your life together.


Because we’re dealing with double the number of planets here, the number of possible aspects is greatly increased. We’ll therefore consider only the interaspects that are quite exact.


Meshing Your Personalities and Goals

Aspects involving your Ascendant or Midheaven depend not only on the day you were born, but also on the exact time. They therefore make you different from most others born on the same day, and have a particularly personal significance.


The Ascendant is the place where a planet would rise from the inner realm below the horizon to the outer world above. As such, it symbolizes the interface between the inner you and the outside world. This is your personality -- the face you put on, your body and manner, your habitual way of dealing with others.


The Midheaven is the highest point a planet can go in your chart. As you might expect, it signifies the most universally visible part of you -- your career goals, your most public self and your reputation. Aspects involving the Midheaven of one or both partners can therefore be among the most powerful indicators of how one partner relates to the other’s reputation, career and overall life direction.


Because the Ascendant and Midheaven move so fast (on average, a whole degree in only four minutes of time) their correct positions depend on whether you know your birth time accurately. Aspects between these points and your partner’s horoscope can say very important things about your relationship. If you’re unsure of your birth time, however, it’s best to take any interpretations of aspects from your Ascendant and Midheaven with a grain of salt.

Brad’s Moon is opposite Angelina’s Ascendant.

There’s a strong personal tie and attraction between you, but there’s also a possibility that Brad could overwhelm Angelina with emotion, or the face that Angelina puts on for the world could interfere with Brad’s emotional satisfaction.


To deal with these problems, you each need to find a way to take care of your own personal needs while balancing them with the needs of your partner. For example, Brad shouldn’t always depend on Angelina to meet his needs for closeness and nurturing. Sometimes he should give Angelina a bit of emotional support, especially if she’s having problems with her appearance, health or relations with others.


For her part, Angelina should find a few arenas in addition to this relationship where she can relate to people and express her personality. At the same time, she should always be ready to support Brad’s emotional needs when needed.


If you do things like this to nurture both yourself and your partner, you’ll help each other to become stronger and more confident individuals. This can only benefit your relationship.

Brad’s Venus is opposite Angelina’s Ascendant.

You find each other attractive, and it’s clear to both you and others that you enjoy being together. But what Brad needs in terms of love, affection and pleasure may be quite different from what Angelina wants. If you try to combine what you each need personally, you could keep pressing so hard for the other to satisfy your desires that you both tend to overdo things. Instead of pressuring your partner, try expressing your affection in a way that’s natural to you, but also allow the other person to set some boundaries. When it’s appropriate, Brad can showhis approval of Angelina’s looks and manner without attempting to change her image. No matter what you do, your attraction will probably be there, but when you let each other be yourselves without undue pressure, you’ll both be happier.

Brad’s Pluto is semisquare Angelina’s Ascendant.

This combination carries the possibility of being a powerful and effective couple, but in fact you may more often challenge each other than cooperate. Feeling that Brad is trying to control and direct her, Angelina could develop low self-esteem, because she thinks that her partner is showing disapproval. And if Brad senses that Angelina is trying to undermine his power, he could start to feel ineffectual. If either of these situations describes what’s happening in your relationship, determine what’s wrong and change it. Find ways to cooperate, and you’ll feel stronger both individually and as a couple.

Angelina’s Sun is opposite Brad’s Ascendant.

There’s a strong attraction between you, but it may be hard to blend the qualities of Angelina’s Sun with Brad’s Ascendant to form a personality that you project as a couple. It is fitting that Angelina should pursue personal gratification, while Brad should project a personal image that is in keeping with his individual personality. However, all of this should be done within the framework of the partnership. It really is possible for each of you to balance or guide the other without interfering with your own personal goals. If you can each work in your own direction and at the same time keep the good of the relationship in mind, you’ll both be enriched as individuals, and your relationship will benefit as well.

Angelina’s Moon is trine Brad’s Ascendant.

There’s a very strong attraction and personal tie between you. It’s natural for Angelina to nurture Brad, and for Brad’s personality and manner to encourage Angelina to express her feelings. In this way you each make the other feel cared-for and special.


If there’s any danger, it would lie in being too helpful to each other. Angelina might nurture too much, making Brad feel smothered, or Brad might encourage Angelina so strongly that Angelina becomes overly emotional. It’s unlikely, however, that such problems would happen often. The deep feelings that you have for each other should far outweigh any of these minor upsets.

Angelina’s Venus is sesquare Brad’s Ascendant.

Although you’re strongly attracted to each other and have the potential for greatly enjoying each other’s company, you might spend time complaining about the other person’s being self-centered or self-indulgent. It may just be that the seemingly self-centered partner feels neglected. If you try paying more attention to your partner and show a bit more appreciation, it shouldn’t be hard to re-kindle the affection that originally attracted you.

Angelina’s Mars is trine Brad’s Ascendant.

Even if you’re shy and retiring as individuals, as a couple you feel more forceful and energetic. Therefore you’ll probably be looked upon as leaders, and people will expect you to take charge. This should not be difficult for you to do when you’re together -- in fact, sometimes you might even get a little too forceful or aggressive. If you’re not assertive as an individual, be careful of taking on a leadership role by yourself, because you could become overwhelmed. Remember that your joint personality is what is forceful, and make sure that your partner is around to share the leadership role.

Angelina’s Jupiter is trine Brad’s Ascendant.

You and your partner naturally encourage each other to grow and develop. You stimulate one another to learn, and may enjoy broadening your horizons through travel as well as education. You also have the ability to increase each other’s self-esteem. Because you naturally drive each other toward pleasure and expansion, you may sometimes be so bent on having a good time that you get really extravagant or otherwise overindulge yourselves. Remember this, so that you can apply the brakes if you get too carried away. And then go on enjoying your happy and stimulating adventures!

Angelina’s Uranus is semisquare Brad’s Ascendant.

You and your partner probably find each other exciting, and there’s an air of electricity that flows between you. However, there may be more focus on freedom, change and individuality than there is on consideration for each other. Thus some of the surprises that you spring on your partner could upset more than exhilarate. Although the attraction between you is strong, the unpredictable behavior can be disturbing. Instead of dwelling on the inconsistency, concentrate on finding new things to do together or new ventures or causes in which you can get involved as a couple. Then, you’ll be less likely to shock each other. You may move from project to project quickly, but, if you do it together, the surprises will take place in your interaction with the outside world rather than your partner.

Angelina’s Neptune is conjunct Brad’s Ascendant.

There’s a tie between you which you feel deeply but which defies verbal description. The harder you try to explain it, the less clear it becomes. Because of the nebulous quality of this attachment, you may be aware of it but not always understand its total impact. You could experience it as magnetism, or as a spiritual connection. If this is all that you feel, continue your relationship as it is. However, subtle manipulation is also a possibility, so you could sometimes feel that your partner is taking advantage of you. If this happens, remember that this is a shared combination, and that you therefore have the ability to influence your partner just as much as your partner influences you.

Brad’s Ascendant and Angelina’s Ascendant are in sesquare.

The personalities of you and your partner are connected, so you’re drawn to each other. However, with this aspect, you might sometimes focus more on the flaws than on the good attributes of the other person. You could spend so much time criticizing your partner that you lose sight of why you were originally attracted to each other. If either or both of you frequently picks at the other, this will do little for your self- esteem or your relationship. Since you’re together, there’s obviously an attraction. So if you both concentrate on the traits you find most appealing in each other instead of carping about flaws, you should feel good about yourselves as individuals, and that in turn will make for a better relationship.

Brad’s Ascendant is trine Angelina’s Midheaven.

Brad’s personality works well with Angelina’s public self. For example, Brad’s personality could enhance Angelina’s career, and Angelina could provide a forum in which Brad can express his personality. Either or both of you might occasionally feel that your validity as a couple is dependent on the outer world, instead of on an inner connection. Possibly the public does play an important role in your relationship, but that does not have to be a handicap. As you achieve your goals in the world and also note the favorable response you receive because of the way you blend with each other, you’ll succeed as individuals and your relationship will be enriched as well.

Angelina’s Ascendant is sextile Brad’s Midheaven.

Brad’s public image or career is connected with Angelina’s personality, and you each want to help the other improve his or her position both in public and in private. Angelina can use the force of her personality to help Brad succeed in the world. And Brad may provide the arena in which Angelina can easily express her personality.


There may be times when one or both of you feel that your relationship is too public, and fear that you look too often to the outer world to validate you as a couple. Your focus should instead be on the way you help each other, because that really is what creates strength in a relationship. As you achieve your goals and also note a favorable response from the world, this focus should enrich your relationship rather than detract from it.

Brad’s Moon is square Angelina’s Midheaven.

There’s a stressful, dynamic interaction between Brad’s emotions and Angelina’s career or public image, so that when feelings and career come up, there could be friction between you. Brad might view Angelina as a workaholic and feel personally neglected, and Angelina could feel professionally undermined by an overly emotional partner. At these times if Brad gives Angelina a bit of extra nurturing, and Angelina publicly announces her appreciation of Brad’s emotional support, you might be surprised at just how comforting this combination can be.

Brad’s Mercury is square Angelina’s Midheaven.

Brad may have a lot to say about Angelina’s career and public image, and Angelina’s public self and goals in life are likely to be connected with Brad’s ability to communicate. This can contribute to a dynamic, active quality in your relationship, but it can also signify a potential for friction in these areas. For example, Brad could be critical of Angelina’s career goals, or Angelina could feel that her aspirations are hindered by Brad’s communication style or what he says.


The good news is that you’ll probably find it easy to discuss anything that disturbs you. It may take effort, but once you start, the words should come streaming out. To ensure fair discussions, it’s a good idea to set some ground rules. When you squarely face issues involving communications and career, you might discover that you can become real assets to each other. With cooperation, the two of you can reach your individual goals as well as the goals that you share as a couple.

Brad’s Venus is square Angelina’s Midheaven.

Brad’s pleasure, love and affection are connected with Angelina’s career and/or worldly success in such a way that there may be friction. Brad could self-indulgently seek pleasure in a way that could harm Angelina’s career, or Angelina could be so focused on career that Brad feels neglected. Showing each other a bit more consideration can keep these scenarios from becoming chronic. For example, Brad could use his charm to help Angelina achieve career goals, and Angelina could take more time away from work to socialize with him. Then your complaints about each other should become fewer and you’ll both be able to achieve your goals.

Brad’s Jupiter is conjunct Angelina’s Midheaven.

No matter how you personally project yourself, when you and your partner are interacting with the outer world you’ll be noticed. You have choices as to how you might be seen. You could be looked upon as philosophical or fun to be with, or you may be seen as loud, extravagant, and prone to excess. You can choose which of these images to project, but the one choice you don’t have as a couple is fading into the background. The only way you can do that is to avoid going out in public with your partner.

Brad’s Saturn is sextile Angelina’s Midheaven.

Angelina’s career or public image blends quite well with Brad’s concept of life structure, and this should provide a strong foundation for your relationship in material terms. In addition, you want to help each other to attain tangible success. Brad may organize and take care of details so that Angelina can move ahead professionally, and Angelina can use her public image or career to provide the material security that Brad is seeking. Because you believe that you have to work hard to get what you want, you may not take the easiest route to attain your goals. Fortunately you have the ability to work hard together, so though you may not advance quickly, your persistence will allow you to move steadily forward so that you ultimately get your rewards.

Brad’s Neptune is quincunx Angelina’s Midheaven.

With this combination, it could be difficult to blend Brad’s spirituality with Angelina’s career or public image. Brad might confuse Angelina by trying to share his faith or spiritual beliefs, and Angelina could upset Brad by attempting to force a more realistic view of the world on him. Instead of wasting your time trying to convert your partner, you should each take turns pursuing your goals, with your partner totally adjusting to you during those times. Angelina can sometimes focus on career goals, with Brad’s spiritual support. And Brad can sometimes concentrate on spiritual development, with Angelina throwing the force of her public image behind his efforts. Then the two of you can share the best of both worlds.

Brad’s Nodes are square Angelina’s Midheaven.

With this aspect there’s a connection between Angelina’s career or public image and the relationships that Brad brings to the partnership, but some difficulties might arise between you because of these relationships. One possibility could be that Angelina feels disliked or not respected by her partner’s friends. Another might be that Brad thinks that his social interactions are restricted because Angelina’s career or public image causes the people involved to feel inhibited. Perhaps if you each take the other’s feelings into consideration and both put forth some extra effort, you might find that these problems vanish. If not, you can use this dynamic aspect to seek out people who can more satisfactorily fulfill your social and professional needs.

Angelina’s Mercury is square Brad’s Midheaven.

Angelina may have a lot to say about Brad’s career and public image, and Brad’s public self and goals in life are likely to be connected with Angelina’s ability to communicate. This can contribute to a dynamic, active quality in your relationship, but it can also signify a potential for friction in these areas. For example, Angelina could be critical of Brad’s career goals, or Brad could feel that his aspirations are hindered by Angelina’s communication style or what she says.


The good news is that you’ll probably find it easy to discuss anything that disturbs you. It may take effort, but once you start, the words should come streaming out. To ensure fair discussions, it’s a good idea to set some ground rules. When you squarely face issues involving communications and career, you might discover that you can become real assets to each other. With cooperation, the two of you can reach your individual goals as well as the goals that you share as a couple.

Angelina’s Venus is sextile Brad’s Midheaven.

You and your partner probably enjoy being together out in the world, and like helping each other to look good. Angelina’s charm and poise enhances Brad’s professional image, and Brad provides the means for Angelina to get the attention and appreciation that makes her feel loved. If you sometimes hear complaints that Angelina is too shallow or too frivolous, or Brad is so intent on career matters that Angelina feels ignored rather than indulged, you can easily change the accuser’s mind. Angelina need only turn on the charm, and Brad need only take a moment away from the job to do something nice for Angelina. Then, you can return to being the charming couple you really are.

Angelina’s Uranus is semisextile Brad’s Midheaven.

Brad’s career or public image is connected with Angelina’s individualistic and creative side, but when you try to combine these segments of your life too closely, Angelina may feel restricted by Brad, and Brad may feel embarrassed by Angelina. It’s better to take turns pursuing your goals, with your partner supporting you whenever you’re in the foreground. For example, when Angelina expresses individuality or creativity, Brad could throw the full force of his career or public image behind Angelina’s efforts. When Brad concentrates on career or public image, Angelina could then forget about personal freedom and instead add originality and creativity to Brad’s efforts. It this way, you’ll each have your personal needs met, and you’ll have grown as a couple because you’ve supported each other.

Angelina’s North Node is sextile Brad’s Midheaven.

As a couple you find it easy to form relationships in the outer world, and the two of you share the ability to fit in easily with these individuals. In fact, it could seem that people are standing in line to interact with you! While a lot of these alliances may be made primarily for professional reasons or may come about as a result of your careers or your public reputation, they may also bring you a lot of companionship and pleasure.

Balancing Your Separate Egos

The Sun has to do with your inner life direction and also with your conscious conception of yourself. In close relationships, one of the chief issues the Sun will bring up is each person’s ego, and how the other partner does or doesn’t support it.


Since the Sun is such a central part of the horoscope, aspects involving the Sun of one or both partners are likely to be among the major keynotes of your relationship. Aspects between one person’s Sun and the other’s Moon are particularly important, as they have proven to be one of the strongest possible attractors between two people, especially in a long-term relationship like marriage.

Brad’s Sun is opposite Angelina’s Mercury.

Brad wants to be seen and Angelina wants to be heard, and so you run the risk of overshadowing each other. If you perform simultaneously, Brad may feel invisible, because everyone is listening to Angelina. Angelina may believe that her voice is falling on deaf ears, because everyone is watching Brad. This does not mean you should never appear in public together. Instead, you should respect each other and take turns being on stage. If either of you feels slighted, discuss the matter and make an arrangement whereby each of you can alternate being the center of attention while the other stays in the background. There’s no reason why you can’t both have your egos gratified.

Brad’s Sun is sextile Angelina’s Uranus.

This can be an extremely exciting and creative combination, because it encourages Angelina to help Brad find self-satisfaction, while it stimulates Brad to help Angelina express her individuality and independence. By exploring new avenues of creativity together, you can stretch your personal boundaries. Just don’t get so carried away by your enthusiasm and desire to help each other that you forget about your goals. Keep a steady eye on what you want to accomplish, and then your creativity will bear real fruit.

Angelina’s Sun is sextile Brad’s Jupiter.

You and your partner can easily help each other to broaden yourselves and obtain self-satisfaction. You’d typically do this through travel, education and/or spiritual development. Your interaction enables each of you to improve. The only dangers are forgetting the goals that you were trying to achieve, or getting so caught up in helping your partner that you don’t consider the cost of your ventures in terms of cash and energy. If you find yourselves physically or financially overextended, or feel that the two of you waste a lot of time or talent, stop what you’re doing, re-focus on your original goals, and re-think how you can help each other attain them.

Angelina’s Sun is trine Brad’s Saturn.

The desire for self-satisfaction and the ability to work hard to attain it are implicit in this combination. You and your partner should be easily able to place your life goals within a clearly defined structure and, in an orderly manner, work toward them together. You may sometimes feel pressured by your partner or driven to be recognized and attain rewards, but the security and support that you provide each other will probably overcome any negativity that occurs between you. If not, you should redefine your boundaries and continue on your chosen path. It might take time to accomplish what you want to do, but you have the stamina to do it together, and the rewards will be worth your effort.

Angelina’s Sun is square Brad’s Uranus.

Tensions can arise when Angelina tries to obtain self-satisfaction or Brad tries to express his individuality or independence. Brad might accuse Angelina of being self-centered, and Angelina might accuse him of being eccentric. It may help to consider why your partner might be behaving that way. Angelina’s self-absorption may contribute to Brad’s bizarre behavior, because her preoccupation with her own satisfaction makes him feel ignored. And Brad’s eccentricities may embarrass Angelina, causing her to retreat into her own search for gratification. Besides trying to understand your own part in the problem, you might both also look for an activity that you can share where both ego and individuality can play a role.

Angelina’s Sun is square Brad’s Pluto.

If you can harness the sexy and powerful energy that flows between you, you and your partner will be able to accomplish great things together. However, with this aspect you could also come to blows, particularly when one partner’s ego conflicts with the other’s drive for power. When your power struggles reach crisis points, all your energies may go into winning the battle. This will only deplete both of you, in the end leaving even the winner feeling ineffectual and devoid of self-satisfaction. Instead of fighting about who’s in charge, harness the awesome energy that you generate between you, and focus it on achieving a single goal. Make the first goal a small one, so that you can quickly see results. Each time that you successfully join forces in this way, your relationship will improve. And then you can enjoy the magnetic attraction that is the upside of this aspect.

Angelina’s Sun is semisextile Brad’s North Node.

When Angelina’s ego and Brad’s relationships are in the foreground, one of you may have to do some adjusting. But it shouldn’t always be Brad. If Brad has to give up friends because of Angelina’s ego, he may begin to feel isolated. On the other hand, if Angelina is always forced to interact with Brad’s friends, she may feel that they ignore or disapprove of her, and her confidence may be undermined.


Things will go better if you take turns adjusting to each other. To give Angelina a chance to obtain gratification and build self-confidence, Brad should sometimes do without his friends. And to help Brad feel less isolated, Angelina should sometimes tolerate his acquaintances. This will become easier for Angelina to do when she is able to feel more confident.

Dealing with Each Other’s Emotions

The Moon has to do with your unconscious, receptive side, the part that reacts emotionally to life. A primary significator of the mother, it also indicates how everyone, regardless of gender, nurtures, feeds and protects both others and the self. The Moon also has a lot to do with being comfortable and feeling at home with your partner.

Brad’s Moon is quincunx Angelina’s Mercury.

There’s a strong connection between Brad’s feelings and Angelina’s communications. This could mean that Brad either supports or tries to manipulate what Angelina is saying, or that Angelina uses words to either soothe or upset Brad. To bring out the best in both of you, take turns adjusting to each other’s needs. Brad should sometimes allow Angelina to communicate with others without interference, and Angelina should periodically encourage Brad to express his feelings. There will probably be no need to get annoyed with each other if you’re both permitted to have some time in the foreground while your partner caters to you.

Brad’s Moon is opposite Angelina’s Venus.

There’s a connection between Brad’s nurturing and Angelina’s expression of affection, but your needs in these matters are different. If you try to merge these qualities too closely, you could feel a rift forming between you. Instead, you should each be there to balance the behavior of the other. It could be that one of you tends to be demonstrative, and the other more intellectual. So discussion might help keep the feelings of one partner in control, and the modified demonstrative behavior might make the intellectual partner warmer. Another possibility in regard to feelings and affection could be described as practicality versus emotionality. In this case, the practical partner can keep the emotional partner from getting carried away, and the emotional partner can help the practical partner to show feelings a little more openly. So if you’re each there as a backdrop for the other rather than trying to totally change your partner, your emotional life will probably be very gratifying.

Brad’s Moon is square Angelina’s Jupiter.

Though you’re easily able to show each other how you feel, you may become overly emotional and push each other too far and too fast, with the result that you overextend yourselves physically and/or financially. It’s wonderful that you can share strong emotional experiences, but if being together results in extravagance or over-indulgence, try to exert a little control. This may take concentrated effort, but it’ll be worth the hard work when you can still enjoy the pleasure you have together while avoiding (or at least lessening) the excesses.

Brad’s Moon is opposite Angelina’s Saturn.

With this combination you’ll need to find a balance in your partnership between emotional needs and the concerns of the material world. If either side is overemphasized, you both could feel emotionally inhibited. It could be that Angelina’s focus on getting practical needs met somehow makes Brad feel that he ought to hold his emotions in. Or that Brad feels that Angelina’s perfectionist standards are getting in the way of closeness and happiness. In your relationship, both emotions and practicality need to be given their due. To accomplish this, Angelina could provide material security and set broad parameters for Brad’s emotional expression. And Brad could give emotional support to Angelina’s desire for order and structure. Then, instead of frustration and restriction, you’re more likely to experience the emotional and material security that you’re both looking for.

Brad’s Moon is square Angelina’s Uranus.

This can be an exciting combination, because it connects Brad’s emotions with Angelina’s need to express her individuality. However, you might find that Angelina tends to trigger emotional outbursts in Brad, or that she behaves erratically when Brad seems emotionally unsupportive. Outbursts and bizarre behavior will become less of a possibility if Angelina encourages Brad to show feelings freely, and Brad is careful to align his emotions with Angelina’s need to express her individuality. Then you will find that the instability of this combination is transformed into an air of electric excitement.

Angelina’s Moon is square Brad’s Mercury.

You and your partner could sometimes irritate each other. You might misread what the other is thinking or saying, and jump to the wrong conclusions. Or perhaps you intentionally push each other’s buttons. Brad may consciously or unconsciously say just the right words to upset Angelina. This could either be caused by, or trigger, Angelina to attempt to subtly manipulate the thinking. If you apply a little effort and together discuss your feelings without trying to arouse emotion, there may be fewer outbursts between you. And you might even discover that when you try, you can really communicate with each other.

Angelina’s Moon is square Brad’s Mars.

Although there’s a strong sexual attraction between you, you might more often bring out each other’s anger than each other’s passion. Of course, for the two of you, anger could be a stimulating prelude to lovemaking. But if it gets in the way of your sex life, it’s time to start looking for new ways to show the attraction you feel. Work on making love, not war, and the enjoyment you feel will make the effort seem worth while. The confrontations may not totally cease, but as you experience the more positive side of this combination, the spats may either become more fun or happen less often.

Angelina’s Moon is conjunct Brad’s Jupiter.

You and your partner should have no difficulty sharing your emotions, and it’s wonderful to be able to express your feelings openly. While this combination indicates that emotions flow easily between you, however, these emotions may not always be favorable for your relationship. Anger could flow as easily as love, and so after you’ve emoted you could sometimes regret your behavior. Or you could embarrass others by being too demonstrative in public. Since this combination doesn’t make for a lot of control, it may be simpler to find an acceptable outlet for your joint feelings. One possibility is that you and your partner get involved in a venture in which your emotional expression is acceptable or even useful. You’ll still have enough emotion left over to share the great love you have for each other in private.

Angelina’s Moon is quincunx Brad’s Pluto.

“Power” and “emotion” are excellent words to describe this combination. But powerful emotions can materialize either as passion or as a weapon used against each other. If you try to force your attitude on your partner either subtly or overtly, you may evoke the weapon more often than the passion.


Instead, take turns allowing each other’s needs to be in the foreground. Instead of trying to manipulate Brad’s direction, Angelina should provide emotional support for his desire to be empowered. On his part, Brad can encourage his partner’s expression of feelings without interference or attempts to control. If you each adjust periodically to the other’s needs without thinking of your own, you’ll both ultimately achieve what you want. You’ll feel supported by your partner, and your passion will start to flow more freely.

Angelina’s Moon is square Brad’s Nodes.

There may be friction between Angelina and the people that Brad brings into the relationship. Brad may be thrown into a quandary when Angelina complains about Brad’s friends or they complain about her. To lessen the resulting tensions between you, you could decide just to tolerate the situation and instead focus on the other facets of your partnership that are more important. Or you could face the problem directly and work out a joint solution. Another solution would be to find other people with whom you can socialize, and perhaps let Angelina select them.

Keeping Communications Open

The planet Mercury has a key importance in your relationship because it signifies your own style of thinking and perceiving, and also the way you convey your thoughts and feelings to each other. When the two of you have good Mercury connections, you’re able to communicate easily, and your chances of ironing out any differences between you are greatly increased.

Brad’s Mercury is square Angelina’s Mars.

You and your partner can stimulate each other to talk (Mercury) and to take action (Mars). But this stimulation may often materialize as anger instead of cooperation. Venting anger can sometimes be better than holding it in, but if you do little more than antagonize each other, you might want to try a new approach. Find a physical task that needs to be done, and set about accomplishing it together. As you’re working, discuss your complaints. In this way you’ll be using your energy effectively. And when you’re expending physical energy, there will be less energy available to annoy each other. You may then find it easier to get your points across to each other.

Brad’s Mercury is square Angelina’s Jupiter.

The two of you have the ability to broaden each other intellectually. However, with this aspect you may discover that when you’re talking to each other, instead of listening in order to gather information, you more often compete to be heard. You might also find that when you’re socializing as a couple, you tend to exaggerate. This could be entertaining, but others might question your veracity.


The good thing about this aspect is that Angelina can add depth to Brad’s communication skills, and Brad can help to make Angelina’s ideas clearer to the world at large. It may take effort, but if you each capitalize on the assets of your significant other, you’ll not only expand your minds, you’ll also make a better impression on society.

Brad’s Mercury is opposite Angelina’s Saturn.

When the two of you have discussions together, you may each feel that you are clear and honest, or you could instead feel limited and inhibited. A feeling of restriction might arise if Brad advises Angelina too strongly about discipline and structure. It could also arise if Angelina tries too hard to organize Brad’s manner of communicating, Things will work better if Angelina organizes the environment, and Brad is free to ask questions or explain Angelina’s viewpoint to others. It will also help if Brad is permitted to communicate in a way that’s comfortable for him, while Angelina stands by for reference but refrains from correcting or instructing. This should help your communication flow more easily, and a sense of honesty and security may then replace the limitations.

Brad’s Mercury is semisquare Angelina’s North Node.

Communications are an important part of your social life together, but you may find yourselves complaining about them more than enjoying them. The people whom Angelina brings to your relationship might criticize the way Brad communicates, or the content of his conversations. And Brad could feel uncomfortable with Angelina’s friends or the way that they communicate. Just complaining won’t solve anything, but if you openly talk about how the two of you feel, you should be able to work toward a solution.

Angelina’s Mercury is quincunx Brad’s Venus.

This combination can indicate that communications between you and your partner are creative and pleasurable. However, with this particular aspect, Brad might find Angelina too talkative, and Angelina might feel that Brad is self-centered and only wishes to discuss himself. Things will improve if you take turns doing the talking, while your partner listens and lends you support. For example, sometimes Brad could allow Angelina to talk about any subject at all, and only employ his tact or personal charm if the conversation starts to bore people. And then for a while Angelina could permit Brad to discuss himself and only occasionally add general information to broaden the appeal of her partner’s favorite topic. In this way, you’ll both satisfy your personal needs in terms of communications, and you’ll come across to the outer world as a very charming and sociable couple.

Angelina’s Mercury is trine Brad’s Saturn.

It’s is easy for you and your partner to organize your thinking together and to clarify issues through discussion. But there may be times when your communications are inhibited because you believe you must stick strictly to the facts. Also, you may sometimes wish that certain matters didn’t have to be so clear. Nevertheless, with this combination you’ll always know where you stand with your partner, and your communications as a couple will have impact because they’re clear and direct. Though you may occasionally wish for more free-flowing communications, do realize that because of your interaction, you both are better organized and clearer thinking than either of you would be individually.

Encouraging Affection and Pleasure

Like a flower that attracts bees, Venus rules anything that attracts through beauty or pleasure, anything that engenders desire. She can also signify whatever you think is beautiful or valuable or attractive. In your relationship, Venus reveals the quality of affection that draws you together, the esteem you have for each other, the enjoyment that you feel, and the beauty and pleasure that you can create around you.

Brad’s Venus and Angelina’s Venus are opposite.

Expressing affection is important in your relationship, but your needs and the way you express affection are probably quite different. If you try to force your way of showering love on your partner, you may feel little gratification. It could be that one of you actively shows feelings, while the other prefers to discuss love rather than be demonstrative. Or, possibly, one of you needs material evidence of love, while the other wants emotional support. If you try to make your partner conform to your needs, neither of you will feel the gratification that you want. Instead, try to accept your partner’s manner of expressing affection and balance it with your own. You may never be able to blend the two completely, but you can complement each other, and you’ll each know that the other cares.

Brad’s Venus is square Angelina’s Uranus.

When it comes to love, you and your partner could feel that your contact is either exciting or erratic, or possibly a bit of both. Angelina may not be totally consistent or dependable, which could sometimes cause Brad to look for pleasure elsewhere. And if Brad becomes flirtatious, it might trigger Angelina’s unreliability. You may not be sure who is the instigator, but it doesn’t really matter. Instead of dwelling on the shortcomings of your partner, get involved in new and exciting activities together. The problems will tend to fade into the background when the two of you are having a really good time.

Brad’s Venus is semisquare Angelina’s Neptune.

There’s a strong, hard-to-describe love connection between you and your partner, and at times you may believe that you have a perfect relationship. But human beings are far from perfect, and you have to live in the real world. Periodically, the lovely illusion may dissolve, leaving you noticing the faults more often than the good points of your partner. If you do more criticizing than appreciating, remember the feeling of love that you can experience together. Then, every time you start to criticize, remind yourself of one of your partner’s strengths. As you focus on your partner’s endearing qualities, the favorable thoughts will begin to outnumber the critical ones, and you’ll come closer to the perfect union that you dream of.

Angelina’s Venus is semisquare Brad’s Pluto.

Deep and unbounded love is potentially something that you and your partner can share, but your expression of affection may be hindered by concern about being controlled. If you often think of your partner as the enemy instead of your devoted lover, it may be because you’re feeling manipulated. Manipulation is usually a covert action. Bringing your feelings out into the open will make it difficult for your partner to control you subtly. Besides, you might discover that this was not your partner’s aim at all. Once the air is cleared, you’ll be able to share the deep passion that is implicit in this combination. Then, you’ll know that it’s been worth all the effort.

Getting Things Done Together

Mars signifies the way you direct the life energy of the Sun. This you could use to assert yourself, go after what you want, or meet threats and defend yourself from harm or annoyance. In your relationship it can show where anger may erupt, but it also indicates your energy level and your ability to accomplish things as a couple. It also has a lot to do with your sexual assertion and desire.

Brad’s Mars and Angelina’s Mars are in square.

Your energy and ability to take the initiative are closely connected with those of your partner. But on some tasks you could find that you argue more than cooperate. In general terms, you could use similar methods but bang heads because you want the same role. For example, you may each want to take charge and direct the effort. Or you may stubbornly proceed without consulting anyone. Or you could look to your partner for guidance, while your partner is doing the same thing. Instead of battling each other, one solution could be to try sharing a project, but each work independently on it. Anyway, if you use up your energy by working hard, neither of you may have enough left to argue. While you’re working, note how your partner operates. You could discover that there’s more similarity than you thought in the way that you both take action.

Brad’s Mars is semisextile Angelina’s Neptune.

With this combination, physical action (Mars) is connected to spirituality and/or artistry (Neptune). But if Brad tries to press Angelina to take action, Angelina might only become confused. And if Angelina tries to tell Brad how to complete a task, Brad could become exhausted from trying to follow her directions. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore each other, but it does mean that you should probably not try to put out equal amounts of energy at the same time.


Instead, take turns. During the times when Angelina actively pursues her spiritual or artistic goals, Brad should take the initiative to further those goals only when asked. And when it’s time for Brad to take action, Angelina should simply stand by to help relieve tension if needed. Then you’ll each achieve your own goals, knowing that your partner has helped by adjusting to your needs. Whatever consideration you show each other in this way can only draw you closer together.

Brad’s Mars is square Angelina’s Pluto.

The tremendous energy inherent in this Mars-Pluto combination could manifest either as leadership and a shared ability to make big changes, or as enormous anger. This aspect is a very strong one, so the energy is there, but you may have to deal with obstacles before you can harness the power that is inherent in it. Instead of together making your influence felt in the world, you might more often find yourselves trying to overpower each other.


If the two of you tend to fight more than cooperate, you could make power less of an issue in your relationship by finding areas in your lives where you can individually take leadership roles. Then, even if you occasionally think that your partner is trying to control you, you’ll feel less threatened because you know that you have the power to handle your own life.

Angelina’s Mars is conjunct Brad’s Jupiter.

With this combination you and your partner can stimulate each other to create grand plans and push each other to greater and greater heights. Your joint energy level is high, so you may be able to accomplish a great deal. But you could be so energetic and enthusiastic that you don’t take time to consider all the implications of your plans. You might try to move too far too fast, so that you miss details and waste energy having to redo the steps toward your goal. Or because you’ve neglected to think about the practicality of your ideas, you may get to a certain point and not be able to go any further. You share wonderful ideas that should not be ignored, but to avoid overextending yourselves either physically or monetarily, create intermediate steps to your ultimate goal. Frequently seeing accomplishment will keep your level of enthusiasm high, and you’ll have time to consider the feasibility of the next phase of your plan before you start it.

Angelina’s Mars is quincunx Brad’s Uranus.

When you’re together, Angelina’s inclination is to take the lead and direct operations, while Brad’s is to be creative and independent. You probably find it very stimulating to be with each other, because together you move more quickly and spontaneously than you would on your own. However, it’s possible to be over-stimulated, so that you become impatient and careless, and the results of your actions fall short of expectations.


To avoid dissatisfaction, it will help if each of you in turn does your thing while your partner stands back and supports you. While Angelina is being assertive, Brad can throw his creativity and individuality behind her efforts. And while Brad is expressing his creativity and individuality, Angelina can take the initiative to further his cause. Getting support instead of interference from each other in this way, you’ll both be better able to attain what you want.

Angelina’s Mars is square Brad’s Nodes.

The people Brad brings into your relationship may feel that Angelina energizes them, but there’s a danger that they may find her too aggressive. Or possibly Angelina may get into arguments with them. This could cause heated discussions and possibly a rift between you. In such a case Angelina could look for other ways of expending energy, so that when she does interact with Brad’s friends, she may be too tired and mellow to be pushy or argumentative.

Stretching Your Boundaries

With Jupiter you start to move out of your personal sphere to where you interact with the larger world around you. This could mean the way you relate to social institutions, religions, philosophies and ideas, or to foreign cultures. In your relationship, Jupiter also has much to do with the way the two of you grow, develop and make plans for the future. Jupiter is the principle of expansion, and so it’s also one of the planets (along with Uranus) that can signify the need that each of you may sometimes have for elbow room.

Brad’s Jupiter is trine Angelina’s Neptune.

Brad’s philosophy easily blends with Angelina’s spiritual ideas, and therefore you could develop an elaborate belief system together. This belief system is not materialistic. It is based on spirituality, so when you’re questioned about it you may have difficulty explaining it in practical terms. There may be those who think that your belief system is a sham, but this is really irrelevant because it’s the faith and trust that you and your partner have in each other that makes it work. Those who are moved by the spirit that you have together may join you, and those who aren’t moved won’t. As long as you and your partner have faith in each other, your belief system will thrive.

Brad’s Jupiter is opposite Angelina’s Pluto.

With this combination, the principle of expansion (Jupiter) is connected with the principle of power (Pluto), so that you and your partner could have a powerful impact on the world. However, if Brad tries to overwhelm Angelina with ideas, or Angelina tries to use raw power to control Brad, you could be sapping your energy by waging war on each other. Instead of battling, you can use this combination to take charge of your lives. Brad should be allowed to express his ideas and philosophy, and Angelina should be permitted to use her power, with each of you standing by only to keep the other from going too far, too fast. If you try this approach, you’ll probably both feel more empowered as individuals, and you’ll have more power in the world as a couple.

Angelina’s Jupiter is sextile Brad’s Saturn.

In general, you and your partner blend the principles of expansion (Jupiter) and contraction (Saturn) quite well. It’s true that once in a while Angelina may have impractical ideas about development, and Brad may try to feel more secure by resisting change and maintaining the status quo. But the strength of this aspect is that Brad can easily bring reality into the situation and keep Angelina within bounds. And Angelina can effortlessly assist him to expand so that he doesn’t stagnate. When Angelina’s wonderful ideas are brought into reality, it’ll benefit both of you, and you’ll continue to grow and develop as a couple.

Angelina’s Jupiter is quincunx Brad’s Neptune.

Philosophy (Jupiter) and spirituality (Neptune) are strongly connected in your relationship. However, if Angelina tries to force her philosophy too strongly on Brad, he could feel overwhelmed or believe that his spiritual needs are being ignored. And if Brad tries to prod Angelina into accepting his spirituality unconditionally, Angelina could become confused.


Things will work better if you take turns being active. When Angelina expresses a philosophy of life, Brad should only lend his spiritual support. When Brad pursues spiritual goals, Angelina should go no further than contributing philosophical ideas to expand his belief system. In this way you can ultimately create a shared philosophy of life that encompasses the best of both partners’ ideas.

Angelina’s Jupiter is square Brad’s Nodes.

When you’re out socializing, particularly with those whom Brad brings to the relationship, you could find that you spend too much money or otherwise overextend your energies. You might enjoy their company, but if you often find yourselves exhausted or in debt after being with them, take another look at these relationships. Consider what these people do for you. If they really help you to broaden your horizons, the money and effort may be well spent. If they don’t help you to grow, however, you may want to look for others who will.

Staying On-Track and Committed

Saturn, the principle of structure and solidity, is needed to give a relationship permanence. While it can symbolize hardship and restriction, it also shows how you handle responsibility, fulfill obligations, keep organized, and together tackle the practical aspects of life.


We’ve already considered Saturn in connection with the faster-moving, more personally significant planets in your charts. Saturn’s aspects with the slower-moving planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto usually have more to do with your generation and the wider social sphere. Exceptions to this are when these outer-planet-only aspects are either extremely exact, or the planets in these pairs are also being aspected by the Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars. Then these generational aspects may become more tied into your personal lives.

Brad’s Saturn and Angelina’s Saturn are in quincunx.

The strong sense of commitment that you have toward each other may either give you a sense of security or make you feel more restricted. You probably have different ideas on how to deal with responsibility, and if either of you tries to force your manner of operating onto your partner, you’ll most likely both feel more limited than secure.


It will be more satisfying if you take turns being in charge, with one partner setting goals and determining responsibilities for a while, while the other adjusts totally to that partner’s sense of order. If you take turns in this way, you’ll each get your needs met, and you’ll be able to enjoy the security of this combination without feeling overly limited.

Angelina’s Saturn is trine Brad’s Neptune.

This combination gives the two of you the potential to blend the practical (Saturn) and spiritual (Neptune) worlds in an especially harmonious manner. While Angelina organizes the environment and deals with the material world, Brad can provide the faith and imagination (and perhaps periodic escapes) to make Angelina’s job easier. And Brad’s spiritual life can be enhanced when Angelina provides clarity or helps him to apply his spirituality to daily life. Also, when your life structure becomes too rigid, the two of you will know that it’s time to dissolve whatever isn’t functioning in your life. There might initially be some resistance to change, but Brad will find it natural to facilitate the dissolving process, and then Angelina will naturally lead in creating a new structure to replace the old.

Angelina’s Saturn is sextile Brad’s Pluto.

Saturn represents authority, and Pluto represents power, so you each could want to be in a position of leadership. This might occasionally cause a challenge between you, but essentially you and your partner want to help each other, and you’ll quickly learn that there’s room for two at the top. Then Angelina can throw organization, clarity and determination behind Brad’s assertiveness, and Brad can add power to Angelina’s desire to be in a position of authority. As you cooperate, you’ll discover that together you can overcome virtually anything that stands in your path and together be seen as leaders. The sort of power that you generate together is especially good for revitalizing outmoded structures, and for creating the structures that will bring about much-needed change.

Angelina’s Saturn is conjunct Brad’s North Node.

When the two of you interact with others, you could feel a sense of burden or limitation. As a couple you might find that you’re always taking care of these people, or that you’re always responsible for the activities that you share with them. If you consider it your duty to be their teachers or guardians, the relationships may not be so pleasurable, but at least they’ll have some purpose. Your connections with others can, however, be more satisfying. This combination gives the ability to view others realistically, so try to evaluate people before you become involved. You may still often find yourselves in charge, but, through careful scrutiny, you can select either people to whom you can delegate some of the responsibilities, or choose those who will give you something in return for your hard work.

Keeping the Spark of Spontaneity

When things get too dull and locked-up under Saturn, along comes Uranus to poke holes in Saturn’s structure and let in a breath of fresh air. While Uranus can signify sudden, destabilizing events or a rugged individualism that can put stress on your togetherness, it can also bring new life, zest and creativity to your life as a couple.


The more personally important Uranus interactions between you will have been discussed in the sections on the faster-moving planets and points in your charts.

Brad’s Uranus is square Angelina’s Neptune.

You and your partner could find that altruism, spirituality and artistry (Neptune) are connected with creativity, change and revolutionary tendencies (Uranus). With this aspect, however, Angelina’s belief system might confuse Brad, , or her softer, more dependent side could interfere with his need for freedom. Or Brad could poke holes in Angelina’s faith or try to get her to change her beliefs. If, all too often, Angelina feels shaken or disillusioned and Brad feels inhibited or restricted, you might want to try something new. Use your imagination (Neptune) and originality (Uranus) to escape together to an exciting mental realm, and you may tap a shared vein of creativity that makes you feel free and refreshed.

Angelina’s Uranus is semisquare Brad’s Pluto.

In your two charts, the planet of individuality, freedom, change and revolution (Uranus) is connected with the planet of power and transformation (Pluto). This could mean that when you’re together the two of you are capable of making great changes. However, instead of easily combining your forces, you may tend to interfere with each other. In an attempt to avoid being controlled, Angelina could attack Brad and end up only feeling more restricted. Or Brad could put out so much energy trying to keep personal control that he just ends up feeling ineffectual. Instead of battling each other, it may help to turn these energies outward and apply them to an external cause that you can get involved in together. Angelina may then feel freer, and Brad more empowered.

Honoring the Spiritual Dimension

Neptune signifies a dimension that lies beyond ordinary reality. It has to do with dreams and fantasies, and your relationship with the ineffable world that is beyond words. While Neptune can weaken structure and dissolve your most practical plans, it can also bring an unexplainable sort of closeness and an ethereal bliss. Often it is channeled into artistry, particularly music and dance.


In preceding sections you may already have read about most or all of the Neptune contacts between your two charts.

Angelina’s Neptune is square Brad’s Pluto.

With this combination, spirituality is combined with power. Although it’s possible that you and your partner could share a deep spirituality, more likely you’ll (at least at first) find yourself at odds when trying to influence each other. If you focus your use of power and manipulation on each other, it’ll just undermine your shared ability to influence others.


You can put these planets to better use if you face up to your difficulties, work them through, and join forces. You might then be surprised at how convincing the two of you can be. In fact, the people with whom you’re dealing might not even be aware of  how much your power influences their belief system.

Angelina’s Neptune is quincunx Brad’s North Node.

The relationships that you and your partner share as a couple could be either spiritual and artistic, or confusing and debilitating. Since the semisextile aspect indicates a need for adjustment, they could well be the latter. To improve your social life together, Angelina should sometimes socialize with Brad’s friends, and at other times Brad should forgo their company so that Angelina can periodically escape. When you each take turns honoring the wishes of the other, your partnership will grow stronger.

Coping with Power and Change

Pluto is an inexorable force that works slowly in the background to create what you eventually realize are profound and all-encompassing changes. It’s also the energy that sweeps away what’s dying or outmoded so that new life can begin. In relationships, Pluto usually signifies power, also known as the ability to create change. This could be the balance of power between you, or the power that you as a couple exert on the outside world. Because Pluto deals with mysterious natural forces such as sex and death, there can be a certain smoky charisma and sexiness about it.


Because there are no slower planets for Pluto to make aspects to, you may find most or all of the Pluto interactions between you discussed at the ends of the sections on other points in the chart.

Angelina’s Pluto is square Brad’s Nodes.

Angelina may have a profound impact on the people that Brad brings to the relationship, and may take charge of or direct them. This does not necessarily mean that such direction is welcome. Even though Angelina may not seek such a role, she may be viewed as a dictator. The resentment of those who are led could result in power struggles, Brad might get complaints about Angelina, and you may then have confrontations with each other. Or, since you’re a unit, you could both be viewed as dictators, and Brad could become part of the complaint. You might avoid any of this occurring if you seek out individuals who want to be directed. Or you could analyze your situation together and look for other solutions. Whatever you do, accept the fact that together you’re capable of wielding power over others, and, instead of battling each other, put that ability to good use.

Relating to Others as a Couple

No couple functions in isolation, and the contacts that you have with the rest of the world can have a lot to do with the happiness that you experience together. The way that you as a couple relate to other people is in large part shown by the lunar Nodes -- the two moving points in the zodiac where the Moon’s orbital path crosses the Sun’s apparent path through the sky. Being themselves a sort of Sun-Moon connection, the Nodes signify connections in general, particularly with other people. The North and South Nodes are always 180 degrees apart, so when we talk about aspects to the North Node, we’re implying aspects to the South Node as well.

Using This Comparison of Your Charts

We’ve just taken a brief look at the birth charts of you both, and a closer look at how your individual charts relate to each other. Perhaps now you have a little more clarity about what you personally need in a relationship, how you see each other, and how your partner’s needs relate to yours. And perhaps you better understand some of the main themes and dynamics that you’ve been given to deal with in your life together.


Hopefully, your relationship has many islands of bliss and comfort where you can relax and just be yourselves. But may there also be enough challenges to keep your life together dynamic and ever-evolving!


Remember that it’s not realistic to expect perfection in each other. It’s true that it may be easier to be happy and to function well with some partners than it would be with others. However, we tend to attract partners who bring with them the crises that we need to grow. When there’s an unresolved issue that we need to work on, the relevant partner magically appears. A partner’s foibles can teach us much, for they are mirrors of what we have within ourselves and may not otherwise be able to see. When we solve a problem and learn what it has to teach us, we are then permitted to move on -- in most cases to a more fulfilling relationship with the same person, although sometimes we may need to strike out on our own. Usually, it’s better to work with what we’re given. But either way, when we step up to any challenge with open eyes, we grow in wisdom and power.


The important thing is to claim our own responsibility in a situation, and to refrain from hiding behind a protective wall of blame. When we open ourselves to the truth, we see that both we and our partner are human and lovably imperfect. Then our hearts become free, and we have space in which to expand. We’re no longer confined within our own being. When you let down your boundaries and merge with another, the two of you become one larger being with more than double the wisdom and humanity.

To complete this relationship analysis, we’re now going to move on to the new entity that is formed when the two of you stay together for any length of time. This is not either one of you, but a new “being” that you create together, and which is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the relationship itself.


A Chart for Your Relationship

When people stay together for any length of time, they change each other. As a couple they start to show traits and actions that they did not show as individuals. To get at this “joint personality” of a couple, astrologers combine the charts of the individuals into one single entity known as the “composite chart.”


Your composite chart is made up of the midpoints between the natal charts of each of you. For example, the position of the composite Sun is mid-way between the Sun in your birth chart and the Sun in your partner’s chart. And so it goes for the other composite planetary positions.


This combined chart shows the way that you as a couple relate to the world. This may or may not be the way you would each act as individuals. It also supplements your chart-comparison reading by giving further insights about your interactions with each other.

The Overall Balance in Your Composite Chart

Before looking at each individual point in your composite chart, let’s see whether there are any particularly dominant themes.

The Fire element is underemphasized.

This suggests that you and your partner are probably not overtly demonstrative as a couple. Although you may feel inner warmth and enthusiasm, it is not easy for you to show it. It also may be difficult for you to be spontaneous, or to take the initiative. To get moving, you might need someone to light a fire under you. To avoid total lethargy and complaints about a lack of accomplishment, you might want to include stimulating people in your life. Avoid, however, those who have too much energy or are too forceful, as they could exhaust or overwhelm you. If you associate with individuals who are moderately warm and enthusiastic, they can give you the gentle nudge that you need.

The Earth element is underemphasized.

It is probable that the two of you tend not to make your decisions or plan your actions based on down-to-earth information. In fact, elaborate details are likely to bore you, and material goals do not offer an incentive to get you moving. You may be viewed as impractical. This has its advantages in that you probably are not asked to be in charge of projects that require organization and long-term commitment.


Though you are capable of taking care of your physical needs, your interests lie elsewhere. You may have to convince yourselves that tending to your material requirements will enrich you in other ways, or find someone outside of your partnership to handle these matters for you.

Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable energies are quite evenly balanced.

This balance means that, as a couple, you and your partner can initiate (Cardinal) when it is appropriate, continue on in a particular direction (Fixed), or be adaptable (Mutable) if a situation warrants it. In other words, you have a choice of how to handle circumstances. This can be a great advantage when you learn to determine which approach is best for each set of conditions as they arise.


Your Basic Style of Relating

Assuming that both you and your partner have given relatively accurate birth times, the Ascendant of your composite chart is one of the most powerful indicators of the quality of your relationship. The sign on your composite Ascendant gives important clues about how you as a couple relate to the outside world, the type of people you’re drawn to, and how others perceive your relationship. It can also show how you relate to each other. Any planet conjunct or in some other close aspect to the composite Ascendant is likely to symbolize one of the strongest themes in your life together, at least in the location where you are living now.

Your composite Ascendant is in Libra.

Together, the two of you present an attractive, charming, and probably serene demeanor. Because peace and harmony have a particular appeal for you, you are not apt to make demands on others or be openly confrontational. Preferring cooperation and sharing, the two of you tend to consider the desires of your partner and anyone else with whom you come into contact before you think of yourselves.


You each tend to understand and accept the other’s viewpoint, and thus you should easily be able to converse with each other. Together, you are able to understand the views of others, even to the point that you have difficulty determining your own viewpoint.


Since absolute decisions are hard for you to make, you find it easiest to cooperate with the decisions of others. Indeed, you seem to be drawn to people who enjoy making decisions and taking action. They may sometimes be argumentative, but they do seem to get things done. They can help you to overcome your own tendency to indecisiveness and inertia, and, since you aren’t prone to confrontations, you are not likely to get into many battles with them.

Mercury is conjunct the Descendant.

Communications are important in your relationship, and they form an integral part of the image that you project as a couple. With this aspect, you’re more likely to be noted for social skills than intellectual pursuits. Whether you’re talking to each other or to the outer world, your favorite topics , are probably people -- yourselves and the significant others in your life.


In your discussions it’s important to maintain a balance between talking about yourselves and focusing on others. If you talk only about yourselves, you will be considered self-centered. If you talk only about others (or you spend more time listening than talking), you could be thought of as secretive, a pair that gives out very little. It’s better to volunteer a bit of your own information, and then solicit such information from others. By balancing the two, you will be thought of as open and interesting, as well as congenial and interested.

Uranus is conjunct the Ascendant.

The two of you present a non-conforming personality to the world. You want to express your individuality and can be very spontaneous in so doing. You crave excitement, and tend to be bored when your life gets too predictable. Either or both of you could act strangely just to make changes or just for shock appeal. If your behavior gets too odd, however, people might not take you seriously. You don’t mind being different, but you don’t want to be treated as a joke.


You can actually be very effective as a couple. You have the ability to get involved in a cause, start a revolution, and bring about meaningful changes. Because you easily get bored, might not want to stay with the same cause for too long, but if you join in quickly, spontaneously rebel, and then move on, you can contribute constructive changes and still have the excitement and adventure that you need.

The Ascendant is square the Midheaven.

With this combination, the personality that you and your partner share is connected to the public image that you project as a couple. You might sometimes find that you interfere with each other, or feel that your collective private personality does not fit into a public situation. Or one partner might behave in a manner that is unacceptable to the other. If such things cause problems between the two of you, discuss them. You may argue a bit, and it may take time, but you should be able to come up with some behavior that is acceptable to you both.


It’s also possible that the two of you may not be well received by the outer world. Consequently, you might avoid going out in public together, but that does not solve anything. It would be better to investigate why others are dissatisfied with you and try to make some changes accordingly.

Public vs. Private Life

Your public image as a couple, and the reputation that the two of you have in the outside world, are symbolized by your composite Midheaven. Situated at the very top of your chart wheel, your Midheaven signifies the highest point of your trajectory in life -- the goals that you’re striving for together.


At the other end of the Midheaven axis is the lowest point in your composite chart (known to astrologers as the Imum Coeli or I.C.). As you might expect, this symbolizes your base of operations -- the kind of home, family and private life that you will experience as a couple. Anything that affects your public self will also affect your home life, and vice-versa.

The Moon is trine the Midheaven.

Together you and your partner probably project a gentle and caring public image. Your feelings flow easily in your career and in any other roles you perform in the outer world. Therefore, you could find that when you are acting as a unit, you and your partner are given tasks that involve dealing with the emotions of others or tending to hospitality chores. You might sometimes think that you would like to have duties that require more practical skills, but your worldly talents include the ability to nurture. And actually you can make good use of these talents. There is nothing carved in stone that states that you must present a tough public image in order to rule the world. Being kind to others and nurturing the people with whom you come into contact publicly will make these people willing and able to cooperate with you. A sterner image might alienate them, whereas attaining cooperation through tender care will assure you quick success in achieving your goals.

Mercury is square the Midheaven.

In your relationship there’s a connection between your ability to communicate and your dealings with the larger world, which you would mostly do through your careers. One possibility is that the two of you socialize with the professional colleagues of either or both partners. Another is that together you frequently discuss career matters or current events.


You may have few qualms about stating your views. Being outspoken can be healthy, but it means that you may not always agree. If you voice your differences of opinion in public, others may see you as argumentative. If these others are professional associates, this might create career problems; and even if you disagree before friends, it can be uncomfortable for them. It’s probably better to have your debates in private. If you find other subjects on which you can agree and vigorously meet the world with those topics, the larger world will see you as dynamic rather than argumentative.

Saturn is sextile the Midheaven.

You and your partner want to help each other to solidify your shared public image. In your dealings with the outer world you both want to be organized and practical. If you share a career, cooperation and clarity are essential ingredients and since you agree on that, you will operate easily and well on these principles. This will provide joint security for you and your partner. And your image in the world will be solid and dependable. Even if you do not share a career, your approach and the joint impression you make will be similar when you are dealing with the public personally as a couple. You will be thorough and deliberate in your course of action and you will probably not take short cuts to get to your goals. You may sometimes wish you were less conservative, but because of your thoroughness you will undoubtedly succeed at what the two of you attempt in the world.

Uranus is square the Midheaven.

In your partnership there is a connection between individuality, excitement and your joint public image. So the two of you may be looking for adventure when you are out in the world and you could be viewed as an exciting couple. However, with this aspect there may be obstacles to overcome to allow you to enjoy your individuality and to make the kind of impression you want to make. If either of you feels that the other is being too staid or proper, you might begin to act strangely, especially in public, in order to get your partner to loosen up. But it could have the opposite effect. And the weird behavior, along with the proper partner’s response might make the two of you seem bizarre rather than exciting. To remedy this you can look for something new and different to do together out in the world. It does not have to be something grand, just unusual. And be as spontaneous together as you can. This may be enough to alleviate your difficulties.

The Ascendant is square the Midheaven.

With this combination, the personality that you and your partner share is connected to the public image that you project as a couple. You might sometimes find that you interfere with each other, or feel that your collective private personality does not fit into a public situation. Or one partner might behave in a manner that is unacceptable to the other. If such things cause problems between the two of you, discuss them. You may argue a bit, and it may take time, but you should be able to come up with some behavior that is acceptable to you both.


It’s also possible that the two of you may not be well received by the outer world. Consequently, you might avoid going out in public together, but that does not solve anything. It would be better to investigate why others are dissatisfied with you and try to make some changes accordingly.

Your Conscious Identity As a Couple

Just as the Sun by far makes up most of the mass of the solar system, the astrological Sun is the center of gravity in any chart. The composite Sun is no exception. The sign and house that it falls into are, like the signs of the Ascendant and Midheaven, likely to signal dominant themes in your relationship.


The ruler of daytime and our primary source of light and energy, the Sun symbolizes our own life energy. In terms of our psyches, it symbolizes the conscious side, and hence has much to do with our egos, our conscious sense of who we are, and the nature of our central mission in life.

Your composite Sun is in Pisces.

There can be a deep, spiritual connection between you and your partner and joint ego gratification will likely involve non- tangible rewards rather than material ones. In fact, your own ego gratification may come as the result of helping other people and not by receiving anything for yourself personally. Do be careful of being too self-sacrificing. Remind yourself, that it is blessed both to give and to receive! You might even use that statement as an affirmation.


Another possibility with this placement is that together you can have a vivid imagination. So you might not always be realistic in your view of the world and you could sometimes tend to delude yourselves about people and situations. However, to avoid these pitfalls, you could choose to use your imagination creatively. Write a fairy tale, dance, play or listen to music together. You might be surprised at how well this approach works.


Still another way to use this placement is to periodically escape from the real world. You cannot escape forever but occasionally spend an evening or a weekend living a fantasy. Take some time, occasionally, to create romantic memories. This may make the material world more palatable when you return. And who knows, you imagination might also be used to manipulate your physical environment effectively.

The Sun is in the Sixth House.

Work and service are important in your partnership. Being industrious is such an important part of your joint persona that you would feel guilty and unfulfilled if you shirked your duty. The two of you take pride in the work that you do, and being noticed and appreciated for it is likely to be an essential ingredient in your ego gratification.


Although criticism or being taken for granted might not cause you to stop working, a little applause will give you an incentive to work harder. To feel proud of what you’re doing, you need some positive feedback. If you feel unappreciated, you don’t have to put up with this. Look elsewhere to be of service. There are always people who are looking for those who can work hard, and some of them will surely be openly appreciative of your abilities.

The Sun is semisquare Saturn.

With this combination, you and your partner share a need for ego gratification that is connected with hard work or structure. But with this aspect, you might feel that either your partner, or outside forces present restrictions on you so that you find it difficult to attain the ego gratification you are seeking. However, it is your joint ego that is involved. And if one of you is feeling frustration trying to attain personal gratification, then your shared goals will remain out of reach as well. You can, however, achieve success. It will take effort, but that is what Saturn is all about. Accept the fact that you must work slowly. Form a plan with a series of steps. Do not skip over any steps, and evaluate what you have accomplished after you have completed each one. You may sometimes still feel frustrated and restricted. But keep focused on your goals. You can eventually achieve what you want and your joint gratification will strengthen you as a couple. Then you will present a united front. So if outsiders try to restrict you, you can easily ward off their attempts.

The Sun is opposite Pluto.

You both need ego gratification, and you both want to feel empowered. When you try to merge these drives too closely, however, one of you may feel that your partner is trying to control you, and the other may feel overshadowed. You may always take the same role, or you could alternate these roles.


Instead of merging these energies, it’s more effective to balance them. When one of you is pursuing ego gratification, the other should hold power in abeyance but be there for support when needed. And when one of you is asserting power, the other should stay in the background but be ready to appear when requested. If you behave in this manner, you should not feel so threatened by your partner. When the two of you find a balance between ego and power, you’ll have a stronger impact on society.

The Sun is conjunct the South Node.

You and your partner will be a visible duo as you interact with others. People may tend to bring the two of you into the light when you socialize as a couple. They either focus attention on you so you have no choice about being seen, or else provide you with the confidence to step forward. But, just because you are noticed does not necessarily mean that you will be well received. If you are too confident you could be perceived as arrogant. Or possibly all the attention could give you an inflated sense of self, and you appear condescending or self-centered. However, your ego gratification is dependent, at least in part, on what others think of you. And if you are not viewed favorably, you will not feel good about who you are. Therefore, you should put forth an effort and be warm and generous with people with whom you choose to interact. Then they will let you know that they approve of you and that will provide the gratification you want.

The Way You Demonstrate Feelings

The composite Moon governs a couple’s emotional expression toward the outside world. It can also indicate the tone of their emotional interactions with each other and the way their nurturing and nesting impulses are expressed.

Your composite Moon is in Pisces.

You and your partner may have a deep bond based on the empathy that you have for each other. You also have sympathy for most people with whom you interact as a couple, and you can feel great satisfaction from helping them. You may not, however, always be discriminating as to whom you choose to serve. You tend to attract needy people, and some may take advantage of you.


To avoid this, pay attention to your gut feelings. Your shared Pisces Moon can give you a special ability to see beneath the surface. If you use your intuition, you can learn to stay away from people who might drain or victimize you. There will still be many individuals who are worthy of your assistance.


Because of the heightened intuition you have as a couple, you often know what your partner is thinking or feeling without a word being spoken. Since you may not come to correct conclusions all the time, however, you might sometimes want to check out your feelings through discussion. Otherwise, some small misreading of your partner’s thoughts or motivations could grow into a big problem that would not have occurred if you had talked.

The Moon is in the Fifth House.

If children are an integral part of your partnership, emotions could play an important role in your interaction with them. Either or both of you might be nurturing toward them, or get emotional about them. Perhaps you both dote on the children. Or possibly one of you is protective of them and the other thinks the protective partner is overly protective. If this should be the case, you could have emotional outbursts over the children. To avoid or alleviate this occurring, take a little time away from the children to nurture each other. Each of you could mother your partner a bit and provide some love and protection, and between the two of you could also add a bit of romance. If you do not share an interaction with children, or even if you do, you might choose to use this placement in developing or expressing your joint creativity. You could inspire each other to manifest talents you did not know you had. Your creativity may be sporadic, but when it materializes it will be worth the wait.

The Moon is semisextile Mercury.

There is a connection between emotionality and communications in your relationship. Through what you say or write, you as a couple could arouse feelings in others, or you could trigger strong emotions in each other. These feelings could range all the way from tenderness to anger.


 If you try to express thoughts and feelings at the same time, you may not be able to express yourselves in the manner you would like. Instead of always merging words and feelings, sometimes use words to express your feelings, and at other times use your emotions to get your ideas across. In this way both ideas and feelings will be aired. Alternating the two sides of your joint nature, you will get less upset and will be able to be more nurturing of each other. Operating as a single unit, you will be able to assert a greater influence on the outer world.

The Moon is conjunct Mars.

Passion and volatility are two keywords for this combination. Mars can ignite the deep feelings of the Moon, and the Moon can subtly press Mars into action. This could mean either a strong sexual attraction or angry emotional outbursts, with a whole range of less extreme possibilities in between.


Whatever the particular manifestation, the adrenaline flows when you are taking action. It could be that anger and passion are both part of your relationship, so that angry outbursts regularly lead to passion, or the passion gets so intense that it leads to anger. If these extremes simply make your life more fun, that’s certainly OK. If they interfere with your life, however, try to be more active physically together. Work out at a gym on a regular basis, take the lead in a cause that you passionately believe in, or step up your sexual activities.

The Moon is sextile Saturn.

While you may not be very emotionally demonstrative with each other, you each have a strong sense of responsibility for continuing the relationship and you know that your partner is there for you when needed. This knowledge gives you both a greater sense of security that mere hugs and kisses can provide. You can assist each other in better understanding your emotions, so that while your feelings may not be lavishly expressed, they will be understood.


The same goes for when the two of you are dealing with the outside world. You may be seen as undemonstrative, but you’ll also be known to be solid and dependable. You provide security, and people come to you because they know that they can count on you.

The Moon is quincunx Uranus.

This combination calls for you to reconcile a desire for closeness and nurturing with an opposing desire for detachment. One of you may always be emotional and the other always detached, or you may alternate these reactions. Or, when you try to blend these qualities too closely, one of you may feel unloved and be prone to emotional outbursts, while the other feels smothered.


As a couple, you do need both emotional attachment and freedom. Probably the best way to reconcile these very different principles in your lives is periodically to shift emphasis from one to the other. At times, throw all of your emotions behind your desire for freedom. And at other times, forgo the freedom and excitement, and instead concentrate on nurturing each other. This will enable you to share the electricity and excitement without sacrificing your feelings.

The Moon is square Neptune.

You and your partner have a telepathic connection that could be used to anticipate and take care of each other’s needs. However, there may be a temptation to manipulate rather than support each other. If one of you feels manipulated, you might want to discuss the situation, but it may be hard to put your feelings into words, and if you try to do this, you may just end up getting more confused.


If feeling taken advantage of becomes a problem, a better way to deal with it is probably through visualization or prayer. These may help you to better understand your situation. And because you can reach your partner on a subliminal level, influencing him or her in this way more likely to have an effect. Then your faith in your partner could be restored.

How You Communicate

As a couple you develop a style of communication that differs from what you might use alone. Whether you’re direct and blunt or subtle and quiet, each of these styles has drawbacks that you should be conscious of, as well as strengths that you can be proud of and use to your advantage.

Your composite Mercury is in Aries.

When you are operating together, you and your partner communicate energetically and directly, whether the interaction is between the two of you or with others. You tend to speak quickly and sometimes impatiently or forcefully, and your meaning will be evident. No one need wonder what you are saying, and it is unnecessary to probe for hidden motivation, because there is none.


Because your communication as a couple is rarely subdued, you are capable of directness and confrontation. In fact, your communication can quickly rise to expressions of anger or uproarious laughter depending on the situation. Once you have said what you needed to say, you do not drag things out. In other words, your communication is to the point. As a couple, you come across as warm, spontaneous, enthusiastic and quick-witted communicators, ready to spar with words. But watch your tendency to jump to conclusions or to get involved in situations too easily. Your self-assured style of communicating could at times be seen as arrogant or self-centered. Make sure that you consider the needs of others in any group activities.


Sometimes you speak before you think, especially when you are angry, and so you can easily hurt someone. Although you tend to recover from these outbursts quickly, others may not. Some people are relieved at your honest and pointed approach, since they always know where they stand with you.


But be careful of resentment that may build between the two of you. Continue to be honest, and be glad that being together encourages direct communication between you. Then you should both be able to handle it.

Mercury is in the Sixth House.

Communications are probably an important part of your daily routine. If you share a workplace, writing and/or talking may be an integral part of your job. But even if you do not work together professionally, your daily routine in general, or the specific tasks you want to perform could be among your favorite topics of conversation. In fact, you both may be able to work most efficiently if you discuss what must be done before you take action. You might write out a schedule or simply get together and verbally plan what needs to be done. If you sometimes feel that your work goes slowly because you talk more than you act, you might try to get a faster start. However, if you do not plan what you are going to do in advance, either or both of you might find it necessary to criticize or direct the other while you are working and that could interrupt and delay the process more than taking time for an initial planning.

Mercury is semisextile Saturn.

You and your partner can be clear and honest with each other when you communicate. Or you might feel restricted when you think you should talk together. If the latter is the case, you will not only have problems talking to each other, but the world will probably see you as uncommunicative as well. Since this aspect indicates a need for adjustment, chances are that the two of you will have to work on the communications you share. You may tend to direct or criticize each other when you are trying to have a conversation. Or possibly one or both of you interrupts the other to ask questions or help organize the information. None of this will be conducive to free flowing discussions. You should each be allowed to talk without interruption or direction and your partner should listen. Then questions can be asked. Or set the guidelines first. And then talk. Remember that clarity can come. Just be patient and eventually everything will be understood.

Mercury is opposite Uranus.

Communications between you and your partner are probably very stimulating. You may think faster and more creatively when you are together than either of you do individually. However, too much stimulation can lead to overload and the result could be not taking time to think through plans or to weigh words. There is also the possibility of interfering with each other’s communications by not allowing your partner to finish a sentence and jumping to conclusions as to what is going to be said. Your conclusions might be incorrect, by the way, and this could lead to misunderstandings. You should each be permitted to state your ideas without interruption. This can be done without too much effort if you keep statements and conversations in general, short. Then you can be creative with the ideas and initiate plans. If you do this you might avoid misunderstandings and trying to launch untenable plans. And the world may see you as a creative rather than an erratic couple.

Mercury is trine Neptune.

You and your partner undoubtedly share a vivid imagination that can be used to create wonderful stories. But even in general conversation the two of you can have a charismatic impact on each other, and mesmerize the world as well. In addition, you and your partner could have a strong telepathic connection. So you seem to know what the other is thinking before a word is spoken. This will not be the case when the two of you are interacting as a couple, with others. Therefore, these individuals may not be able to distinguish between what is fact and what is fantasy in your communications. If you begin to feel that these people are confused about what you are saying, or misinterpreting your words, you might take a little time to explain. Even if they still do not understand, at least you will have tried, and they will still probably find you charismatic.

Relationships and Pleasures

Among other things, your composite Venus shows your veneer, the ingratiating surface through which the two of you carry on your relationships with each other and the outside world. It also shows your relationship to all that is beautiful and pleasurable. As such, it can be a key ingredient of your joy in being together.

Your composite Venus is in Libra.

As a couple, you are probably seen as calm, poised, charming and gracious. Because you tend to focus on others’ needs, concerns and interests, you can be a popular pair at social gatherings or in any situation where people skills are required. You may find yourselves called upon to act as mediators or negotiators in your various social or religious groups. In time, because of your strong social skills, as you develop your partnership, you will also gather interesting people around you. A main characteristic of your partnering is that you are well connected with a strong network of social contacts. Together, your focus will be on balance and harmony in all your interactions. Being fair will often be on your mind or reflected in your conversation. You prefer to socialize with people who have manners and are as considerate of others as you yourself would strive to be. Crudeness tends to turn you off. With this placement, you can also be romantic and capable of setting a scene that is both beautiful and pleasurable to the senses.


Privately, you seek a continuation of the love that originally brought you together. Maintaining and creating romantic times will be a priority. If one of you is busy, the other will plan the latest romantic escape. In functioning as a partnership, you rate high on compromise and the ability to negotiate. When you have disagreements, applying those skills will tend quickly to defuse tensions. You are both committed to maintaining balance. Just be sure and negotiate for what is important to you rather than merely compromising for the sake of peace.

Venus is in the First House.

Charming and attractive are undoubtedly adjectives that people would use to describe you and your partner as a couple. You also probably enjoy each other’s company and sharing pleasurable activities. You like comfortable, peaceful and harmonious surroundings and if there is an effortless way to deal with your environment you will take that route. Your motivation may be to keep peace, but because you are not forceful and aggressive, it seems to others than you are lazy. And your search for personal enjoyment might make you also appear to be self-indulgent. However, even if the two of you are seen as somewhat indolent or self-centered, your charm and sociability should outweigh these negative perceptions and cause others to seek your company. And besides, as long as you and your partner are both having a good time and getting what you want, who cares about the disapproval of others?

Venus is trine Mars.

With this combination the planet that represents love and attractiveness (Venus) is connected with the planet of sexuality and initiative (Mars). And the aspect involved indicates that these energies flow easily between you and your partner. So you undoubtedly find each other sexually attractive. And your attitude toward each other will make you appear attractive and charming when you are together in the world. In describing you as a couple, people will probably say that you are pleasant to have around. But you probably will not be viewed as overtly assertive. However, you can be effective. When you know what you want you can go after it. You just will use diplomacy rather than raw aggression. And because you use the approach you do, people may not even realize that you are taking the lead. So you are able to accomplish what you want to do without others even being aware of it.

Venus is semisextile Pluto.

With this combination, you and your partner can share a powerful passion or you might have power struggles when love is involved. But this aspect indicates that there is a need for adjustment, so it could take effort to avoid the latter, and promote the former. The secret to success is that you each be allowed to assert power with your partner’s support. Then you ought to take turns leading the way in expressing affection with your partner throwing all passion behind your efforts. This should also be the way the two of you deal with others. You should alternate asserting power with the other partner totally following the leader. If you both have turns at leading and supporting it will be easier to cooperate and there will be no need to challenge each other. So power should not be an issue between you. And by asserting power in a charming and tactful way in the outer world, everyone will want to be on your side. Then you can become power figures with cooperation rather than resistance from others.

Energy, Assertion and Effectiveness

Your collective level of energy and the way you go about taking action are shown by your composite Mars. Here also is the key to how abrasive or timid you might be. Fortunately, your Mars position also shows how you can manage anger most effectively and find either outlets for excess energy or remedies for a lack of it.

Your composite Mars is in Aquarius.

Your combined energy is electric and exciting, but others might also see it as eccentric. Together, you seek your own truth and make your own rules. The two of you are rarely concerned about others’ opinions of you, and you will tend to call it as you see it. You may therefore find yourselves isolated from others, or become involved in controversial situations. But you also encourage others to speak and explore their personal truth. Because of this, the two of you can be effective catalysts. Others may say that you’re a brilliant, stimulating and possibly rather erratic couple, but you’ll never be seen as boring.


You may find it natural to fight for humane causes or human rights issues, and this could make you better tolerated by others. In fact, the two of you work best when you’re part of a team that shares your values. As a couple you energize the group, and you have a knack for coming up with creative and brilliant solutions to tricky problems.


Since independence is an integral part of your shared identity, time spent apart can be what keeps your relationship functioning well. In disagreements, one of you might get so angry that you want to leave the relationship. If you do so temporarily, separation from your partner can give you just the perspective that you need to understand the problem between you. Despite occasional disruptions, you’re generally persistent, and so if you give each other plenty of elbow room, your relationship is likely to be long-lasting.

Mars is in the Fifth House.

If you and your partner have children, they will be probably play a critical role in the way the two of you expend your energy. You could direct the children, try to prod them into action, or find that they prod you. Or you might fight with them or about them. Whatever your interactions regarding children are, they will be overt and direct.


You need not experience the anger or nagging that can occur with Mars. It is possible that you are just energetic when you and your children are together. And even if difficulties arise, you can probably curtail them by finding a strenuous physical activity to share. However, another alternative is to focus on talents and creativity that you and your partner can bring out in each other. If you energetically throw yourselves into a hobby or artistic project, it could take pressure off your relationship with the children. Whether or not you have children, doing creative activities together can provide you with an enjoyable outlet for your energy.

Mars is square Neptune.

When you’re together you might feel that you have less energy than when you operate individually. Or you might become confused or feel ineffectual when the two of you try to determine a practical course of action. The harder you try to be firm or to explain your situation in concrete terms, the more confused you could become. Despite a lack of positive results, you might just keep plugging along trying to make things materialize in a practical way. When you see that your efforts don’t work, it could cause you to complain or feel discouraged.


A Mars-Neptune combination like this works much better in spiritual and artistic pursuits. If you use it to develop your spiritual life or express your creativity, you could find that your energy level improves and your lives are enriched and illuminated by art or spiritual development.

Mars is quincunx Pluto.

In your relationship, power and physical energy are closely intertwined. But with this aspect there is a need for adjustment. For example, whenever one of you tries to take charge, the other could feel threatened and start a fight for first position. Then, instead of being effective, the two of you would be wasting your energy in battles.


You can be much more effective if you agree to alternate being the leader. First, one partner can be decisive, visible and initiating while the other supports and acts according to that person’s wishes. And then you must switch roles, so that you end up having equal time in the leadership role. When you work together and support each other in this way, the world will see you as the powerful couple that you really are, and will not see one of you as stronger than the other.

Broadening Your Horizons

For any relationship to stay alive, the partners need to grow together, and become more than they were. The composite Jupiter shows the way you can do this. It shows how you can reach out and connect with the world, how you can enrich and be enriched by what you encounter. Your composite Jupiter is the key to optimism, prosperity, and good times together -- whether they be spent learning, traveling, acquiring, entertaining or bestowing gifts. It can also alert you to areas of dangerous excess, such as overspending, exaggerating or overeating.


Technical note: Jupiter moves slowly enough that the sign that it’s in is more an indicator of your generation than of you personally. Since most couples are born not too many years apart, their own natal Jupiter signs will be close together if not the same. We therefore concentrate on the house position and aspects of composite Jupiter, as well as of the even slower-moving planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto that follow.

Your composite Jupiter is in the Seventh House.

As a couple, your close friends are probably jovial, intelligent and/or fun loving. Or it is possible that the two of you are there to cheer up your friends or to help them expand and develop. But there needs to be a sense of mutual growth and pleasure with these individuals, so you and your partner would not stay in relationships with people who either too serious or not intellectually compatible with you as a couple. You and your friends might travel together, or take classes that will broaden all of you. But whether you are acquiring information or having a good time, you might not stop to think of the cost, and you could find that you are so focused on what you are doing that you over-extend yourselves financially without even realizing it. If you really enjoy these people you do not have to give them up. Just look for less expensive activities to do with them and you can still have a good time without concern about how you will pay for it.

Jupiter is sesquare Neptune.

You and your partner want grow and develop together through your shared belief system, but it may take time and effort for this to occur. You may have very different ideas on spiritual needs, or disagree about how you should go about growing through them. Or you may simply find each other confusing, not being clear about what your partner wants or expects of you. You may feel that something is wrong, but not be able to put your finger on exactly what it is. The more you try to explain your situation in practical terms, the more confused you may get.


Instead of dwelling on your dissatisfaction, it’s better to have faith that all will work out. It might ease your minds to take a trip together to a place that you think of as spiritual. This will remove you from the immediate situation for a while so that you can gain some perspective. It can renew your spiritual ties, and it may give you the relaxed attitude that you need to restore your faith.

Handling Setbacks and Responsibilities

Being yoked together in any committed relationship implies that you are in it through the difficulties as well as the good times. Your composite Saturn can indicate how to use these difficulties to strengthen your relationship and make it more strong and solid. Saturn shows the sense of limitation that can come from being yoked together, but it also shows how you can deal with this for a happier, more lasting time together.

Your composite Saturn is in the Eighth House.

The sex life that you share might have a set routine that you always follow. Such a lack of spontaneity might make either of you feel inhibited and limited in that area. Or possibly you might be missing out on some of the enjoyment because of a belief that sex is your duty.


To bring a feeling of satisfaction to your sex life, remember that the sex that you share can be, and probably is, an indication of your commitment to each other. While some might think of it as boring, the predictability of your routine may actually give you a sense of security. Not everybody needs to approach sex with high excitement and total abandon. For the two of you, security and consistency can be comforting and can provide you with a safe space in which to express your abiding commitment to each other.

Saturn is quincunx Uranus.

In your partnership, freedom and individuality need to be made to work with structure and responsibility. You may need to make some adjustments in this area. For example, when one of you focuses on expressing individuality, the other might get embarrassed and suddenly try to limit the partner’s behavior. Then the individualist will be unpleasantly surprised and feel restricted. Alternatively, one of you could insist upon following societal regulations, making other feel stifled. If that person then displays strange behavior, the structuring partner may feel upset.


As a couple you do need both structure and freedom, but you may have to pursue them alternately. It may work to take turns expressing individuality, with the other partner providing security and offering total support during those times. You should also take turns working on security and organization, with the other partner using creativity to be of assistance. Then you may find that freedom and responsibility fit well together and you have the best of both worlds.

Spontaneity and Surprises

In many ways Uranus provides relief from the solemn confinement of Saturn. Just when life seems too dull and regular, just when cabin fever is at its height, Uranus comes along to crack a joke, poke a hole in the wall that Saturn has erected, and let in some fresh air. Your composite Uranus shows how the two of you will handle individuality and eccentricity, and where irresponsibility or unpredictability might become an issue.

Your composite Uranus is in the Twelfth House.

This placement could mean that any uniqueness or non-conformity that you and your partner share is not openly expressed. Perhaps you suppress behavior that could be construed as rebellious and keep under wraps any revolutionary ideas that the two of you hold because you are concerned that unconventionality would be detrimental to your public image.


When you feel a need to conceal such behavior and ideas, either or both of you might feel that your partner is inhibiting your freedom and creativity. Should this be true, encourage your partner to express his or her individuality within the privacy of your relationship, even if it can’t be done publicly. Try this even if you are the one who feels restricted, and your partner might begin to do the same for you. Then both of you will feel freer and will be able to take a more zestful approach to life.

Otherworldly Aspirations

Neptune offsets the limited, earthbound quality of Saturn in a different way, by ascending to a completely different plane of reality. Coming from a place that shimmers just beyond our reach, it carries with it a charismatic veil of glamour, which can either enhance or muddle your relations with the world and each other. The good thing is that Neptune can keep things softened and alive, so you don’t get entrenched in Saturnine positions. It can elevate the nitty-gritty to a lofty and beautiful plane, creating gentleness and a spiritual quality. The bad thing is that it can make communications unclear, paralyze action, obliterate separate identity and make you anxious about whether you can even function in this world. If you listen to what Neptune is trying to tell you, though, it can make your relationship sublime and can promote your joining at a soul level, enabling you to communicate wordlessly.

Your composite Neptune is in the Second House.

Your joint finances could sometimes be a concern, and might be an issue that periodically arises in your relationship. If your funds seem to magically disappear, it could be because neither of you is adept at keeping your household financial records. Or it may be that one of you spends money without a thought.


However, money may sometimes appear just as magically as it disappeared. It’s best, of course, not to rely upon this, but maybe you can encourage it with some conscious magic such as visualization or tithing. Just to be safe, it’s prudent to take a portion of the money that comes in and hide it or pretend that it doesn’t exist. Then when your visible cash vanishes, you will still have some left to draw upon.

Neptune is sextile Pluto.

Neptune and Pluto have been roughly in sextile since the early 1940s. Therefore, if the two of you were born in the 1940s or after, your birth charts both contain this aspect. If the two of you were born within a year or so of each other, the position of the planets in your composite chart are in pretty much the same zodiacal positions as in your natal charts. Thus you and your partner may be dealing with a combination that’s already familiar to you.


The concepts of spirituality and power that you each hold should be quite compatible, and you’ll want to help each other to develop these areas of your lives further. While you could easily manipulate each other, it’s more likely that you would add force to each other’s spiritual beliefs and use your faith to enhance each other’s power. Used correctly, this aspect can give you strength and a powerful shared belief system.

The Power to Develop

In every relationship there is the potential for a power struggle, and for deeply felt emotions that can either bring about great schisms or move the two of you into profound changes and growth. These great unconscious forces are ruled by Pluto. The house where your composite Pluto resides can alert you to the areas where you are most likely to play out your struggles for dominance. Pluto’s house can also show where the two of you are likely to exert your collective power on the outside world. More information about these struggles and how to deal with them will come from the aspects that your composite Pluto makes. You’ll find most of Pluto’s aspects above in connection with earlier-mentioned planets.


While Pluto can be experienced as disrupting, there’s also something very transformative about it. Once you understand what’s going on, Pluto can bring about the most profound changes and renewal.

Your composite Pluto is in the Twelfth House.

There is an element of subtlety in the way that you and your partner exert power together. You are probably capable of running the world, but you would like to do it from behind the scenes. You would have no difficulty giving the orders, but you prefer that someone else be the figurehead.


Your subtlety in dealing with power probably also extends to the way you deal with each other. Instead of open confrontations, you may prefer subtle manipulation and other covert expressions of power. Remember that a manipulated partner may feel ineffectual, and that if you cause each other to feel weak as individuals, you will also feel this way as a couple. Instead of trying to take advantage of each other, analyze your situation together and find ways to express your joint power. As you achieve the ends you desire, you will gather strength inwardly. You will still be subtle in your expression of power, but you will feel more in control of your lives.

Pluto is conjunct the North Node.

In the relationships that you as a couple have with others, power could play an important role. Those with whom you interact may be powerful and try to run your lives, or they might expect you to take charge. Or possibly you might vie with them for top position.


If the two of you always take the lead, the people with whom you are interacting may respect your authority for a time, but they will not want you always to be ordering them around. Then, they might challenge you, and the situation might turn volatile. On the other hand, if you always follow the lead of others, you may eventually feel ineffectual and be driven to become the attackers yourselves.


To avoid all the turmoil, take turns leading and following. Then everyone will have a chance to assert power. And when the time comes to follow, it will happen without incident because no one will feel threatened.

Using Your Composite Chart

Just as relationships develop and have their ups and downs, composite charts also develop over time. This happens as the composite chart constantly receives transits from the currently moving planets. It also happens as the natal charts of the two people involved move forward by progression, constantly creating a new progressed composite chart.


The natal composite chart described in this report will, however, always describe the basic tone of your relationship. You can change the houses and the positions of the Ascendant and Midheaven by moving to a different place, but the signs of the planets and the aspects between them will remain the same. So take them seriously, and know that in astrology every problem carries within it its own unique wisdom or solution.


Hopefully, this analysis has given you some new insights about both the strengths and the possible problem areas of your relationship. If you agree that any of these typical kinds of problems apply in your case, please don’t be daunted by them! The key to happiness is first to recognize and be thankful for whatever you already enjoy about your partner. The more attention you place on these areas, the more these enjoyable parts will grow. And if there are problems, think of them not as impossible obstacles, but as sources of useful information. When you understand what your problems are trying to tell you, you’ll see what they’re asking you to do. Then you may see problems as the gifts that they are -- opportunities to grow in wisdom and to achieve a new level of closeness.



                      Composite Chart Positions


                        Planet                              Sign                     Longitude                Declination


                  q Sun                is in      n Pisces              19` 38'    29"          -2322'  00"

                  w Moon             is in      n Pisces               2` 57'    13"          -2234'  00"

                  e Mercury         is in      a Aries                4` 13'    07"          -2411'  00"

                  r Venus            is in      z Libra               25` 48'    44"          -2302'  00"

                  t Mars               is in      b Aquarius         25` 21'    59"          -2402'  00"

                  y Jupiter            is in      a Aries               13` 37'    45"          + 237'  00"

                  u Saturn            is in      s Taurus              3` 15'    55"          -1613'  00"

                  i Uranus           is in      z Libra                4` 26'    02"          + 831'  00"

                  o Neptune         is in      x Scorpio           28` 34'    16"          -1512'  00"

                  p Pluto              is in      h Virgo              25` 22'    32"         +1857'  00"

                  l N. Node         is in      h Virgo              21` 14'    13"         +2253'  00"

                  j Ascendant     is in      z Libra                5` 18'    09"          -2213'  00"

                  k Midheaven     is in      f Cancer             7` 17'    53"          + 111'  00"

                  $ Chiron            is in      a Aries                3` 40'    24"           - 305'  00"


                        Composite Aspects


                  q Sun             is    Semisquare         u Saturn           The orb is 1` 23'

                  q Sun             is    Opposite             p Pluto             The orb is 5` 44'

                  q Sun             is    Opposite             l N. Node       The orb is 1` 36' 

                  w Moon          is    Semisextile         e Mercury        The orb is 1` 16'

                  w Moon          is    Conjunct            t Mars             The orb is 7` 35'

                  w Moon          is    Sextile                u Saturn           The orb is 0` 19'

                  w Moon          is    Quincunx           i Uranus          The orb is 1` 29'

                  w Moon          is    Square                o Neptune       The orb is 4` 23'

                  w Moon          is    Trine                   k Midheaven   The orb is 4` 21'

                  w Moon          is    Semisextile         $ Chiron          The orb is 0` 43

                  e Mercury      is    Semisextile         u Saturn           The orb is 0` 57'

                  e Mercury      is    Opposite             i Uranus          The orb is 0` 13'

                  e Mercury      is    Trine                   o Neptune       The orb is 5` 39'

                  e Mercury      is    Opposite             j Ascendant    The orb is 1` 05'

                  e Mercury      is    Square                k Midheaven   The orb is 3` 05'

                  e Mercury      is    Conjunct            $ Chiron          The orb is 0` 33'

                  r Venus         is    Trine                   t Mars             The orb is 0` 27'

                  r Venus         is    Semisextile         p Pluto             The orb is 0` 26' 

                  t Mars            is    Square                o Neptune       The orb is 3` 12'

                  t Mars            is    Quincunx           p Pluto             The orb is 0` 01'

                  y Jupiter         is    Sesquiquadrate   o Neptune       The orb is 0` 03'

                  u Saturn         is    Quincunx           i Uranus          The orb is 1` 10'

                  u Saturn         is    Sextile                k Midheaven   The orb is 4` 02'

                  u Saturn         is    Semisextile         $ Chiron          The orb is 0` 24'

                  i Uranus        is    Conjunct            j Ascendant    The orb is 0` 52'

                  i Uranus        is    Square                k Midheaven   The orb is 2` 52'

                  i Uranus        is    Opposite             $ Chiron          The orb is 0` 46'

                  o Neptune      is    Sextile                p Pluto             The orb is 3` 12'

                  o Neptune      is    Trine                   $ Chiron          The orb is 5` 06' 

                  p Pluto           is    Conjunct            l N. Node       The orb is 4` 08 

                  k Midheaven  is    Square                j Ascendant    The orb is 2` 00'

                  $ Chiron         is    Opposite             j Ascendant    The orb is 1` 38'

                  $ Chiron         is    Square                k Midheaven   The orb is 3` 37'




Composite Planets in Elements and Modes


Fire            : ey$             Total = 3    Weighted Score = 3

Earth         : upl             Total = 3    Weighted Score = 2

Air             : rtij           Total = 4    Weighted Score = 8

Water        : qwok           Total = 4    Weighted Score = 10


Cardinal    : eryijk$     Total = 7    Weighted Score = 12

Fixed         : tuo             Total = 3    Weighted Score = 4

Mutable     : qwpl           Total = 4    Weighted Score = 7



                            Synastry Aspects


                  q Sun             is    Opposite             e Mercury        The orb is 3` 32'

                  q Sun             is    Sextile                i Uranus          The orb is 2` 56'

                  q Sun             is    Trine                   $ Chiron          The orb is 0` 54'

                  w Moon          is    Quincunx           e Mercury        The orb is 0` 30'

                  w Moon          is    Opposite             r Venus           The orb is 5` 19'

                  w Moon          is    Square                y Jupiter          The orb is 5` 24'

                  w Moon          is    Opposite             u Saturn           The orb is 5` 27'

                  w Moon          is    Square                i Uranus          The orb is 5` 58'

                  w Moon          is    Opposite             j Ascendant    The orb is 5` 51'

                  w Moon          is    Square                k Midheaven   The orb is 5` 14'

                  w Moon          is    Square                $ Chiron          The orb is 3` 56'

                  e Mercury      is    Square                w Moon            The orb is 3` 02'

                  e Mercury      is    Square                t Mars             The orb is 5` 24'

                  e Mercury      is    Square                y Jupiter          The orb is 1` 19'

                  e Mercury      is    Opposite             u Saturn           The orb is 1` 17'

                  e Mercury      is    Semisquare         l N. Node       The orb is 0` 42'

                  e Mercury      is    Square                k Midheaven   The orb is 1` 30'

                  r Venus         is    Quincunx           e Mercury        The orb is 1` 08'

                  r Venus         is    Opposite             r Venus           The orb is 4` 41'

                  r Venus         is    Square                i Uranus          The orb is 5` 20'

                  r Venus         is    Semisquare         o Neptune       The orb is 1` 52'

                  r Venus         is    Opposite             j Ascendant    The orb is 5` 13'

                  r Venus         is    Square                k Midheaven   The orb is 5` 52'

                  r Venus         is    Square                $ Chiron          The orb is 3` 18'

                  t Mars            is    Square                w Moon            The orb is 3` 03'

                  t Mars            is    Square                t Mars             The orb is 0` 41'

                  t Mars            is    Semisextile         o Neptune       The orb is 0` 19'

                  t Mars            is    Square                p Pluto             The orb is 3` 30'

                  y Jupiter         is    Sextile                q Sun               The orb is 3` 35'

                  y Jupiter         is    Conjunct            w Moon            The orb is 3` 15'

                  y Jupiter         is    Conjunct            t Mars             The orb is 0` 52'

                  y Jupiter         is    Trine                   o Neptune       The orb is 0` 30'

                  y Jupiter         is    Opposite             p Pluto             The orb is 3` 19'

                  y Jupiter         is    Conjunct            k Midheaven   The orb is 7` 46'

                  u Saturn         is    Trine                   q Sun               The orb is 5` 43'

                  u Saturn         is    Trine                   e Mercury        The orb is 3` 11'

                  u Saturn         is    Sextile                y Jupiter          The orb is 1` 43'

                  u Saturn         is    Quincunx           u Saturn           The orb is 1` 45'

                  u Saturn         is    Sextile                k Midheaven   The orb is 1` 32'

                  i Uranus        is    Square                q Sun               The orb is 3` 21'

                  i Uranus        is    Quincunx           t Mars             The orb is 0` 38'

                  i Uranus        is    Square                o Neptune       The orb is 0` 16'

                  i Uranus        is    Sesquiquadrate   $ Chiron          The orb is 1` 42'

                  o Neptune      is    Quincunx           y Jupiter          The orb is 0` 37'

                  o Neptune      is    Trine                   u Saturn           The orb is 0` 35'

                  o Neptune      is    Quincunx           k Midheaven   The orb is 0` 48'

                  p Pluto           is    Square                q Sun               The orb is 0` 48'

                  p Pluto           is    Quincunx           w Moon            The orb is 1` 09'

                  p Pluto           is    Semisquare         r Venus           The orb is 1` 04'

                  p Pluto           is    Sextile                u Saturn           The orb is 3` 10'

                  p Pluto           is    Semisquare         i Uranus          The orb is 0` 26'

                  p Pluto           is    Square                o Neptune       The orb is 3` 53'

                  p Pluto           is    Semisquare         j Ascendant    The orb is 0` 33'

                  l N. Node      is    Semisextile         q Sun               The orb is 1` 21'

                  l N. Node      is    Square                w Moon            The orb is 1` 00'

                  l N. Node      is    Square                t Mars             The orb is 1` 22'

                  l N. Node      is    Square                y Jupiter          The orb is 5` 21'

                  l N. Node      is    Conjunct            u Saturn           The orb is 5` 19'

                  l N. Node      is    Quincunx           o Neptune       The orb is 1` 44'

                  l N. Node      is    Square                p Pluto             The orb is 5` 33'

                  l N. Node      is    Square                k Midheaven   The orb is 5` 32'

                  j Ascendant  is    Opposite             q Sun               The orb is 1` 30'

                  j Ascendant  is    Trine                   w Moon            The orb is 1` 09'

                  j Ascendant  is    Sesquiquadrate   r Venus           The orb is 1` 14'

                  j Ascendant  is    Trine                   t Mars             The orb is 1` 13'

                  j Ascendant  is    Trine                   y Jupiter          The orb is 5` 30'

                  j Ascendant  is    Semisquare         i Uranus          The orb is 1` 53'

                  j Ascendant  is    Conjunct            o Neptune       The orb is 1` 35'

                  j Ascendant  is    Sesquiquadrate   j Ascendant    The orb is 1` 46'

                  j Ascendant  is    Trine                   k Midheaven   The orb is 5` 41'

                  j Ascendant  is    Sesquiquadrate   $ Chiron          The orb is 0` 09'

                   k Midheaven  is    Square                e Mercury        The orb is 4` 40'

                  k Midheaven  is    Sextile                r Venus           The orb is 1` 10'

                  k Midheaven  is    Semisextile         i Uranus          The orb is 1` 49'

                  k Midheaven  is    Sextile                l N. Node       The orb is 3` 25'

                  k Midheaven  is    Sextile                j Ascendant    The orb is 1` 42'

                  k Midheaven  is    Quincunx           $ Chiron          The orb is 0` 13'

                  $ Chiron         is    Square                q Sun               The orb is 2` 51'

                  $ Chiron         is    Semisextile         t Mars             The orb is 0` 08'

                  $ Chiron         is    Square                o Neptune       The orb is 0` 14'

                  $ Chiron         is    Semisquare         $ Chiron          The orb is 1` 11'

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