Following  is an example of the relocation report.  John F. Kennedy's natal chart, relocated to Dallas, Texas, was chosen to  use as the sample for this report since I have referenced his relocated chart in the article on relocation.  Given his high level of public exposure as the President of the United States of America at the time of his assassination in  Dallas, there would be a greater possibility for the manifestation of the extremes (both positive and negative) of the energies active in this locale for him. 

Chart Details:
John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Natal Chart
May 29 1917  3:00 PM   +5:00
Brookline  42N19 54 071W07 18
True Node






Ascendant in Virgo
You'll be wise to play your cards a little carefully in this environment, or at least make it seem that you are. If it looks like you're picking up every stitch, you can let some go and get away with it, as long as you play the part. If you show you know your proper place, the place will be yours.

Midheaven in Gemini
This is certainly a place where people will talk about you, so you may have reason to keep an especially close ear to what they're saying. You can go far on a favorable breeze, but things can turn on you rather suddenly, so make sure you know local protocol and always have some specific backup options available.


Pluto - Culminate Line (Orb 3°30')

The position of Pluto in this locale stresses your relationship with society and power within your profession plays a vital role along this line. Here you will learn all about power -- its use and abuse by yourself or by others. Therefore you could expect to be involved in battles with others, or to be battling to place yourself or to remain in a position of power. The challenge along this line is to transform with integrity your life direction and/or profession in a positive manner. Your status  will be subject to major upheavals. Your identity (perhaps in the press) may come to stand for some popular or unpopular ideal as you either strive to beat the system or find yourself crushed by it.  A magical charisma and hypnotic power assure that you will be talked about and noticed, acting as a focal point of group consciousness.

It would be good to keep in mind the cruelty with which society can relate to the things you focus its attention on.  You may be successful and lavished with praise or you may be brought down in a spectacular way -- either way it is highly unlikely that you'll be ignored.  You're totally unique in the eyes of many.  Issues of war, crime, assassination, espionage and politics are prominent in this location as you play for mortally high stakes in your battle for what you believe in.  Victimization by organized groups or mobs can be experienced in this type of zone.  You learn first-hand the meaning of the cliché, 'power corrupts', as either victim or perpetrator.  A battle for your ideals fought in the public arena leaves you changed for life.  Terrific battles for self-preservation can be initiated along this Pluto line.

Natal Mars Sqq AS
You can sometimes find your efforts at cross purposes here and your coordination and timing will require fine-tuning before you get it right. That means going into any project with enough reserves to do and re-do until you know it's on the right track. Lessons learned bring wisdom, but first you have to learn them.

Mars in Eighth House
The hidden side of things draws your energies here, whether it's exploring an ancient building or an ancient myth. You gain from letting others do some of the digging and sharing both resources and results -- some of which you may recognize as having been your own in an earlier time. Push to extend your credit, and it will come.

Natal Pluto Sqr ASC
Situations have a way of forcing themselves on you here, and you on them. It can seem easier to push and shove than work things out, but when that happens, it all just escalates and nothing gets done. Knowing when to back off, and whom to back off from, are the learning challenges here so you don't waste time in needless struggle.

Maximum Orb Used: 10°00'

Azimuth from original location: 106°47'

The Sun - Local Space Line - Azimuth 100°41' (Strong Influence)
This is your celebrity zone.  You expect others to pay attention to you at this location, and indeed they do, to the point where you might find yourself followed about like an important personage, treated to others' generosity as they identify strongly with your creations -- even including your children.  Your Sun line will have a generally positive affect in your life.   You may find yourself in a powerful position and generally enjoy great success in this locale.  If you have felt that you have been unable to fully express your personality, the Sun line will be advantageous. The energies of this line will help you assert your personality traits. You will shine more in life and it is quite possible you'll be remembered.

Venus - Local Space Line - Azimuth 107°14' (Strong Influence)
Love and romance flourish along this line. If you are looking to find the right mate, this line may produce results. If not, you will have fun looking anyway. You may also develop an appreciation of art and beauty along the way. You will certainly make some lifelong friends, even if you don't meet the person of your dreams, because people are very receptive to you along this line. You will generally have a pacifying influence on the people in your environment and may find yourself playing the role of peacemaker, diplomat, or mediator.  Your relationship with money may also be emphasized along this line. Obviously moves along this line are going to be very attractive to most people.

Natal Mars Local Space Line (Mild Influence)
The Mars line and direction have to do with drive and ambition, getting things pumped up and going, and then taking action of all kinds. It is Mars and ambition that drives your career, propelling you along whatever life path you may be on. Mars places are connected to action and action events, not just sports and exercise, but adventure and adventuring of all kinds -- what motivates you. If you tend not to be assertive or very physical, a trip to places along this line may find you getting more physical, able to act more freely or aggressively. But the reverse is also true: if you already overact and tend to be pushy or driven, a trip here may magnify those qualities.

Maximum Orb Used: 2°00'

Mars Rising / Neptune Lower (Orb 0°35')
You have great charisma in this locale.  Your power over others is implicitly sexual, resulting in an ability to play the role of everyone's sexual fantasy.  It is also possible, though not necessarily likely, that you can become a symbol for some sort of ideal that the masses hold dear.  In some cases you could suffer from an illness or violence. There is a real danger of falling victim of someone else's crime -- someone secretly working behind the scene to undermine your efforts. This location can be fantastically unpleasant and involve unprovoked attacks from strangers, in which the forces that attack you are invisible  You need to avoid addictive behavior, including the intake of alcohol or drugs.

The Sun Lower / Uranus Rising (Orb 0°53')
Here you are able to express your own individual self in new, and perhaps unusual, ways. Life will be full of surprises, taking sudden and unexpected twists and turns. Occasionally the changes may be disruptive and unsettling, leaving you feeling that you are on a roller-coaster. Mostly though, you will enjoy the thrill of change and moments of boredom would be quite rare.  You will likely feel a strong need to act out your social idealism in this location and recruit and inspire others to follow your lead. The possibility exists that you will have a profound effect on your milieu.  Everyone will soon know who you are in this location, as you are likely to become a focus of controversy through your eccentric, charismatic, willful, arrogant and/or independent behavior.  Your ideas (and the trouble they get you into) serve to illustrate brilliantly your own genius and individuality.  The establishment may sense something dangerous about you but hopefully you change to quickly for them to do anything about it.  Your original and innovative creativity should win through in the end, as long as you are not too rebellious or willful. Politics, science, metaphysics and technology are emphasized.

Mars-Neptune Latitude Line at 32N12'08"
You can find the ground pretty soft around here, so your caution should match the uncertainty of the environment. Cloak your movements, or at least have plenty of hidden options, and don't commit your energies all in a bundle to a single task. You can waste a lot of energy slogging through the swamp when you should be floating on top of it. Napoleon did so well with this planetary aspect, because no one knew what he was up to next. Eventually, he didn't know either, which was his undoing. So it is here with you. You are on slippery ground, so be slippery in kind -- just don't go so far that you lose track of your own moves.

Sun-Uranus Latitude Line at 33N40'01"
You could find yourself, and the environment, more like a gusty wind than a balmy breeze here, so hold on to your hat if you decide to spend some time in the vicinity. Your newly found original approaches to challenges and opportunities may be a welcome refresher to some, but it may quite bowl others over who are used to a more gradual approach. But when inspiration fills you up, you're likely to have to roll with it when it's hot, whatever the local reaction. Reliability may take a back seat, however, when there's nothing happening, you're in the doldrums and irritable, waiting for a good wind to rise.





Emphasis Map:

When you order your locality report, you will also receive an "emphasis map" highlighting preferred locations for you in a particular country. For example, the following is a graph of preferred locations for John F. Kennedy in the United States. The red lines and red shaded areas are symbolizing locations where he is likely to find the greatest overall satisfaction and wellbeing encompassing all areas of his life. If you are seeking a location for a particular focus, such as career or romance, then a graphic map can be provided highlighting the best locations for love/romance or career emphasis.




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