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Terri McCartney
Tropical  Capricorn Sun    Pisces Moon  Virgo Ascendant

Accurately described as an ordinary person, living an ordinary life (though making every effort to do so in an extraordinary way), my passion is practicing astrology--teaching, consulting and researching it. I am a pragmatically oriented, spiritual and evolutionary astrologer who daily witnesses the efficacy of this science and art.  The practical value and usefulness of the astrological perspective is something I believe in wholeheartedly.  I've never seen astrology fail to have application to the circumstances of any life.

There are times, even when we know ourselves well, that we feel a need for an objective and wise counsel to validate our reality so that we can move forward with confidence and renewed faith in ourselves. Astrology serves our needs well in this regard. It is my joy to utilize the tools of this ancient and sacred scientific craft to validate others and assist them in discovering and walking their path with heart.

I began studying astrology back in 1980. A friend recommended that I have my chart read by an astrologer.  Being Virgo rising with a Capricorn Sun, I tend to be skeptical about things until I directly experience them. My friend believed and she pushed.  For weeks.  I finally relented--only to appease her. I was impressed, but far from convinced. What that reading did was ignite a passion to explore astrology more thoroughly.  Without respite, I have studied, practiced, and researched astrology with grand enthusiasm ever since. 

Even after 30 years, the planets continue to reveal deeper facets of their energetic nature to me. I have come to understand that what is exactly right and healthy for one person can be the self-undoing for another. While Divine Providence embraces us all, the particulars of the human living out of our inherent exceptionalness is unique to each and every one of us. Sometimes it happens that due to the dynamics of our early upbringing and social conditioning that there are facets and needs of the self that are ignored, denied, or repressed. That can inadvertently rob us of the joy in living authentically, that is our birthright. As a tool, astrology is superb at validating and thereby liberating to consciousness, the wholeness of the self.  

My approach to astrology then, is to use it as a tool for self-revelation, validation and understanding.  Astrology has given me an enormous appreciation and respect for differences and the inherent neutrality in its symbolism and life itself.  Every birth chart outlines both challenges and strengths.  My job as an astrologer is to synthesize all of the information contained in your birth chart, without bias or judgment, and to share the practical and spiritual meaning of the symbols with you, as I understand them. This allows you to harness the energies and utilize them to create a joyful and fulfilling life that is in celebration of your unique self.  

I believe we are all exceptional beings having a human experience, even if some of us have not remembered so yet. I believe it takes a lot of courage to be human--so much conditioning to peel away. There's a lot of mucky-muck to journey through but it's also full of treasures. It helps to keep in mind that we are all "humans in remembering" and that at times we benefit from the perspective astrology offers, as it assists us in remembering to bring our eternal exceptionalness to bear on our human experience. I have the intent to walk my path with awareness: honestly, humbly, and harmlessly while in alignment with the flow of my spiritual & human integrity.  The awareness of the perfection in our human imperfection is something to celebrate as we adventure here in time and space.  That is the great *Yes!* in life.   



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