Client Feedback

I met Terri  McCartney through an astrology class she offered online about three years ago and I assure you, it was one of the biggest blessings of my life.  Her intuition and insight, combined with her genuine compassion for humankind, is a powerful combo.  This lady is a true professional.  Terri has done many readings for me, ranging from natal to solar returns to relationships, and they have been valuable tools for my journey through life.  I refer to them often and never cease to discover more insights with each relistening.  If you have ever considered having an astrology reading done, I can guarantee that this is the person to seek out. You will not be disappointed.

J. Geist, Pennsylvania
In turning to an astrologer, initially, I wanted someone to tell me where to go and which decision was the right one, to insure I was going to avoid the enormity of life's suffering. In this life so brief with moments that drag unending, I turned with doubt and hope that the stars would tell me what to do. What I've discovered in knowing Terri for the last three years, is that the spirit of love and wisdom is the component in astrology that is most helpful. It is about discovering who I am so that I may meet the world and events with courage. Given Terri's knowledge of astrology, her intuitive gift, her loving spirit, what I have received consistently from Terri is much more than your average chart reading. In meeting what ever it is that life affords -- the pain of change, fear of loss, and the intermittent joy and bliss-- Terri's vigil over the frail candle that sheds light, has touched and soothed in ways unavailable through mere chart reading. It's this light that has provided me the ways to find courage to meet once again what terrors I'd parceled long ago. It is her spirit and her intuitive gift that's provided that something, which transcends words.  She's been my witness and guide on my journey to find faith, my heart, the self. It gives me great hope to know, in this world, that there are people that tend to this kind of light. I'm grateful to know Terri; grateful for her knowledge of astrology, her wisdom and her loving spirit.
Sally H.S. Im, writer/poet, South Korea
Terri McCartney is both a gifted and scientific astrologer. She brings to the table an enormous wealth of experience, a true intuitive and psychic talent and a wonderfully nonjudgmental, objective eye. She delivers her readings with an air of common sense and yet with an underlying tone of deep spiritual understanding of the chart. This type of approach makes it completely comprehensible to the new-comer and at the same time opens up entirely new possibilities to be explored by the advanced student. Terri has done several readings for me, as well as assisting me with my own chart and self-exploration. Whether you’re looking for a simple understanding of your own natal chart or dabbling in progressed charts, solar returns, compatibility charts, locality charts, lunar returns, archetypes, etc. couldn't recommend anyone more highly.  Terri is a compassionate, patient, and giving teacher. I have gained an infinite amount of wisdom and a wealth of understanding about myself from her. I’d never seek a reading from anyone else.
C. Morris, New Jersey
I met Terri many months ago when I signed up for one of her on-line astrology workshops. My first impression was that she was a very gracious and kind lady, and she definitely had great knowledge and expertise in the field of astrology.  I was working with my daughter’s chart at the time of our meeting, and much like physicians, we astrologers find it almost, if not impossible, to be objective when working with family members. My daughter has a very complex chart with some very major, difficult aspects in her natal chart. After pulling my hair out  I decided to take life easy and requested a natal reading from Terri for my daughter, as a gift.  What a wonderful revelation and helpful tool for both my daughter and I!  For the first time in my life, I actually understood where my daughter was coming from. And, as a mother, how I could help and work with her, and not hinder her progress.   This reading took place nearly six months ago, but my daughter still weekly, if not twice weekly, listens to the tapes. She definitely has come to believe in the *truth* of astrology.  And she's so much more comfortable and relaxed within herself now.  I can personally (as a mother) and professionally (as an astrologer), highly recommend Terri’s services. I admire her technique, professionalism, and above all, her integrity and kindness when doing a reading.
Elaine O'Donnell, Nebraska
I received the natal and forecast reports that I ordered from you in the mail today. WOW! First, thank you for being so timely and providing such a high quality product! Second, I really didn't expect to gain as much useful information from them as I did! I'll refer to the forecast on a daily basis to enlighten me about the daily shifts in energies. I'm going to frame my natal chart wheel and hang it on the wall above the desk in my office. It will act as a daily visual reminder of all the many facets of me, each in their own state of becoming toward an integrated whole. Really, thanks. A worthy investment.
Lynn Scofield, Rhode Island
The experience I had using your service was a real adventure. I found the Relationship Consultation to be remarkable in its insight, useful in its application and very thought provoking. I especially appreciated how flexible and accommodating you were in setting up that consultation. You  took the time, through an e-mail exchange, to explain the various options available with the different types of consultations and help tailor the one we did so it fully met my expectations. I recommend your service very highly.
M. Simonds, Connecticut
This testimonial was sent to one of my current clients after the writer had received a gift consultation which had been purchased by my client for her:
Thank you! You are one person I know who would believe the serendipity with which your very thoughtful, generous and perfect gift reached me.  I am in the throes (yes, already) of having to make some decisions regarding work in the immediate future. These have been confusing me and causing me to become very irritable. I have been wishing for a sign, a dream, something to come along that will help me trust myself to make the right decision so I can resolve the internal conflict.  Advice from people I'm close to wasn't helping because I already knew what I wanted to do and intellectualizing things was confusing me - but I'd resigned myself to suffering through until I could come to grips with the heart/mind conflict.  Today in the mail I received the sign I'd hoped for, a very eloquent one at that - in the form of the fabulous gift consultation by Terri (another Capricorn no less). Talk about affirmation and a validation on every level. I'm so much lighter having listened to her words than I was before. I cannot tell you how right on she was. And how helpful it was to have a third party trace territory I am familiar with internally. It's a revelation. She also wove in the past life vs. present life lessons to learn - and it all made perfect sense, I'm on the right track and in tune with the necessary.  I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits with a weekend of rest and fun in the works. I cannot thank you enough for this exquisite gift.
L.G., Colorado
 Two weeks ago I took a chance and searched the Internet for an astrologer in order to seek more clarity about some events in my life. Your website demonstrated the kind of genuine caring that's hard to find and difficult to manufacture. I placed an order. You are no "rip-off" artist as are many who abound on the Net. Your talents and insights with the art/science of astrology are phenomenal and tremendously enhanced by the fact that you are such an obviously sincere, genuine, hard working, caring professional with a heart about the size of Texas. Your analyses are a monument to your absolute integrity. Your spirituality combined with your knowledge and insight make you truly remarkable. Blessings and great good fortune to one who deserves it.
J. Bail, New Hampshire
Client Feedback: Workshops on Cassette & CD

The best Christmas gift this year was the one I bought for myself-Terri's New Moon Wishing Workshop. Listening to the tape, reading the workbook, and anticipating the New Moon Rituals described in the workshop increased my appreciation of the hope that the holidays bring. New Moon Wishing Workshop describes a practical process designed to give substance to hope, a way to manifest desire. It's a must-have tool for anyone interested in rituals, whether a beginner or a veteran. Terri's presence, as I hear her voice on the workshop tape, is relaxing and nurturing. Her manner is at once the teacher, the mentor, the comfortable old friend. The workshop is comprehensive. Nothing is left out, no questions if left unanswered. By the time I finished the tape and the workbook, I was already planning my first New Moon Ritual.

Opening Terri's New Moon Wishing Ritual Kit is like crossing the threshold into Shangri-La or stepping off the bridge to Brigadoon. The kit arouses every sense of mind, body, and soul with the expectation of magical things to come. Every time I take the lid off the box, I feel fairy dust and angel wings. My heart skips a beat. Smiles abound. I can't wait to use my ritual kit when the moon is new in January. What a way to welcome 2003!

Karen Borak, Retired Teacher, Colorado

I ordered the New Moon Wishing Workshop and the Attracting Abundance Ritual Kit last week. I'm most impressed. I've long been one of your clients and this product is as fabulous as everything else you do. Thank you for allowing me to be one of the first to try out this new product. Fantastic workshop, workbook, and ritual kit. I love the ritual you wrote and the ritual accessories included in the kit were of the highest quality! Where do you find such great stuff?  I can't wait until the New Moon in Capricorn this New Year so I can do the ritual and start money flowing rapidly into my life again. How wonderful that you have the knowledge of reading the symbols to determine right timing! Thank you for providing such a wonderful service.

Sandy Evans, Florida
I've been working with the information in your Path With Heart Workshop for the past six months. Thank you. The information has made a beneficial difference in the direction of my life! It brought to my awareness the particulars of why it is I incarnated this lifetime. In a sense it was like remembering what I've always known:--the astrology symbols just validated it for me. It was as if my own holiness was guiding me through the process. You should charge more (even as I'm happy you don't)! This workshop is of great value!
B. Sullivan, New Mexico
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